Neural recording overview – Digi id is your blockchain remote PHY

“Neural recording overview – Digi id is your blockchain remote PHY

“Chronic Retina Recording”

“A nature article, for all of you who use the phrase MK Ultra, I really would appreciate if you would update. Your MK Ultra to Neural Recording.”

“Future Development”
“Neuroscience not MK Ultra”
“Synergists,.. people who are brave, people who are willing to speak up…what Humans have been building and doing for vocations, so we don´t call it MK Ultra, we call it Neuroscience, we call it what DARPA calls ot, we call it what Harvard calls it, we call it what MIT calls it.”

“On what systems are fully deployed.”

“Educate yourself and take back all your human anatomy. They harness a part of your human anatomay for themselves that compromise 80% of your Immune System..and keep all the other humans dumbed down and enslaved, because everyone is too busy to learn.
No more MK Ultra, no more Illumidonkey, no more Masons, so what are fck doing for work?”


“Because you are keep fcking with our electricity.

Conspiracy Revelation: 8.3.2024: And they predatory BCI-Uplink-Hive disrupt REM-Sleep, to keep you unter 100% functioning level or damage you long term prematurely on a circuit level. Still can´t get my head around that the DEITIES have no interest in intervening and stopping these absolute evil maniacal totalitarian Technofascistic Psychopaths.

“We have Non-Invasive N3 from DARPA – From Neuroscience Research – Not MK ULtra.”

“For In Vivo, In Vivo Neural Recordings…”

“To read the same papers, that MIT, DOD or DARPA are reading.”

“2016 ..stable chronic single-neuron mapping and electrical stimulation.”

“2017 neuropixels, highly scalable mech electronics.”

“And 2018 Chronic Retina Recording.”

“What are we missing here, like normal? Handsigns, Masons, Religions and Bullshitting.”

“You have got a Job in this, I bet you did, this is a lot Work.”

“Nano.Gov for doing 20 years of work.”

“They can read our Blood Pressure remotely, so what?”

“They hid it in Academia for themselves.”

“We watch every neural synaptic response and we translate it into digital data, at 1500 bits and send it to Utah.”

Corinne Nokel
If this looks like death, rather than ‘health’ to you, you need to get your asses moving.
‘Nanotechnology is paving the way toward nanoscale devices that are envisioned to enable several groundbreaking healthcare applications’..”

“…and playing with your BRAIN and I warned you all these bones doctors, all these people in Silicon Valley…in 2013…and more people going to Work. I am damn tired of the run around that everyone is continuing to do, looking for a Savior, your Savior is You.”

“This Evolution has been fuelled by the emergence of Multineuronal Recording Methods.”

“The best we can get out of our own Military who have been doing this, our own Psychologists who have been covering up for this and the Doctors and Nurses who have been helping them do this…It´s Mk Ultra, you are sitting in your (DoD) Killbox…
Get right with God.
“We are busy going to work, we are busy going to college, we are busy going to dinner, we don´t have time for this.” – Shut up, you stupid!”

“Spike sorting for large dense arrays…oh it´s just the Spike proteins, that´s just how we watch the neural nets, it´s all a bioweapon, you need to sort your vocabulary.”

Ingmar Veeck
So in the end we see, Religions are nearly always used by Ruling Classes to suppress your freedom….to give you a false feeling of guilt, to tarnish a diamond, to denigrate and slander a true holy light.

“Introducing the World´s first Brain-Controlled Coffee Machine.”

“People in our Channels don´t play stupid.”

“They are no longer getting away with this crap…what they are doing to everydays people.”

“Energy Harvesting WBAN.”

“IEEE 802.15”

“Implant…wait til you get to meet your Corona Nano-Routing with little robots that reproduce and have races inside of your veins and arteries using your heart beat to do it.”

“MICS = Medical Implant Communication System”
(July 1999)

“Body Area Network = BAN”

“Switch over the Frequency and turn everything over to the Optogenetics.”

“The Biosensors, the Digital-ID, with your Geospatials.”

“Not from the Outside-In, from the Inside-Out.”

“You stole Human Anatomy. Period.”

“Fauci said he was going to steal the Immune System.”

“Playing Doom in Peoples Bodies with Bacterias in their Gut.”

“It´s their Job.”

“We use Molecular Communications – That´s your Corona Routing.”

“In Computer Networking you are the Node of the Network, even NVIDIA talked about it recently. …That´s your skin…”

“Under the skin, in your body…, so no more lying from Doctors and Nurses, no more lying from your EMTs and Police. No, no, no.”

“Nano Communications to BANs (Body Area Networks)(2020)”
“Networking inside your Body.”

“Wireless Warrior
🛜 #CellTowers assault, injure & sicken people in their homes, then those affected have to fight #BigWireless to get justice.
#Stop5G #Stop4GLTE #EMF
Let’s hope this lawsuit is successful & can be a test case for all those already injured & suffering🙏🙏”

“Sabrina Wallace:
“The Human body has already been made commercially available to the cloud since 2005. IEEE is the International standards for Electronics and Electrical Engineering.”
#IEEE 802.15.6

“Chunking Xenomorphs … June 29, 2023
#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays
“So we have Twin Digital Computing. What they did is they went ahead, they went ahead and made a digital Twin copy in somebody´s computer where you don´t have access to and if you wondered how it is that everybody got away with this. Well, take a look back at the last 20 years, so go back to 2003.”

“DoD. You can´t blame it (entirely) on the Pentagon, this was done primarily by Corporations.”

“They made it easy to sit down at a Computer and review and watch you think in realtime and watch everything happening in your body.”

“Hate evil, he preserved the Souls of Saints (Sophia Agrees), he delivered them out of the Hand of the Wicked. For he is the life, the truth and the way.”


“A term associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) (read our blog on IoT here:, Ubiquitous Computing is also known as ambient computing or pervasive computing, everyware and ambient intelligence. It aims to fully tap into the potential for connected devices and their benefits to become widespread such that they are available everywhere, i.e ubiquitous. The idea is to saturate the work, living, and transportation spaces with devices that can seamlessly communicate with each other thus making our lives more enjoyable and convenient.

Ubiquitous computing thus relies on contextual data aggregation and application, seamless, intuitive access points, and flexible payment systems. A concept in software engineering, hardware engineering computer science, it lies at the intersection of distributed computing, mobile computing, location computing, mobile networking, sensor networks, human–computer interaction, context-aware smart home technologies, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is, effectively speaking, a paradigm that involves connecting electronic devices, including embedding microprocessors to communicate information. Devices that use ubiquitous computing are constantly available and are fully connected. Thus the main focus of ubiquitous computing is producing smart products that are connected, making communication and the exchange of data easier and less obtrusive. For instance, smartphones, smart speakers, smart watches and smart home gadgets are typically the devices that form a core part of the ubiquitous computing network. Basically, a user communicates with the computing device – this could be a laptop computer, tablet, a mobile device, or a terminal in everyday objects such as thermostat or even a pair of glasses.

In addition to the ones shared above, there are many other devices used in these networks. Take for example, sensors. They are classic nodes in a ubiquitous system, since they are often activated by movement rather than when a conscious, user-directed input is detected.

Origins of Ubiquitous Computing

The origins of ubiquitous computing can be traced to the late 1980s. Around the year 1988, Mark Weiser, who was employed as the Chief Technologist of the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), coined the term ubiquitous computing. He wrote some of the earliest papers on the subject, including some with the PARC Director and Chief Scientist John Seely Brown. Weiser is credited with defining ubiquitous computing and delving into its major issues. ”


“Transceiver chip
In 2005 Zarlink launched the industry’s first ultra low-power transceiver chip for wireless communication systems designed exclusively to operate in the Medical Implantable Communication Service (MICS) band, used to link implanted medical devices and base stations.”
“Implant project
Zarlink announced a Zarlink-led Self-Energizing Implantable Medical Microsystem (SIMM) project which successfully designed and tested an in-body microgenerator that will harvest energy from the heartbeat to power implanted medical devices.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 8.3.2024: That could explain the decades of Interdimensional Battles with Synthetic Biologic foreign Metamaterials in our Bodies (DoD Nano Domestic Remote Torture), that put pressure on our Internal Systems from the DoD Smart Dust from the Chemtrails, what I termed the Left Hook Chest Chainer (LHCC).

“Division renamed
The semiconductor division was renamed Zarlink to reflect its interest in networking. It derives either from the Latin word “Caesar” or Russian word “Tsar” meaning “one having great power or authority” and the word “link” which means “to connect or be connected”.”

Conspiracy Revelation Archive: 9. August 2014: “Governments and corporations are all criminals posing as legit fronts. (John Dillinger)” [60260]
Conspiracy Revelation Archive: 8.3.2024
All search engines lost this Quote? In just 10 years…Wow… I am the last pillar of eternalized Knowledge, as Non-Corporate and Individual Entity. History erased from all CORPORATE MONOPOLY KNOWLEDGE ENGINES.

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