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“Graphene (carbon) Based Electrochemical Biosensors as Diagnostic Platforms gor Connected Decentralized HealthCare

Keywords: IoT; Machine learning; WBAN.

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“Journal Article
Healthcare 4.0-Digitizing Healthcare Using Big Data for Performance Improvisation
Sapna Juneja,
+2 more
– 01 Jul 2020 –
Journal of Computational and Theoretical…
– Vol. 17, Iss: 9, pp 4408-4410
23 Citations
TL;DR: The usage of big data in healthcare, the various sources of data, benefits of that data and the obstacles in using that data is discussed and tools, technologies and algorithms used to get, analyze and process that data are discussed.
Abstract: The management, analysis and usage of the data in the technical industry have been changed by the introduction of the Big Data Technology. There are numerous areas where usage of big data is very promising but the main industry that is getting maximum benefit from big data is healthcare\n industry. Introduction of big data into healthcare affected a lot to healthcare industry. Most of the advantages are reduction in the cost of the treatment, decision making in case of any emergency, prevention of curable diseases and early prediction of epidemics etc. This usage of big data\n in healthcare is also helpful in improvising the average lifetime of people. Like any other industry, Health professionals are also using a huge amount of data and using that data in performing various treatments and procedures to get benefited from it. In this paper, we will discuss about the usage of big data in healthcare, the various sources of data, benefits of that..”

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“Procedia Computer Science 83 ( 2016 ) 1274 – 1281
1877-0509 © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license
Peer-review under responsibility of the Conference Program Chairs
doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2016.04.266
Available online at www.sciencedirect.com
The Second International Workshop on Recent Advances on Machine-to-Machine
Wireless Body Area Networks: Applications and technologies
Rim Negra a,∗, Imen Jemili a , Abdelfettah Belghith a,b
a HANAlab, University of Manouba, Tunisia
Email: rim.negra@gmail.com, imen.jemili@hanalab.org
b College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Email: abelghith@ksu.edu.sa
The increasing use of wireless networks and the constant miniaturization of electrical invasive/non-invasive devices have empow-
ered the development of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). A WBAN provides a continuous health monitoring of a patient
without any constraint on his/her normal daily life activities. Many technologies have proved their efficiency in supporting WBANs
applications, such as remote monitoring, biofeedback and assisted living by responding to their specific quality of service (QoS)
requirements. Due to numerous available technologies, selecting the appropriate technology for a medical application is being a
challenging task. In this paper, the different medical applications are presented. The most common technologies used in WBANs
are highlighted. Finally, a matching between each application and the corresponding suitable technology is studied.
c© 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.
Peer-review under responsibility of the Conference Program Chairs.
Keywords: Wireless Body Area Networks, quality of service, wireless technologies, IEEE 802.15, telemedicine, assisted living, rehabilitation,
1. Intoduction
Ubiquitous healthcare is an emerging technology that promises increases in efficiency, accuracy and availability
of medical treatment due to the recent advances in wireless communication and in electronics offering small and
intelligent sensors able to be used on, around, in or implanted in the human body. In this context, Wireless Body
area networks (WBANs) constitute an active field of research and development as it offers the potential of great im-
provement in the delivery and monitoring of healthcare 22 . WBANs consist of a number of heterogeneous biological
sensors. These sensors are placed in different parts of the body and can be wearable or implanted under the user
skin. Each of them has specific requirements and is used for different missions. These devices are used for measuring
changes in a patient vital signs and detecting emotions or human statuses, such as fear, stress, happiness, etc. They
communicate with a special coordinator node, which is generally less energy constrained and has more processing
capacities. It is responsible for sending biological signals of the patient to the medical doctor in order 1275Rim Negra et al. / Procedia Computer Science 83 ( 2016 ) 1274 – 1281
time medical diagnostic and allow him to take the right decisions.
As exposed in Fig.1, the WBAN common architecture consists of three tiers communications: Intra-BAN commu-
nications, Inter-BAN communications and beyond-BAN communications. Intra-BAN communications denote com-
munications among wireless body sensors and the master node of the WBAN. Inter-BAN communications involve
communications between the master node and personal devices such as notebooks, home service robots, and so on.
The beyond-BAN tier connects the personal device to the Internet. Communications between different parts is sup-
Fig. 1. General architecture for Wireless Body Area Networks
ported by several technologies, such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4. IEEE 802.15.6 was designed especially for WBAN
applications while responding to the majority of their requirements. However, it looks less performing in some cases
in comparison with other technologies supporting WBAN. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks can be solutions
for implementing WBAN applications, since each technology offers specific characteristics, allowing it to meet the
constraints of some applications 4 . In fact, WBAN applications cover numerous fields in order to improve the users
quality of life. These applications can be categorized mainly according to whether they are used in medical field or in
non-medical field. Non-medical applications include motion and gestures detection for interactive gaming and fitness
monitoring applications, cognitive and emotional recognition for driving assistance or social interactions and medical
assistance in disaster events, like terrorist attacks, earthquakes and bush fires. Medical applications comprise health-
care solutions for aging and diseased populations mainly. Typical examples include the early detection, prevention
and monitoring of diseases, elderly assistance at home, rehabilitation after surgeries, biofeedback applications which
controls emotional states and assisted living applications which improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
Generally, body sensors used in health monitoring 3 can be either : (a) Physiological sensors used to measure human
body vital signals internally or externally, like body temperature, blood pressure or Electrocardiography (ECG); or
(b) Biokinetic sensors able to collect human body movement based signals as acceleration or angular rate of rotation.
To offer additional information about ambient temperature, environment pressure, light or humidity, ambient sensors
can be combined to body sensors. In fact, since these sensors are in charge of monitoring the environment, they can
provide valuable additional information for medical diagnosis and treatment, which is often the case in home environ-
ment 8 . However, the conception of WBAN applications should take into account many technical requirements, such
as the motions and the temperature of the nodes, the node locations and the low node capacities in term of energy and
processing. Other constraints tightly associated to wireless technologies, used for the communications between on-
body and in-body nodes, must be taken into account, such as the short area range, the data rate, etc. ISO/IEEE 11073
1 specifies for some classes of medical applications the required data rates and latencies 1 , 21 . Besides, WBAN appli-
cations can involve additional requirements, tightly related to the medical application as well as the patient condition.
For example, applications using implanted sensors should rely on mechanisms minimizing energy consumption in
order to extend battery life; while achieving maximum throughput and minimum delay is a perquisite for applications
with high criticality, like operation of elderly heart patients. All these statements and requirements motivate us to
study the different WBAN applications and to highlight the constraints to satisfy for the well functioning. We study
also the different technologies used and try to associate the WBAN applications with the appropriate technologies in
order to achieve the maximum of QoS. The rest of the paper is structured as follows. Section 2 describes the different
1 ISO/IEEE 11073: International Organization for Standardization/ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 11073”

“1276 Rim Negra et al. / Procedia Computer Science 83 ( 2016 ) 1274 – 1281
categories of WBAN applications. Section 3 reviews the different technologies used in WBANs while presenting their
key characteristics making them appropriate in some WBAN scenarios. Section 4 exhibits the specific requirements
for each category of medical applications and discusses the most appropriate technologies able to satisfy its perquisite
requirements. The final section concludes our work.
2. WBAN applications
WBANs support a number of innovative and interesting applications. These applications include several areas such
as smart health care, assisted elderly living, emergency response and interactive gaming. As noted previously, many
researches classified WBAN applications as medical and non-medical application 1 , 2 . In 1 , the authors distinguished
between in-body and on-body applications, for medical ones. In this section, we present an overview of the main
categories of medical applications; their technical QoS requirements will be discussed in section 3.
2.1. Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
The rising healthcare costs and the aging of the world population contribute to the advancements in telemedicine
network for the delivery of several healthcare services. Telemedicine enables the remote delivery of patient care using
integrated health information systems and telecommunication technologies and allows scientists, physicians and other
medical professionals around the world to serve more patients. In fact, thanks to signals that body sensors provide,
gathered information can be effectively processed to obtain reliable and accurate physiological estimations and to
allow distant doctor to have real time opinions for medical diagnosis and prescription. Such smart health care system
can provide applications for diagnostic procedure, maintenance of chronic condition and supervised recovery from a
surgical procedure. Patient monitoring applications generally control vital signals, and provide real time feedback and
information helping the recovery of the patient 3 . In such situation, we can keep the patient under doctor monitoring
under natural physiological states without constraining their normal activities and without injuring him high cost.
Daily-life activity monitoring monitors the activity during daily life of patients with some specific diseases; while in-
hospital monitoring focuses on cases in which patients have to stay in a hospital for intensive care and observations,
sometimes for a prolonged period. Meanwhile, several medical parameters are continuously recorded. Post-surgery
in-home recovery monitoring deals with patients in their post recovery period after a medical operation/surgery and
a recovery period spent in hospital. A WBAN can provide continuous measurements of the physiological parameters
and allow better revealing organ failures and faster detecting emergency situations. Such remote monitoring system
will be safer, more convenient and cheaper. In this field, many works have been proposed in literature. Some of them
tried to design a generic framework able to support the majority of cases 5 , while others tried to study specific diseases.
Cardiovascular diseases 23 , diabetes 14 , cancer detection, parkinson 13 , asthma, Alzheimer and artificial retina are some
examples of specific remote patient monitoring applications 21 .
2.2. Rehabilitation and therapy
The goal of rehabilitation is to allow patients to restore their functional capability to normal, through appropriate
rehabilitative treatments after they were dismissed from hospital 24 , 25 . In fact, rehabilitation is a dynamic process
which uses available facilities to correct any undesired motion behavior in order to reach an expectation (e.g. ideal
position). To enable a person who has experienced a stroke to regain the highest possible level of independence so that
she can be as productive as possible, the movement of patients, in a rehabilitation course, needs to be continuously
monitored and rectified so as to hold a correct motion pattern. Consequently, detecting/tracking human movement
becomes vital and necessary in a home based rehabilitation scheme. Sensor diversification, multi-sensor data fusion,
real-time feedback for patients and virtual reality integration are examples of specific research area with specific constraints and requirements 6 .
2.3. Biofeedback
Self remote monitoring of human body is now possible, using WBANs to access data collected by the sensors. Sen-
sors are implanted or placed in human body to monitor some behaviors or pathologies, and help patients to maintain 1277Rim Negra et al. / Procedia Computer Science 83 ( 2016 ) 1274 – 1281
their health through biofeedback phenomena such as temperature analysis, blood pressure detection, Electrocardio-
graphy (ECG), Electromyography (EMG), among others. In this context, biofeedback refers to the measurement of
physiological activity plus other potential useful parameters and feed them back to the user allowing him to learn
how to control and modify his physiological activity with the aim of improving his health and performance 18 , 19 , 20 .
Biofeedback has been used since the early 1960s and has been shown to be useful in controlling emotional states and
involuntary body functions, such as migraine and blood pressure. Biofeedback devices can include those that monitor
breathing, heart function, muscle activity and brainwaves 18.”

“Implementation of IoT and UAV Based WBAN for healthcare applications”

Recently, Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) have been increasingly significant in healthcare applications. It is derived from the wireless sensor network with biomedical sensors. The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge impact on how medical data is received and transmitted to the right systems in healthcare applications. Security, fastest delivery, and energy consumption are major concerns in wireless body area networks. This research work focuses on the rapid data transmission between the patient and doctor using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). There are five sensors that are analyzed as Heart rate monitoring sensor, Temperature sensor, Human motion sensor, Oximeter sensor, and Blood pressure sensor. For the fastest delivery, the sensed medical data was delivered utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles. This helps the patients in critical/emergencies to communicate the medical information to the doctor safely and securely. The experimental result examines various sensors attached to the Arduino IDE. The obtained results will be transmitted to the patients using unmanned aerial vehicles. These techniques help to improve the fastest communication for emergency condition patients.”

Source: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9545052

“they can fly a drone over your home and check your biosignals (blood pressure, EEG etc.) / pull on your biosensors DIRECTLY” <<<< EQUALS TOUCHLESS TORTURE

“#USPatent #Brainwaves #Remote #Scan #MindReading #MindControl”


https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2017SPIE10206E..07J/abstract (HARVARD CIA POOL OF NAZI EXPERIMENTS => REAL TRANSLATION)

“An optofluidic channel model for in vivo nanosensor networks in human blood
In vivo Wireless Nanosensor Networks (iWNSNs) consist of nano-sized communicating devices with unprece- dented sensing and actuation capabilities, which are able to operate inside the human body. iWNSNs are a disruptive technology that enables the monitoring and control of biological processes at the cellular and sub- cellular levels. Compared to ex vivo measurements, which are conducted on samples extracted from the human body, iWNSNs can track (sub) cellular processes when and where they occur. Major progress in the field of na- noelectronics, nanophotonics and wireless communication is enabling the interconnection of nanosensors. Among others, plasmonic nanolasers with sub-micrometric footprint, plasmonic nano-antennas able to confine light in nanometric structures, and single-photon detectors with unrivaled sensitivity, enable the communication among implanted nanosensors in the near infrared and optical transmission windows. Motivated by these results, in this paper, an optofluidic channel model is developed to investigate the communication properties and temporal dynamics between a pair of in vivo nanosensors in the human blood. The developed model builds upon the authors’ recent work on light propagation modeling through multi-layered single cells and cell assemblies and takes into account the geometric, electromagnetic and microfluidic properties of red blood cells in the human circulatory system. The proposed model guides the development of practical communication strategies among nanosensors, and paves the way through new nano-biosensing strategies able to identify diseases by detecting the slight changes in the channel impulse response, caused by either the change in shape of the blood cells or the presence of pathogens.
Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 10206, id. 1020607 9 pp. (2017).
Pub Date:
May 2017”

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“Betrayal: Illegal Arrest and Persecution of Dr. Reiner Füllmich
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The loans were transparently agreed upon in written contracts. There was no secrecy and the company was aware of the loans at all times. The evidence that proves this has been officially submitted to the court, who has chosen to ignore it and has muzzled the defense and ordered they not be allowed to mention it.

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The trial is happening now in Göttingen, Germany and the plaintiff’s sloppy accusations are beginning to fall apart. One reporter at the trial said: “The case was totally destroyed, and one could only sit there in amazement.” A journalist from BittelTV said that, “Reiner will not only be released but also compensated. The people who did this to him in my opinion will be charged themselves.”

It is beginning to appear as if justice may finally be served. (Greg Reese)(Reese Report)”

“Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks: Survey of MAC and Routing Protocols for Patient Monitoring under IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.6”
Sensors (Basel). 2022 Nov; 22(21): 8279.
Published online 2022 Oct 28. doi: 10.3390/s22218279

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9656534/(very official and undeniable)

“or a chronic disease patient, the formal procedure of routine visits is required to monitor the progress, development of complications or relapse of the disease. Questions such as what, how and when to monitor are crucial for treatment. In this context, various biosensors are used for monitoring the patient’s physiological conditions in order to receive relevant information regularly. Table 3 provides examples of diseases with measurable physiological parameters and usable sensor types.
Table 3

Chronic monitoring diseases with usable sensor types.
Diseases Physiological Parameters Biomedical Sensor Type
Cancer Body fat sensor, weight loss indication sensor Implantable/Wearable
Hypertension BP Implantable/Wearable
Heart Disease ECG, BP, heart rate Implantable/Wearable
Asthma Respiration and oxygen saturation Implantable/Wearable
Diabetes Visual impairment Wearable
Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint stiffness Wearable
Renal Failure Urine output Implantable
Vascular Diseases blood pressure and peripheral perfusion Implantable/Wearable
Infectious Diseases Temperature Wearable
Stroke Activity recognition, impaired speech, memory etc. Implantable/Wearable”

“Ian Hurn
16. Juni
Can you imagine your body’s cells connected to the internet? What about not only measuring your health but literally taking control of it?”

Remember, the first Quantum Dot is created through the fusion of a green fluorescent protein to a protein in your body.”
It seems the tethering will work by connecting Quantum Dots to Quantum Networks.
Connecting Quantum Dots to Quantum Networks
´Connecting the dots´ for quantum networks.”

“Nanonetworks in Biomedical Applications
#molecularcommunication #nanocommunication

By interconnecting nanomachines and forming nanonetworks, the capacities of single nanomachines are expected to be enhanced, as the ensuing information exchange will allow them to cooperate towards a common goal. Nowadays, systems normally use electromagnetic signals to encode, send and receive information, however, in a novel communication paradigm, molecular transceivers, channel models or protocols use molecules. This article presents the current developments in nanomachines along with their future architecture to better understand nanonetwork scenarios in biomedical applications. Furthermore, to highlight the communication needs between nanomachines, two applications for nanonetworks are also presented: i) a new networking paradigm, called the Internet of NanoThings, that allows nanoscale devices to interconnect with existing communication networks, and ii) Molecular Communication, where the propagation of chemical compounds like drug particles, carry out the information exchange.
Keywords: Nanonetworks; bionanothings; molecular communication; nanocommunication; nanothings; targeted drug delivery..”

“#IoT #Nano #Cellular #Synthetic #Bio #LoRa #BLE #Intrabody #Network #InternetOfThings #Graphene #rGO #Bioelectricity”

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“PANACEA = Personalized Autonomous Nano-cybernetic Artificial Ecosystems Architectures
#MolecularCommunication #MC
#InternetofEverything #IoE
#InternetofBioNanoThings #IoBNT
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Sabrina Wallace

BioFET – Massively IMPORTANT
Modeling and Analysis of SiNW BioFET as Molecular Antenna for Bio-Cyber Interfaces towards the Internet of Bio-NanoThings”


Computer Science > Emerging Technologies
[Submitted on 12 Oct 2015]
Modeling and Analysis of SiNW BioFET as Molecular Antenna for Bio-Cyber Interfaces towards the Internet of Bio-NanoThings
Murat Kuscu, Ozgur B. Akan

Seamless connection of molecular nanonetworks to macroscale cyber networks is envisioned to enable the Internet of Bio-NanoThings, which promises for cutting-edge applications, especially in the medical domain. The connection requires the development of an interface between the biochemical domain of molecular nanonetworks and the electrical domain of conventional electromagnetic networks. To this aim, in this paper, we propose to exploit field effect transistor based biosensors (bioFETs) to devise a molecular antenna capable of transducing molecular messages into electrical signals. In particular, focusing on the use of SiNW FET-based biosensors as molecular antennas, we develop deterministic and noise models for the antenna operation to provide a theoretical framework for the optimization of the device from communication perspective. We numerically evaluate the performance of the antenna in terms of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) at the electrical output.

Comments: to appear in Proc. IEEE WF-IoT 2015, Milan, Italy, Dec. 2015
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (cs.ET); Instrumentation and Detectors (physics.ins-det)
Cite as: arXiv:1510.03206 [cs.ET]”

“A Systematic Review of Bio-Cyber Interface Technologies and Security Issues for Internet of Bio-Nano Things
June 2021
IEEE Access 9:93529 – 93566”


“Abstract and Figures
Advances in synthetic biology and nanotechnology have contributed to the design of tools that can be used to control, reuse, modify, and re-engineer cells’ structure, as well as enabling engineers to effectively use biological cells as programmable substrates to realize Bio-NanoThings (biological embedded computing devices). Bio-NanoThings are generally tiny, non-intrusive, and concealable devices that can be used for in-vivo applications such as intra-body sensing and actuation networks, where the use of artificial devices can be detrimental. Such (nano-scale) devices can be used in various healthcare settings such as continuous health monitoring, targeted drug delivery, and nano-surgeries. These services can also be grouped to form a collaborative network (i.e., nanonetwork), whose performance can potentially be improved when connected to higher bandwidth external networks such as the Internet, say via 5G. However, to realize the IoBNT paradigm, it is also important to seamlessly connect the biological environment with the technological landscape by having a dynamic interface design to convert biochemical signals from the human body into an equivalent electromagnetic signal (and vice versa). This, unfortunately, risks the exposure of internal biological mechanisms to cyber-based sensing and medical actuation, with potential security and privacy implications. This paper comprehensively reviews bio-cyber interface for IoBNT architecture, focusing on bio-cyber interfacing options for IoBNT like biologically inspired bio-electronic devices, RFID enabled implantable chips, and electronic tattoos. This study also identifies known and potential security and privacy vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies for consideration in future IoBNT designs and implementations. INDEX TERMS Bio-cyber interface, Internet of bio-nano things, bio-electronic device security, bio-inspired security approaches.”

“A Systematic Review of Bio-Cyber Interface Technologies and Security Issues for Internet of Bio-Nano Things

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“Not to be confused with Adversarial machine learning.

Part of a series on
Machine learning
and data mining
Supervised learning
(classification • regression)
Dimensionality reduction
Structured prediction
Anomaly detection
Artificial neural network

Autoencoder Cognitive computing Deep learning DeepDream Feedforward neural network Recurrent neural network
LSTM GRU ESN reservoir computing Restricted Boltzmann machine GAN Diffusion model SOM Convolutional neural network
U-Net Transformer
Vision Mamba Spiking neural network Memtransistor Electrochemical RAM (ECRAM)

Reinforcement learning
Learning with humans
Model diagnostics
Mathematical foundations
Machine-learning venues
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An illustration of how a GAN works.

A generative adversarial network (GAN) is a class of machine learning frameworks and a prominent framework for approaching generative AI. The concept was initially developed by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues in June 2014.
In a GAN, two neural networks contest with each other in the form of a zero-sum game, where one agent’s gain is another agent’s loss.

Given a training set, this technique learns to generate new data with the same statistics as the training set. For example, a GAN trained on photographs can generate new photographs that look at least superficially authentic to human observers, having many realistic characteristics. Though originally proposed as a form of generative model for unsupervised learning, GANs have also proved useful for semi-supervised learning, fully supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

The core idea of a GAN is based on the “indirect” training through the discriminator, another neural network that can tell how “realistic” the input seems, which itself is also being updated dynamically.[7] This means that the generator is not trained to minimize the distance to a specific image, but rather to fool the discriminator. This enables the model to learn in an unsupervised manner.

GANs are similar to mimicry in evolutionary biology, with an evolutionary arms race between both networks.”


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“Nano Technology:
>”Biology is now programmable, and Al’s ability to identify ways to optimize this programming will enable transformational biotechnology breakthroughs.”
“Reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms. ➤DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO) “In Vivo Nanoplatforms” (IVN) program, which develops implantable nanotechnologies
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-2-4 mm”

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“Intra Body Nano Networks
>”Intra-body communication is a method that utilizes the human body as a broadcast biological medium for electromagnetic signals to inter-connect wireless body sensors.”
➤ Nano-machines are nano sized nodes which are used for communication, sensing, computation, construction, biological manipulation, payload delivery
➤ Electro Magnetic Communication(EMC): EM waves are used for communication and transmission of information
Molecular Communication (MC): Molecules are used for communication and transmission of information
Transmitter nanomachine
molecule bound
to receptor
Receiver nanomachine
transmitted signal
received signal

“Table 6

Comparison of WBASN standards with other wireless standards [1].
Standard Provided Data Rate Power Requirement Battery Lifetime
WiFi 100 Mbps 100–1000 mW Hours–days
Bluetooth 1–10 Mbps 4–100 mW Days–weeks
Wibree 600 Kbps maximum 2–10 mW Weeks–months
ZigBee 250 Kbps 3–10 mW Weeks–months
802.15.4 250 Kbps maximum 3–10 mW Weeks–months
802.15.6 1 Kbps–10 Mbps 0.1–2 mW Months–years”

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