Strange Timewarp – Synthetic Timeflow (Synthetic Dreamflow+Dangerous Timeflow)

Conspiracy Revelation: 9.3.2024:
Strange Timewarp – Synthetic Timeflow.
My Songnames (nearly) (Synthetic Dreamflow+Dangerous Timeflow) become self-fulfilling prophecies 20+ years later..unbelievable…

@canworkitout:Die Zeit 🙈🙈🙈 ich denk das jeden Tag..zu schnell alles.

@freedomgott2024: 9.3.2024:
…Chemtrails…die verändern den Zeitfluss, der immer fliessen muss.

@OceanChild87:Die haben was gedreht während wir im Lockdown waren. Seit 2020 fühlt sich nichts mehr real an. 😕

@pastandpresentradio:Life doesn’t feel fun anymore.

@Jacqui Black27:I never feel well anymore.

@Joe:I have always said that this reality seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone. 🤔
@freedomgott2024:30 years ago it was normal…then bci interfacing came …wbans..nanotech…bioweapons via chemtrails.

@K D:I’ve lost interest in literally EVERYTHING.

@freedomgott2024:Arpa Neuroscience did that..

@freedomgott2024:dna hybridization…cyborgization.

@Jojo 🥳:Yes… and life doesn’t feel fun and bright anymore. Something is wrong.

@Jgilds7:Days definitely feel faster lately…weird 🧐…

@veronicaatkins133:I wake up with a feeling of dread. the weeks are going so fast. feeling ill and tired most of time.

@Jonathan:Everything has felt really badly wrong for a while now. Things just don’t feel right anymore. Time feels wrong, reality feels off. Somethings wrong.

@jim:Hahahaha thought it was only me.

@avocadoblues:Yes! The time is …. unexplainable 😑 I’ve been asking myself: “Does everyone have more hours per day than me or what’s happening!” 😮

@Carol:It feels like we are living in the End times.

@satex:the older we get time goes by faster.

@freedomgott2024:it is your bci interface..they dna copycloned you in Utah Database.

@Ah:I feel like I’m stuck in 2021 this dose not feel like 2023 at all or 2024.

@Mystic_one55:days are going mad fast recently.

@Chrisje VA:Don’t feel anything strange. my days are filled, I love life, and it’s in God’s hands.

@tinahelyard:Constantly feeling drained the days going by so fast not been able to sleep properly cant be botherd to do anything at all.

@freedomgott2024:the a.i., skynet, ssss and 5g disrupt rem sleep..

@Sandra Mccormack538:seems we can’t even enjoy today because it’s already tomorrow.


@sandelfwc3l:Life is too short all the worldly things for which we run around for, stay here. Just pause close your eyes and thank God for what we have.

@H B:for me no, I understood what it’s like to waste time and potential.

@#Healing through laughter:it’s not a feeling its actually happening.

@cap rik:The most people missing the times with less technologie, life was simple then.

@admiredu:End of time sign:time passes rapidly, a year is like a month,a month is like a week,a week is like a day, a day is like an hour,an hour is like the flicker of a flame.


@admiredu:Prophet’s Muhammad PBUH said that.

@user5149472107989:I must be the only one on this thread who feels like January feels 3 months long… 🥺😂 on a serious note, time flies quicker, its seems, the older..

@freedomgott2024:I am also in January 2024…what the hell did they with the timeframe.

@Rob D:Honestly I’m convinced it’s because we are so addicted to our phones that we don’t appreciate just living in the moment anymore. 90’s Times were di

@freedomgott2024:infowar volume war..

@Sha Sha:All because of social media and internet. We work and gets infos 24/7! Our brain and soul is effected. Stay away from gadgets.

@user8367783550737:And reading of people doing crazy things.

@freedomgott2024:for example?

@obsidianblackbirdmc:We’ve skewed into an alternate universe… bizzaro world.

@freedomgott2024:yes…they destroyed some upper dimensional layers…it was reported a few years ago..

@Jamie Dooley:the days definitely go faster.

@Amal:Very strange.

@Cosmic87:Listen, I’m not saying we’re living in a matrix style simulation, but it’s entirely plausible we are living in a matrix style simulation. 🤔🤨

@freedomgott2024:it is a synthetic overlayer through biotech ubiquitous computing…

@B:No sun. Even when it’s sunny it’s not.

@Jae👸🏽:The time is definitely going by fast to me. 🤔

@Shellybelly69:Time is definitely going by too fast.

@Neelam 🌹:Yes true.

@Debbie Snyder 𓆩ᥫ᭡𓆪:It’s like we all woke up to zombie world. Everything in slow motion.

@QueenCHumbleV:it’s making me anxious. 😭🙏🙏🙏

@99:Yeah!!😳😳 and almost no one can make a proper milkshake these days. 😢😢

@Abi.C💫:Yeah and we are in the glitch right now.

@LionKing2307:Instead of feeling down start 2 appreciate life and feel how special it is 2 be alive during these amazing times! Be thankful for every thing you have.

@latinfungem:definitely twilight zone vibes.

@YUMM🍒:I feel like we have been possessed.

@user9143879312605:We are watching too much TicToc screwing up our brain.

@David Johnson:I don’t understand this place…

@Leticia Perez5949:World is not the same.

@LUIZ:I still feel lonely!!!!!!!!!

@melzie418:It’s crazy and feels like the calm before a storm.🤨

@skyler_572:something is off, alright has been for a few months, just don’t know what it is. 🥺

@uggy101:Apparently “cern” has put us in a different dimension, time is going way to fast and everybody is flat waiting for the world to end.

@freedomgott2024:Langoliers for real…

@who destroy the world:the internet got worse even with all the 5g and faster broadband things always seem to be the same just on a new day.

@Donna Karen Fraser:I hate how we all get used to watching our phones constantly I’m doing it now got to get off this get outside and put phones down.

@Beyond The Paradigm:Time definitely feels like it is going much faster, days are flying by now. Something big will happen in next year or 2.

@Summertunes23:We’re on critical times hard to deal with it’s only the start of things.

@Ro Bot:We are all in the matrix.

@Atlas:We have realised that we are providing the perfect life for a selected few whilst we fight to survive.No one likes to be taken for a mug.

@miss__piggy1:Always feeling tired and drained. 😔

@marilynhart78:haven’t watched the news for 6yrs, only hear snippets of what’s going on from people or social media. 👍

@Simon Brown1510:I don’t feel the same anymore something weird going on.

@Amber Leaf:The Truman Show.

@Forestgump:Just looked at my watch it’s showing the year 2032 – you are so right. 😏

@Chloe:You are on higher self ascension.

@Sleepysheep70:I literally have no energy or motivation to do anything on weekends anymore.

@Sean:days flying by definitely.

@naz:this is exactly true all points.

@Queenlove361:Especially, feeling like somebody is watching me. 😳

@Piney:Yup 💯 times speeding up and lost all motivation to even leave the house.

@Edward Oldham357:We are trapped in the matrix.

@jeffmcadams200: We are being watched.

@cindywillowdew:the days go way to fast, so do the weeks. yes, it does seem since the pandemic things aren’t the same anymore. it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

@Victor Flores: Days are definityly going way too fast.

@Charles Whicker:yes.. yes definitely a movie we can’t control, it’s coming whether we want it or not.

@Smokey’s Mom 😍:every day gets stranger too. 🙏💯☮️♥️

@gallxgos420: All signs of Big Change.

@FadedEcho1982:Time won’t slow down. Nothing makes sense or feels real. I feel like I’m in a movie.

@AuroraSkye:I’m just so relieved to find that I’m actually not the only one to think this way.

@linda:it’s just life, down the ages, different things, a time for this, a time for that, not so long back the world was going crazy, it’s calmed down a bit.

@Andy:The simulation we are all in is all falling apart.

@TheoCult333:Time to reconnect with the universe.

@-:I feel like a zombie 🥺.

@Lize_NYY:Time flies by ! It’s almost spring again I just hate this.

@Rik:The only thing I really notice is the amount of conspiracy theories is increasing in a very fast manner.

@Anthony DeTente:Yes and there’s always a Smokey haze around it seems.

@Jason:It’s a game.

@Jamie: We are already dead and our subconscious is in another alternate universe.

@user8868619057519:It’s like am floating in space each day is the same ..🙈🙈🙈

@💥💥💥ExplosiveBecky💥💥💥:Everyone saying days feel faster..coz more ppl are sat on social media longer now as its become a habit..when u think u watched 5 videos in 10mins its actually been an hour!

@Bali0578:Yes I don’t gave that same energy as before to want to do things. Everything is such a effort now and not enough time. 😔😔

@Georgie Brown:Take me back to the 90s already.

@meiriongreen91:the issue is technology and especially phones. The time goes because everyone is on their phones 24/7. less work getting done for sure. 😳

@KJ Exclusive:Earth 🌍 is off alignment. 😳

@who destroy the world:well the days are going really fast the years as just jump for me one minute I’m in 2019 now in 2024 and don’t know you.. no one talks about COVID at all.

@Turkish:To be honest I feel exactly the same as most of you, the days definitely fly by. Life’s hard bloody hard. Stay strong people. ❤️❤️

@jewey:It’s not fun anymore. Too much worry and creepy stuff.

@Firebygod:We’re feeling the presence of an evil like never b4. Satan and the Antichrist are here. Soon to b let loose by God. He’s here. Get right with God.🙏

@yourmomsbatter:People watching, humans are creatures of habit. Life is a stage, actors, fake things, repetition and familiarity breed contempt.

@yikyst:People won’t look up and admit somethings wrong with all the fake clouds either.

@967566466567668:Too much social media. People need to get out in the countryside more.

@marcobeek:No sorry mate, because i live, enjoy fishing in nature, no covid vaccine, just enjoy life to the fullest, phone away and sit down and relax. 💯

@peterdaniel130:day after day we getting closer to the apocalypse, I can feel it.

@JL-Studios:ahhh man our generation is lost! I wish you all peace and healing!! Let’s change the world folks!!

@JUST/LOOKING…:we are back in the 80’s when life was calm.

@freedomgott2024:some yes…

@freedomgott2024:Earth Mother is a great 80s fan.

@Xavier Paddy:Freemasons.

@michaelssword:We’re in tribulation we got to 2030…

@Joseph Fortuna Jr:Everyone seems to be sick for weeks.

@relayer: It’s the end of the world as we know it.

@tamerareveal:I know in my soul that evil is here stronger then before…devastation is around the corner …

@Robyn:we’re all just depressed.

@blessings-upon-you:5g frequency vibrations magnetic fields tinnitus body’s aches pains constant migraine’ spirits evil is all around ‘ days are numbered… 🙏❤️

@Monika Matthijssen:Last judgment already on! Enjoy it!

@chris rigby:Social media, influencers and woke far lefties causing mass depression.

@linaandbrenna:collective psychosis.

@henry:evil thrives on negative frequencies, stand strong. 🤞

@sandraford805:people have become more selfish & rude, manners have become a thing of the past, hate it.

@★Mina Stardust★:Nope…not me… it’s matter of your way of thinking. We all are energetical connected and I’m not allowing same things happen to me. Just stop manifest/spread that kind of things and it will stop. 🖤

@Moon_Schagen:omg conspiracy theorist are you not tired yet.

@guddandblutz:Put your phone down and engage with the world.

@qlordoris:You get older. 🤣

@Zerin Irfan:To much social media , you loose your life on the phone ….

@danp:Invasion of the Body Snatchers but its not a movie.

@Tikitimmy:Noticing Alfred Hitchcock everywhere.

@ronmoody100:💯 survival mode.

@07redneck:Chemtrails. 👍🏻

@robbie:End times. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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