The REAL Human 2.0 (9-19-22)

“The REAL Human 2.0 (9-19-22)”
“Richard Bruce
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Some believe we will enter the fifth dimension of love and light, but what is the REAL next stage for humans?”

“That nothing shall offend those that enter life, those that have found me, wisdom, have found life, eternal life. When you enter into that, which is coming, men are going to see it, it’s coming, it’s going to be a real thing, it’s going to blow people away, it’s gonna be like whoa, it’s gonna be a new thing people are going to see it people are
going to know it because you’re gonna give these people that are starting to live past a hundred and they look like they’re teenagers, but here this is truly great, I mean, nothing shall offend them, those that love the law of the Lord, which is everyone who will enter life.”

“so we see clearly in God’s word the real human 2.0,
so in summary there will be no more death, sorrow, crying or pain.
There will be a renewed strength a returning to youth,
running and not tiring and that probably means not tiring from other things as well
and being Superior in appearance to the Natural man,
being free of Personality defects, okay, they will be children who do not lie,
neither do they sin, this is huge and they will not be offended, furthermore, even with all this information we know that actually we do not have a comprehension of what this reward from God to the Faithful is going to be, we can see that here in Isaiah 64 4:
Since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear
neither hath the eyes seen o God beside thee what he hath prepared for him.”

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