Thinking coffee ~ DARPA N3 Lobotomy – Zombie World – Sabrina W

Thinking coffee ~ DARPA N3 Lobotomy – Zombie World – Sabrina W

“Thank God my personality is still intact, because most humans seem like they have been lobotomized. Non-Invasive N3 DARPA.
It is a Nano-Lobotomy, it is non-invasive, because you are not laying in a bed in a hospital… You are lobotimizing people with Nanotechnology, you call it the black awakening, because of the Graphene and synthetic biology.”

“You with your Mason friends, you are lobotomizing your loved ones.”

“A little Nano-Lobotomy…a dna sequence change.”
“We are playing SIMS with Human Beings. It is all pay for play, the databases have been curated for 30 years.”

“I hit..into the CIA Spooks… VPN for the Metamaterials,.. it makes sense.
They arehave been using your bodies for fck 25 years, bare minimum, to route their own data.”

“The CIA handlers get in there with their network,… to them it is secure set of BiFi, Biological Networks. Now you are re-arranging people´s neurons, their veins and arteries, their vascular pressure in the body, no,.. it is Network Nodes, we are decentralized,.. using computing networks that no one understands, …here comes the DIA.”

“Artificial Neural Networks, Vectors are pretty important…I come to find…not only did my ex and my dad tried to kill me multiple times, just, just to make money and not only is it a job, but our own people, 2/3 of the fck country, because they were in little towns playing SIMS, you piss them off, you are tortured lifelong for fun. You are just traumatized.”

“Then the Internet of Behaviors kicked in. In December 2022 the last of the good military people were told you are on the biophotonic kill list now, the ones that wouldn´t comply, good by.
Got E-Mails from Men dying in the ICU, cussing me out: There is nothing you can do….
They are electrocuting you again, having seizures, having strokes, they don´t care.”

“They were that far ..when I was born in 1979 with the Internet of Bodies, I know how to read CISCO.., it was my Job when I was 19…She is angry all the time.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.2.2024: It is normal to become “angry” (Anger Flashback episodes for SRA/TBMC/NDE survivors, even when enlightened) at those who tried to remote kill you or remote tortured you. Only those who experienced this can relate.

“I am a natural Telepath. I could see things exploding, I was there with the Scientists, they have been doing horrible shit, the physical scars are all over my body. DARPA N3. IITSEC, 2023… The Metamaterials now are so prevalent, the NIST, in 2016 initiated a 6 year competition for the new quantum cryptography.”

“Synchron is a company, Brain-to-Brain-Interface, they don´t need a chip, they don´t even need a CNT (Carbon Nanotube), they have got your body, body-to-body…literally no doctors and no nurses would admit.., they have to do this for work, they don´t give up their control structure…”

“Non-Invasive N3 is a Nano-Lobotomy.”

“They tethered everyone to the cloud, back in the 70s, ..nobody wanted to be attached to the cloud…These are value-chain-partners, they own it, Trump included…noticed, I didn´t say Agenda 2030, that is way done… Antarctica is just a way of testing the phase arrays, that are in midrange security etc… and bouncing that signal back into the atmosphere for optogenetic networks.”

“You will not stop these people, we will be lucky to save whoever we can, a nano-lobotomy followed by a nano-toxin, they are so far along, NIST…they have got vpn for themselves made out of your body.”

“Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”


“You need situational awareness.”

“They are rather obsessed with Gizah.”

“It´s our own friends and neighbors, that have been doing this over 40 years, 40 years, they know what they are doing and you are all out there just couldn´t get the emotional gumption up to hold them accountable at your own kitchen table,..betrayal can be lethal when you realize what really went on.”

“They sent more assassins to me.”

“Most people, right now, are heavily involved with nasty stuff by desperation and it is getting worse all the time, now there is a lot of them who enjoy it…human skin boots,… Ariana Grande and all those people are into…it grows, like turbo cancer.”

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