Grey Goo and the Rigel Case Scenario….

Grey Goo and the Rigel Case Scenario….

Grey Goo is programmable matter which is made by the Draconians.. as well as Black Goo and created by the short Greys, the little ones, the taller ones are actually organic and have consciousness. I would say energy weapons, so they have a lot of weaponry based of energy… ASNM – 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth..”

“Kautz-Vella looks like he´s on the wrong side of the war…as I say proof is got to be delivered by microscopes and solid chemistry research.. we all know that parasites exist and that they can exist in the mind field, we all know that higher geometry and higher dimensional assistances… cities floating in the sky…Grey Goo are self-replicating Nanobot Swarms, they are a weapon…Artificial Intelligence and Micro and Nanomachines exist, have existed and will exist. ..Your DNA is some absolute.. magic.., it can do all sorts of things, this technology, these micro and nanotechnologies are being used to control it as a commercial entity..cosmos full of stars,.. what really matters is your level of consciousness.”

Ingmar Veeck @VeeckIngmar⚫ 23 Std.…
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Ingmar Veeck @VeeckIngmar 23 Std.
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Prophet of Cod

A 34 Years old text has more actuality than ever >>>>>>>>>>> !!!

“2016>>> We begin to learn that words are spells, and within these spells there are truth´s hidden to what they really mean, but as most people are stuck in definitions/deaf-Phoenicians that have been programmed in us from an early age we miss these subtle, but big clue´s to what´s really going on. The poison “Gu” or “Goo” was used by a Chinese emperor to kill off all the Samurai´s so he could take over all of China (or something like that, the thing that matters here is the Gu/Goo) which is supposedly being used by the CIA also.
GMO foods, vaccines, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetically modifying DNA and changing humans into robots, zombies, unquestioning slaves brainwashed to follow orders, these TV shows telling you whats happening in metaphor.
Not watching all this right now, but interesting so sharing. Goes along with the GU is hexagram #18 in the Chinese system of Tao Te Ching. GU is POISON also means snake, reptile, worm, demonic poison, corruption, decay, etc. (many other resources on this)
BLUE GOO: Nanomachines used as protection against grey goo and other destructive nanomachines, possibly even used for law-enforcement (nanarchy). According to the entry in the Jargon File, it is sometimes used to denote any form of benign
nanotechnology in the environment.
GREEN GOO: Nanomachines or bio-engineered organisms used for population control of humans, either by governments or eco-terrorist groups. Would most probably work by sterilizing people through otherwise harmless infections. See Nick
Szabo´s essay
Green Goo — Life in the Era of Humane Genocide.
GOLDEN GOO: Another member of the grey goo family of nanotechnology disaster scenarios. The idea is to use nanomachines to filter gold from seawater. If this process got out of control we would get piles of golden goo
(the “Wizard´s Apprentice Problem”). This scenario demonstrates the need of keeping populations of self-replicating machines under control; it is much more likely than grey goo, but also more manageable.
KHAKI GOO: Military nanotechnology; see grey goo.
PINK GOO (humorous) Humans (in analogy with grey goo). “Pink Goo to refer to Old Testament apes who see their purpose as being fruitful and multiplying, filling up of the cosmos with lots more such apes, unmodified.”
[Eric Watt Forste August 1997]
RED GOO: Deliberately designed and released destructive nanotechnology, as opposed to accidentally created grey goo.
ÜBERGOO: A related term to grey goo, used (jokingly) to refer to the mistaken idea that during the singularity powerful technologies would decimate non-transhumanists, and that some transhumanists would see this as desirable.
More about Goo:”
” Black Goo Files | ODD TV’s Complete Database
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Conspiracy Revelation: 24.3.2024: To complete the GOO-List: I coined the Term: Alien Xeno Goo in 2016 which is basically Grey Goo in my terminology.

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