UN: Military violence in Myanmar may be “war crimes” | DW News

“UN: Military violence in Myanmar may be “war crimes” | DW News”
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“What we’re seeing uh in kaya state is actions to use the air force
and the helicopters to attack civilians… that we’ve seen across the country where uh
civilians are being targeted uh they are being hit in areas where insurgents are
active they are being treated as if they are insurgents and these are clearly
war crimes and there are crimes against humanity being committed as well.”

“..the fact of the matter is that the uh people of myanmar are
suffering grave abuses at the hands of the security forces, uh there is
an economic crisis, there’s a humanitarian crisis
and all of this has been sort of pushed aside..”

“…There is an ongoing economic boycott and a mass strike by many people in myanmar
against the military and uh it’s the government agencies that are controlled by it and
so..there is an ongoing use of economic power by the people to try to deny the legitimacy of the military junta and the military junta is striking back very hard, not only with physical violence…by shooting people and arresting people but also
by increasingly coercive efforts to force people to pay bills that they simply can’t

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