American Blacklisting

“American Blacklisting”
“Richard Bruce
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The American government hosts a blacklisting program that targets people with illegal energy weapons, psychological warfare, defunding, and isolation from society.

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“They have invisibility and time travel technology, this is confirmed, it seems like science-fiction, no, it´s not, they have it. Invisibility and Time Travel, they call
Quantum access Time Travel, see Andrew Basiago, so it´s basically a situation where
humans have been kept in the dark about what is really the state of Technology
and another thing that’s worth mentioning too is the Chemtrails…They’re actually spraying population centers especially high technology developing areas to enact mind control it’s another form of mind control, so it’s mind control gas, but that’s not the only thing there’s all kinds of other things there’s other words that they call it…and it’s horrific, it’s been documented that they’re actually spraying aluminum aluminum particulates which is poisonous..”

“’s probably filled with all kinds of harmful stuff and mind control gas to keep you sedated, to keep you weak, to keep you from fighting back, because these evil powers are trying to keep Humanity down, that seems to be their goal, but it doesn’t make sense from a human perspective, because it’s just it’s just too weirdm so another thing that they have that really is mind-blowing is super soldiers, so the superheroes I would say, at least, most of them like you see in the Marvel movies or Comics or DC Comics or whatever, these actually exist, in fact, I met two of them and talked with them in depth
and I can tell you that as much as you may not want to believe that there are people that can shoot fireballs and people that can open up portals I’ve met two people that can and talked with them and I knew that it was real and also suffered myself ill effects of one of these so-called superheroes attacking our friends and causing
serious injury and loss and they’re they were sent in this one
case by the NSA. I was able to find out, so it’s real, these superheroes are real and while I’m on the topic of things that are in the movies that are real that you just can’t believe.. I recently found out through the Jimmy Payne interviews that actually the Xenomorph alien from the movie Alien and Aliens the subsequent you know the alien with the elongated head, that’s actually a real creature and also the Creature from the Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and also the subsequent movies that was real as well, see Jimmy Payne on the super soldier talk Channel if you want to see more
about that and another mind-blowing revelation is that we have had Interstellar travel
spaceships that look like those big triangular ships from Star Wars, like the Empire ships we’ve had them for a long time, apparently since the 60s and for more on that read the witness which is an excellent read by William Tompkins, the late William Tompkins he passed away in 2016. That witness says that we have had this Interstellar travel for quite some time, actually we had inter-universe travel and even inter-dimensional travel, once again you think that they can’t keep a big secret like that from everyone but they can and they do and I don’t know what the ends of it are but it’s probably not what we think in terms of even the information that is available and again the question comes why are they keeping it secret, now this brings me to the
Extraterrestrial thing because as you’re looking into these conspiracies and crazy things that you start opening your mind to you have to look at that and that’s a vast subject unto itself.”

“These so-called benevolent aliens that are abducting people are not what they say they are and probably are extra dimensional rather than extraterrestrial however I don’t know and uh they are not necessarily our friends and they are not necessarily telling the truth, in fact, as I looked at it, there were three main investigators into this phenomena Bud Hopkins, Dr. Carla Turner and Dr David Jacobs and those three were the most credible because they when they spoke they made sense and their analysis especially Dr David Jacobs analysis was very scientific screening for possible errors or delusions that people might have with with testing and methodology to get past those issues to get the real facts behind what’s happening and they all three concluded that the alien abduction phenomena is not benevolent, the aliens are liars,
they use deception, they use mind control, including memory implantation, memory erasure and also during sometimes very painful procedures they use mind control to make the human think that what’s going on is something very nice and pleasant and wonderful and also they with a painful memory they’ll cover it over with a pleasant memory, but then when they go into regression, hypnotic regression they reveal that it was actually an extremely traumatic experience.”

“A young man still in grade school he found out later that that’s what they
do they recruit people before they enter into the college system, because they know that that college system is actually designed to stupify the mind, they don’t want people thinking out of the box. They don’t want people who can, when presented with evidence, actually accept what they’re seeing, they want people with the horse blinders on, okay. I know that sounds too crazy to be true but it is that’s actually designed
to make you close-minded and not thinking outside of the parameters of
your allowed occupation for money, but if you stay in it, if you stay in the system,
if you approved, if you’re not a rebel fighting on the edges,
an outcast, I say the results will be much much worse in addition to the medical and scholastic system being designed to weaken and destroy Humanity apparently also the food industry is a little bit more of an obvious example and yet you could say, well, people just go with what sells and that’s why they don’t necessarily sell the healthiest food, but it turns out they know and it’s been known for a long time, but they keep it hidden from general knowledge, basically if you eat the food that is generally offered, you will be obese, diabetic,
cancerous, heart diseased etc etc, designed specifically to make humans weak, sick.. dependent on the medical system.”

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