Ray McGovern (former CIA Analyst): Was Navalny an MI6 Agent?

“Ray McGovern (former CIA Analyst): Was Navalny an MI6 Agent?”

“A: Partly because the Russians at least have accused the British of having a hand in Downing that 76 with 65 prisoners of War Ukrainian.
“Q: Are you saying the British may have had a hand in Nawalny´s death?”
“A: Yes, I am.”
“Q: What would they gain by Nawalny´s death?”
“A: Well., look at the timing, judge, it’s the day before the big Munich conference, it distracts all kinds of attention…
but Nawalny´s wife had already been invited to attend the Munich security conference and of course she
was given the floor to speak… the British have been way out in front and doing things that it’s questionable as to whether even the
United States Secret Service, the CIA or other organs, are fully cognizant of what the British are doing, so it’s not a stretch. Now how could they get there? Easy, Ukrainians in tight Lees on with MI6 are all over Russia, they speak fluent Russian, they’re Russian stock, it would be a piece of cake to get the kind of poison if it was poison into the hands of a of a willing cooperated fellow prisoner for lots of money, so it’s not to be ruled out and as I say if the British can be responsible…”

“…and the real sorrowful thing is that the media itsel will not speak out in defense of Julian…a fellow publisher… correct…correct, one one of the most courageous, selfless, influential journalists of our era…”

“These people in Munich are delusional.”

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