FESIG Randy Cramer and Ileana Star Traveler Interview Holographic Medical Pods & SSP

“FESIG Randy Cramer and Ileana Star Traveler Interview Holographic Medical Pods & SSP”
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“and even made videos of the holographic cellular regeneration medical based technologies that had been she said that had been around for 80 years in the
secret space program and her illustrations and pictures of the holographic medic reports are amazing and she has open bed MRI pods..biomimetic gel that will prevent burns and scarring the portable meditech use and rejuvenate on location she says anyway I wouldn’t want to say too much about that because we will see the pictures on the screen as she talks
about them.”
“Well, we know that there’s close to a dozen different medical technologies that are being used across covert military space program programs so we’re fully encouraged that any number of
those technologies could find their way into the civilian sphere so we’re our particular agency that we’re working on
is focusing on the holographic cellular regeneration but there are others. Emery Smithis is a very good friend of mine is… working on patents for some other devices..there are other people working on some devices, not every single person who says they’re working on a device is working on a legit device, let’s just not name names, let’s say that just because someone says that they’ve got a device or a technology doesn’t mean that they do but we are looking at multiple technologies finding their way into the civilian sphere in one way or another, so I’m fully encouraged for any
and all of those to make that way were in no way trying to create some kind of a high-tech monopoly where we have the
only you know advanced cellular regeneration technology, we would be perfectly happy to see all of those devices find their way into the civilian sphere into the civilian medical world, so that we can reduce the percentage of GDP that health care costs are because as we increase health care costs across the board the percentage of GDP goes up
and up and up..so at some point it’s not just
about having the advanced technology, it’s about understanding that we have to reverse this course that we’re on on overpricing / gouging overcharging people for medical care costs and bring it down so that it’s reasonable percentage of GDP.”
“It’s going to be very difficult to make it accessible to
the the poorer part of the population…”
“there’s also different pods, there’s the pods based purely on plasma technology on the plasma fields and there’s other
color graphical medical pods that have lasers, they do Micro keyhole surgery and there’s lenses, so it’s remotely
controlled by somebody and it does that and there’s also the holographic medical pods with the mimetic gel that removed
the burns, the scars from the skin and when you’re also age-regressed backwards to 15 whatever 18 when you left
from your SSP service the scars are not there and these pods can also alter your memories, so they could put in anything
that they want in your memory or they can give you new memories, so that’s what I know about these pods from my hypnosis regression and I’ve been told it’s like 200 years advanced on Mars with the planetary corporations I would say about that and get it getting it out into the public it’s like you have to know the schematics to build it you have to have permissions with hospitals and clinics to get it in so this is new technology, it’s regenerative medicine literally…so basically you can bring back people from the dead as well with these holographic medical products resuscitation and if the soul hasn’t left the body completely it’s halfway there you can still bring back that person and even if your head is chopped off or something is chopped off
you can regenerate that because it is DNA sequencing and genome sequencing if they have that on file they can
regenerate you and splice you up and put you back in so that’s what I remember.”
“we don’t think that’s terrible amount of time, especially when you look at what it takes to develop some other medical
technologies and get them into the system.”
“Well Captain Randy Iliana was talking about her getting her memories back through hypnosis, but when when you in
your case when asked about how you got your memory but you said that you are programmed for Total Recall as you have been programmed and engineered to self repair, so you got Total Recall, could you tell us more about that and how you’ve got to keep your memory and so it’s we’re all very clear in your mind and you could be engineered this technology just like that.”
“Well, Total Recall was a lengthy process, let’s start with that but yeah since I was designed to self repairing to get
Total Recall it was an inevitability at some point that it was just going to happen so it probably for me took place
a little bit more quickly than it does for some people but I know some younger people right now who are recovering
memories at a younger age than I did so there seems to be some curve with some of the newer subjects who are you know
getting out of the programs and getting their memories back a lot more quickly, not exactly sure why that’s happening
other than that there may be some sort of just growth curve with people retrieving memories and the more people
who retrieve memories the easier it makes it for other people after them to retrieve memories, so fortunately in my
case it’s not so much a matter of understanding a mastery of this technology through the memory process, so much as it is remembering the conversations that I’ve had with
technicians about how the technology works so that when my chief engineer and I sat down and started to talk about it
and I was like okay here’s what I understand of how I remember how the components work together what this
component is what this component does how they operate together we were able to connect the dots technologically through engineering to say okay if we know we want to achieve a technical device holographic projector that does A B and C and we know this is sort of where we’re at in the current
state of industrial technology and holographic projectors that point A to point B is getting from the technology
that we currently have to what we want and understanding the process of precision development of the components to get there so it was more about simply, understanding the process understanding the components understanding very basic
rudimentary physics about it and then being able to talk to someone who’s an engineer, not me, I’m my own engineer and he
was able to use his engineer smarts, so that we could put a basic plan and a strategy together on paper on how we
would develop those components and put them together, so it’s about taking a number of smaller components developing
them to the precision that we need them to be and then putting them together and doing some tests, but from the
conversations that I’ve had with my superiors I’m well on the right track and I’ve been told that if we just apply
time, resources and engineers to these problems that it’s it’s pretty inevitable that we’ll sort it out so we
just would love to get engineers started working on components so that we can build a prototype but .. it’s a funding issue we’re still sorting out.. but there
are plenty of people who want to help, but not all of them have access to the resources that we need to be able to
start the process and what we continue to find is those who have the financial wherewithal to assist in the process
want more than we’re willing to give them.”
“so people have come along and wanted to buy the idea or you know purchase you know a schematic or copyright or patent or something like that and we’ve had to say no to those
people, because we’re not giving the technology to anybody we’re not handing it over to someone else, so that they can
take control of the design, manufacturing and marketing of the device and charge you know ten thousand dollars an hour or something ridiculous or whatever they might do so we don’t feel that handing the technology over to someone is a good
idea we don’t feel like giving someone financial or creative control is a good idea, so we just continue to deal with
people who want more than we’re willing to give them in order to exchange for funding until we find the right funding
sources who will allow us to maintain control of the project so that we can guarantee access, we’re very firm about guaranteeing that access over time and we know that if we
hand it over someone else that were absolutely won’t
be able to guarantee that access so, we’re not willing to give up control just to allow someone else to run with
it, we don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“yeah that’s a good plan I mean it’s a to ensure that everyone has access and oh well you know you said that you hope to be able to help everyone find better solutions
to the world’s problems oh the current problem is humongous yeah we do need help we certainly could do it this technology’s being really sir to me so that’s why you were asked to bring your 20 years of knowledge and experience
from a USAP no one has ever heard of until now to civilian government and the non classified branches of the military
so you had the blessings of your superiors.”
“It will take long after that that thebig big billionaire bucks would show up for us to escalate the manufacturing and
distribution and you know getting more clinics open, so that we can have more access so it’s the it will be sort of an
exponential process. We’ll start slow and then it won’t build up and ..within again that first 10 to 15 years we’ll be able to see a substantial acceleration and access of the number of
units, the number of clinics and the number of patients that can be served, but it’s a process… and we’re in the
process, so not going to cry about it.”
“I know, it takes a bit too long, isn´t it? We need it know, look at the world now…”
“Well, there’s a lot of things that we need now, but we’re not gonna get everything that we need now, we’re gonna
get the things that we need soon, so there are a number of things that can happen in the next say three years just
three to five years just out of throwing that up in the air that could accelerate this process tremendously, so, but we have to wait for those things to sort of occur or for the demand to increase to the point where .. we get the
support that we need, because the demand increases of making it happen..we know that it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of when…”
“We need it now, sure we needed it 10 years ago, but when we have it is when we’ll have it and ..the world is changing because of a number of technology and large-scale global change issues that are happening and those are only going
to increase, we’re going to see more global change issues occurring and we’re going to see more technology showing up
and those things converging and getting a little messy but when it all sorts out we’re going to have better technology
than what we have right now we’re going to have better access than we have right now and some of the large-scale social
political global events that are going to occur we think will also accelerate that demand for those things.”
“It´s planetary corporations, it’s not interplanetary corporations, well, I wasn´t allowed to use them on myself, I was just to put in soldiers coming out of the field who had limbs burned off, like burns, limbs missing, stuff like that is when soldiers on Mars do battle, sometimes you get stuff missing, it’s either bitten off by insectoids, it’s
Reptilians there that can attack you, it could be a storm the …anything can happen on Mars, because it’s a harsh atmosphere, so what happens is they have neuro-link
implants in their brains and if something happens to the soldier, because it’s nanotechnology with the neuro-link
implants in your brain and you’re smart suit malfunctions and
you have whatever like burns or something is cut off .. they call in a portable meditech unit that comes in, it’s a stasis pod it, you climb into it and it takes you back to the base and it keeps you alive, it keeps your state, it keeps your vitals alive, because it’s a stasis pod or if you
can’t get in yourself it literally there’s that electromagnetic field so you levitate into..”
“so that’s what the super soldiers are or the cybernetic
soldiers cyborg-human soldiers is, they have a lot of nanotechnology embedded in them and the pod also fixes that technology as well if their neural implant is damaged it fixes it.”
“and it can be used the physical age regression.”
“and they age-regress you, zero point, there’s a component where they reverse the telomeres because if your telomeres
are aged and damaged they have to reverse that on the cellular level and also in your body, the rest of your
body organs, they have to reverse the aging process and that’s what the plasma field does in the pod..”
“You know you are known for being such a detail meticulous researcher on the holographic regeneration med pods, med beds and you were actually one of this first to have come up with loads of beautiful illustrations to spot-on to illustrate what you were writing about them…”
“A picture says a 1000 words.”
“The entire programs are experimental, so they’re constantly experimenting with different technology, in different fields,
in different areas, different divisions will get access to different technology, test groups, so that they can get.. statistical numbers on how effective those technologies are, so that you can compare technologies across divisions, cost per Soldier, cost per day and so forth and so that some
bean-counter can do the math on what they think the most cost-effective technology is to use as well as the most
“Description of his celestial chambers he did say
that it does the technology that he’s using in these celestial chambers actually takes into into the software be a
genetic blueprint of the person and then it just reads it and it regenerates back into the exact original soul signature genetic blueprint of that person…I supposed it reactivated this Salamander genes in the person and just grows it back is that going in tandem with what you had experienced in Mars Iliyana?”
“you know we’re gonna be selling these things these celestial chambers these plasma beds I’m very skeptical
about when it’s going on in the market I mean it’s all advertised and stuff I’m very skeptical about that.”
“People making claims that something’s gonna be available in six months or next year without identifying their R&D or their manufacturing process. I think is blowing smoke and rainbows up somebody’s butt, because there is a very like Dean County process… from research to prototype to manufacturing that takes time and those are amounts of time that without someone to be able to identify…”
“That all takes time and anyone who thinks that they can snap their fingers and make that happen in six or twelve
months is just talking crap because the amount of time it takes to do those things isn’t simply longer than that
.. in the world that we live in and the manufacturing and
capitalist structure that we have simply doesn’t move that quickly, just doesn’t move that quickly.”
“profile into an image that it can adjust without giving away proprietary conversations about how the software works, there are ways that the software can also adjust to make sure that you’re using the clean profile or the cleanest version of the profile that you can.”
“Well, don’t we have the original genetic blueprint from our soul signature within blueprint from our Soul Signature within our Auric Fields, our spiritual fields.”
“Yeah, we do, but I wouldn’t know how to get a copy of that, I wouldn’t know how to what technology to use to get a copy of that and then translate into the software what the genetic profile would be, so that’s an interesting question. I can
propose that to some people to think about how that could be done, but from a technological process I’m not sure.”
“because if you remember when somebody passed on to the other side, right and that been many instances when psychic
clairvoyants could see, oh that person who is just passed on to the other side became young again, perfect and whole
it’s so many instances like that, so I presume it’s somewhere in our auric fields our spiritual fields that genetic
blueprint in perfection.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 29.9.2020: That´s something for Devi Kundalini…She is triggered by that.
“yeah it is again it’s just how do you translate that
information into software and that’s a question that I don’t have an answer to and that I would propose to some people
to sort out.”
“Ileana has been writing about something about capturing souls and putting them in a tank and then before transferring it into a cyber body or cloned body. Ilyana which you want to pull that out it’s so fascinating and close if you
capture Souls I mean it’s there, the soul has the genetic blueprint, the original perfection.”
“It’s soul capturing technology, Soul transference, so when somebody are making a cyborg, they can pull your soul
out of your body through the holographic aspect of the software and it’s put into a electromagnetic stasis field where the soul is kept and then it’s transferred to another cyborg soldier, so you can swap that out you can swap out from one person put the soul into another and or
they keep them in these what looks like an egg type of a device where the soul is in the body separate from it and
you’re kept in a regeneration stasis, a fluidic chamber while you’re while the soul is extracted and put into another
body, so that’s how I remember that technology and yeah it’s it’s pretty it’s it’s it’s very it’s very weird looking stuff that they can do with your soul take it out of your body and put it into somebody else.”
“Isn’t that a violation of universal law?”
“it is, it is, but what what do they care about that on
Mars if they want to extract your soul from your body they can they could put it into a different body like a cybernetics soldier or a clone body.”

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Just a day or 2 before we had this roundtable interview on Wednesday 13th May 2020, Ileana got in touch with Crystal, saying how about getting together to get this interview out. So we did, thanks to honorable Cpt Randy Cramer who made it with short notice, even though his friend’s relative just passed on. As customary, Crystal was looking for a FESIG Meeting date but Illeana requested that this ‘roundtable’ be more private, just the 3 of us to enable more focus without other interferences.
Crystal introduced Cpt Randy Cramer, who spoke at FESIG’s 58th Meeting a year ago and Illeana The Star Traveler, who spoke 2 years ago at FESIG’s 48th Meeting about the Holographic Cellular Regeneration Med Beds. Captain Randy Cramer started off taking from where he left off at FESIG.
Capt Randy, had 20 years of experience with the Secret Space Program, most knowledgeable ‘US Marine Corps Special Service’ officers, the only one given the direct authority through his chain of command to make that knowledge available to the public and civilian government. He said it is his mission to bring the Elysium type of technology for healing humanity. Quoting him, “We should all share in the benefits of the progress of the true mastery we have over the laws of physics, energy generation, propulsion and telecommunications from the SSP.”
Ileana is a Star Traveler and an ET contactee who visits various worlds learning about ET races and helping humanity on their evolutionary path in life. Ileana taps into the Super-consciousness universal field and TRANSMITS the soul records held at the Divine Source. She meticulously use hypnosis to recall her memories of the use of these off-world advance technologies to document them complete with graphics and illustrations she sourced out to substantiate her descriptions in detail, which is most clearly described!
Captain Randy talked about bringing the GDP percentage medical costs down with the Holographic med beds, for a full economic reason as well as the medial reasons too. Illeana talked about the multiple uses of the med pods from Mars, saying it actually had been in used for about 200 yrs and it could even bring people back from the dead as well.
Regarding access to the technology, Cpt Randy said it’ll take about 10-20yrs for the masses. Crystal complained it’s taking too long as we need help now! Randy said it will depend on demand as well and what they can do with the technology. Funding is also the delaying factor. He then said his superiors are happy with his development of the technology, so long as he keeps applying time and resources with his engineers and chief scientist
Funding should be a civilian support project and certainly NOT a classified military project. Working though the clinics and hospitals should spread accessibility far and wide.
Ileana shared some well researched pictures of the Holographic cellular regeneration med beds and some graphic pictures of soul retrieval and cryogenic tanks in the SSP! She talked about the very fascinating subject of soul capture and soul transferance technology in the SSP substantiated by her very illustrative pictures. Then Cpt Randy talked about what’s going to happen post pandemic, with a sequence of events from the Covert Military Space Program that people will need to pay attention to be prepared for survival. Please watch the whole video for the rest of the disclosure information!
Ileana Star Traveler’s site:- https://seekingthetruthinr.wixsite.co…
Awakening Cosmic Reality Show https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Pc…
Capt Randy Cramer:- http://www.earthcitizenconsulting.org/
Brought to you by Crystal Goh of FESIG http://truevisionofpeace.com/fesig.html
FESIG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ Free.Energy.Special.Interest.Group/
N/b: FESIG Speakers are encouraged to talk about their work and give intel information freely as per their beliefs, briefings, experience and mission, no holds barred for creative expressions and ideas in our platform where science meets spirituality. You, our viewers are advised to take in information with your own discernment. As we know, there’re many probabilities being played out right now in this chaotic stage – strange times… your choice of reality would be your outcome as to which world you’ll go to…3D? 5D? There’s a disclaimer in our FESIG website that absolves us from any claims.”

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