Human Computation and Heart Problems (WBAN and the Left Hook Chest Chainer?)

Conspiracy Revelation: 11.3.2024: Human Computation and Heart Problems (WBAN and the Left Hook Chest Chainer?)

5. März
I see the 77th Brigade is working hard in the comments section with misdirection on diet and lifestyle choices. As if those only rapidly changed 5 years ago.”

“I’m doing angioplasty of someone in 30s, 20s weekly: Dr Arun Chopra on rising heart attacks
Speaking about rising cases of heart attack in youths during podcast with Shruti Khurana, cardiologist Dr Arun Chopra said, “Almost every week, I’m doing an angioplasty of somebody in their 30s or 20s.” He said dietary habits of people is one of the reasons behind rising cases. “Indians, especially north Indians and urban Indians have terrible eating habits,” he added.”

‘A fully connected Body with Internet of Things’
Human Anatomy is not a Biological Device.
All doctors using the current #MedicalBAN (#MBAN) system without the informed consent of the populus are guilty of breaching the #NurembergCode.
Human Computation causes Arrhythmia, Heart Disease and Death.

“Abstract” (Sounds already very biased and indoctrinated, highlighting more the benefit than the violation of human rights and the gross breach of the fundamental right of body integrity and self-determination…)
“Healthcare, as a basic human right, did not remain immune to innovative technologies.
Technological progress has significantly contributed to high-quality, on-time, acceptable and
affordable healthcare. Since their appearance, nanotechnology and the Internet of Nano
Things (IoNT) have continuously affected healthcare and have a tremendous influence on
its transformation, contributing to the better outcome. The inclusion of nanotechnology in
medicine through nanomaterials and nanodevices, known as nanomedicine, has brought
numerous benefits in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Going further by
connecting nanodevices to the Internet, the IoNT paradigm has been created. The inclusion
of IoNT concepts in healthcare has resulted in more personalized, timely, and convenient
health monitoring and treatment. Hence, nanotechnology and the IoNT hold the potential to
completely revolutionize healthcare in the 21st Century, creating a system that will enable
early disease detection and diagnosis followed by accurate, on-time and effective treatment
with significantly reduced healthcare costs. This paper presents the roles of nanotechnology
and IoNT in medicine and healthcare, and attempts to gain an insight of nanoscale
solutions and approaches, highlighting benefits and discussing potential risks and concerns.
Despite concerns regarding nanotoxicity, privacy and security issues, it is anticipated that
nanotechnology and IoNT will show their full potential in medicine and healthcare in the
years to come.
Nanotechnology, nanomedicine, IoNT, healthcare, nanotoxicity.”


“Chief Nerd
“‘Between 10 to 20 per cent of my heart attack patients are now under the age of 40,’ says Dr Martin Lowe, a consultant cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Portland Hospital, both in London.

‘In the US, data shows around one in five heart attack patients is under 40 and we’re catching up in the UK.
‘When I was a junior doctor it was extremely rare to see young people — most patients were smokers in their 50s and 60s.’

Dr Joe Mills, a consultant cardiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, adds: ‘We have really noticed the trend for younger people from mid-20s upwards having heart attacks in the past five years in particular.

‘Now as a cardiologist, you wouldn’t even raise your eyebrows when seeing someone in their late 30s — it’s becoming fairly typical, which is frightening.’””

5. März
3 of my friends (all under 25) developed heart conditions after getting vaccinated. On the other hand I haven’t met anyone who knows anyone who had Covid that had affects that were worse than the flu. Other than a couple 80+ year old people who got pneumonia.”

Wanhybonbon ☘️💜💚
5. März
I was diagnosed with vaccine induced myocarditis & cardiac scarring. Recently at a repeat MRI I noticed the lady in MRI before me in her 40´s (?) being treated for covid induced myocarditis. There were 3 other ladies of similar age waiting to go in not your typical cardiac cohort.”

“Tiger Roar 🇮🇪
5. März
To be “frightened” would suggest some emotional involvement (i.e. integrity), which unfortunately, not a lot of MDs have………€€€ is the driving energy here…..loads of nurses, doctors etc. I know of are retraining/upskilling in alternative medicine now.”

“Cheryl Sylivant
6. März
They contributed to an intolerable world. They did. So. So be it. I’m sure that has no relationship to totalitarianism. At all.”

“Barbara Oneill
Video: A sudden heart attack in a theater.
Doctors and assistants slapped the patient’s inner elbow and he recovered after about 2 minutes.
This video gives you advice on emergency situations to pay attention to heart patients and how to deal with a heart attack that usually happens suddenly.
Many become so helpless and die on the way to the hospital.

Please remember:

1. By slapping the inner elbow of the left hand as shown in the video, it stimulates the three acupressure points around the left side which are related to the heart and lungs.

2. Slapping will speed up blood circulation, which makes the person feel warm and stops sweating.

You. You need to know that a heart attack is due to a blockage of blood circulation. By tapping and slapping the inner elbow of the hand, you can increase body temperature, avoid aggregation, and facilitate blood circulation. Then immediately take the person to the hospital.”

“cheri maday
4. März
*Ruxi Dumitrescu-46 yrs-Romania/Greek
*Romanian Volleyball Player
*”Huge International figure for Panathinaikos women’s Volleyball”
*March 3, 2024
*Ruxi died suddenly suffering a Heart Attack at her home.″

“Corinne Nokel
This is the CURRENT model of the Healthcare system GLOBALLY.
You have MADMEN at the WHEEL and as long as you are not INTERVENING it CONTINUES.”

Nanomedicine may be defined as the
use of nanodevices and nanostructures for
monitoring, repairing or controlling human
biological systems at the molecular level.
Engineered nanodevices and nanostruc-
tures used in medicine and healthcare can
be classified into 4 categories:
 1st-generation products (2000): dis-
persed and contact nanostructures (e.g.,
colloids) as well as product incorporat-
ing nanostructures (e.g., nanostructured
metal, polymers).
 2nd-generation active nanostructures
(2000-2005): physical-chemical active
adaptive structures (e.g., actuators, am-
plifiers) and bio-active devices (e.g., bio-
devices, targeted drugs).
 3rd-generation nanosystems (2005-
2010): robotics, evolutionary biosystems.
 4th-generation molecular nanotechnolo-
gy and nanosystems (2010-2020): mo-
lecular devices by design and molecular
structures that could serve as a founda-
tion for regeneration or replacement of
lost body parts.”

“Corinne Nokel
The Internet of Bodies (IoB) is a network of smart objects placed in, on, and around the human body, allowing for INTRA- and inter-body communications.
#IEEE 802.15.6

“Corinne Nokel
You need to understand – and you need to do it FAST – that they are currently using the human body as #IoBNT Infrastructure – the blood vessels, the tissue, the bones.
You need to EXPAND your imagination
#CellularRouting #MolecularCommunication

“Corinne Nokel
How Does Molecular Communication Work?
Computer NETWORKING through the Human Body

“Human Blood as The Communication Network
The Human Body as #IoBNT Infrastructure
#IEEE 802.15.6

“Elektra Angel hat repostet
Corinne Nokel
The Human Body as #IoBNT Infrastructure
The Human Body – A Cyber Physical System
#IEEE 802.15.6

“Tell me HOW: geofence and android
October 2, 2023
Sabrina Wallace
#WBAN #SabrinaSays
15. Feb.
Bio photonics relation to the Spin ratios of neuron activity flashing photons thru integrated preprogrammed nano tech in the brain the flashing of the nano tech Relative to neuron activity allow the nano tech to decipher the neurons context its transferred to Remote stations
Corinne Nokel
15. Feb.
Implantable Micro-Light-Emitting Diode (µLED)-based optogenetic interfaces toward human applications
#BiFi #LiFi

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