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@Regrann from @lawsofreality – Jordan Maxwell died yesterday, March 23rd, 2022, after over 60 years of dedication to Truth and the Enlightenment of his fellow human beings.
Jordan was essentially the father of the modern-day community of truth seekers, and oh how saddened did he become as he watched it plummet into deeper and deeper depths of insanity, just as the human family as a collective has done.
Without Jordan Maxwell, there would certainly be no LawsOfReality, as I am sure there wouldn’t be many other people doing the research and dissemination that Jordan spent most of his life setting the standard for.
Jordan was a true legend, this man had his house burnt down multiple times, was stolen from and defrauded by those he thought he could trust, was harassed endlessly by authorities and haters alike and so much more… and yet through and despite it all, he stayed the course and did his great work until the very end.
Jordan was not doing well physically, his health has slowly declined over the last several years, but his mind and spirit were unshakable and that is what kept him going, even when there are and have been so many reasons to give up.
Jordan is certainly not for everyone, and this was perfectly fine with him… he was only interested in those who desired and prioritized Truth and genuine spirituality over everything else. This quote here is a beautiful example of the surplus of knowledge and wisdom that he had to offer to those who were willing, eager and ready to listen, and even though he repeated himself in sometimes a very annoying quantity 😂, those of us who truly understood him because we were kindred spirits would never miss a new Jordan interview or lecture.
It deeply saddens me that a man like this no longer lives in our world when this kind of man is what all of humanity should aspire to be like, but I know that Jordan is quite happy that he gets to move on from this place and experience what comes next, after such a long and arduous journey.
you can find a lot of free content from Jordan on my bitchute page as well as on the YouTube channel @ The Internationale


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