The CIA Warns Archaeologists That Found Giant Skeletons – “You Are Playing A Very Dangerous Game”

“The CIA Warns Archaeologists That Found Giant Skeletons – “You Are Playing A Very Dangerous Game”
The Giants appeared to us as creatures so big that the earth shook when they left. “In those days there were giants on earth, and also later, when the children of God and the daughters of men, begot children with them. These were the valiant, known since ancient times “Genesis: 6: 4.
IN THE 1940s
Archaeologists were overseeing an excavation in Argedava in Romania in search of priceless objects within the ruins of what was the leader of the largest citadel, Dacian Burebista. That’s where the residents did most of the excavations.
Among them was Ionita Florea, now an old woman of eighty. He was the one who took out a huge skull, two or three times bigger than a common skull. When he notified the archaeologists, they quickly dismissed the resident workers and the researchers began to explore the site. Their findings were loaded onto trucks and left with absolute secrecy. At the end of the excavation, they had collected approximately 80 skeletons, most of them complete.
To this day, nobody knows where the skeletons are. In recent years, residents of Scaieni discovered an ancient cemetery of giants when they wanted to plant an apple orchard. Once again, the giant skulls were what caught the attention of the residents.
Residents also found fragments of pottery, jewelry and statues of strange metal about 5 meters high.The huge gold bracelets from Romania that were estimated to be 2000 years old, solid gold, a normal size human can’r wear it.
In 2009, a local news channel initiated an investigation into the giants and their secret tunnels under the Bucegi Mountains. Therefore, when the report was issued, they received a call from a man who lived there who refused to give his identity, on this call, journalists were threatened with stopping their ongoing investigations or something bad would happen in their lives.
The mysterious man even said: “You are playing a dangerous game”. “Stop talking about the Bucegi Mountains. This type of information should not be public and there are certain structures that deal with cases like this. That’s all I want to say. ” Then he hung up the phone and the transmission was interrupted. Only journalists know what happened at that time and today they refuse to talk about it.”

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