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Conspiracy Revelation: 2.7.2024: Social Stream News, Telegram, X, FB, YT, Synthtel (W2k), Tok and more…

Radiation Protocols…how they (Zion) try to manipulate and rule by Skynet Quantum A.I. radiation… The nwo’s clandestine no touch super cowards approach…

Do you get it now? ZION.


@fuck israel:we need to make more german soap of thoose zios.

@DreZito81:That means no freedom of speech… That’s sounds lowkey like North Korea.
@freedomgott2024:no they tortured me with their zio symbol…in 2011…
@Metamorfolord VI:ZOG final boss.
@freedomgott2024:no..they fear me..

@freedomgott2024:Wer macht diese fake Videos?
@veli1508:Alles Lügen. Avici wurde regelrecht umgebracht. Schaut euch sein letztes Musikvideo an.

I am different NWO U.N. Mafia Zionazi inc…the more you radiate the more I will expose you and shrink you to zero…

@freedomgott2024:That is why Blinken does not answer…to the question of their sadistic zio torture rituals.

@queenieee:world wide mafia.

@M0NILL0:There was a man in Germany, he knew.

@Money is Bacc:Fake Jews. That’s why they’re jew-ish. Like if someone asks me what time it is and I say, it’s 9ish.

@IamResistance:Meta is a Zionist company. Closed my Facebook, Instagram long ago after closing my whatsapp account. since then feel much better! you bet!


@fluoridepickledpaddies:khazarian empire

@Fisnik:ISIS = Israeli Secret Inteligence Service
Israel = Global terrorist
USA/EU/GB = Western free range tax farms for Zionist terrorists, AIPAC controlled
9/11 = Israeli mossad
CIA = Central Israeli Agency

@oakharpy4:Don’t forget Trump. He’s the king of Jewish puppetry.
@freedomgott2024:yes..evil jesuit mafia..

@davidp82727:pure evil.

@Balb0@214:all must go.. stop turning gods world into hell.

@invisiblewoman1170:The dark force entities created 3d matrix system, dark elite people, elites created governments to control the sheeples, but their time is over, that’s why they are exposing now 👍

@Scorpio:There is your Deep State.

@DoYouSee:Khazarian Mafia, They Worship The God Of This World. That Is Why They Hate Yeshua So Much.
@6535065417169438:😏 zombie press , zombie info = Slavery and Destruction of Humanity .
@KVSL30:Fake Jew! Zionist!

@S.Black:Disgusting, disgraceful and disappointing at a very minimum.


@@JuanDFGC:these are your Zionist government Aka Niotzis aka the Fake Jew also know as Jesuits and the Synagogue of Satan. Also somehow have ties to Israel and America. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

@lafamiliallc:they crucified jesus.

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