Super Soldier Talk – Bruce – Wraith and Hammerhead

“Super Soldier Talk – Bruce – Wraith and Hammerhead”

“Super Soldier Talk – Bruce – Wraith and Hammerhead
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Super Soldier Talk
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Original Record Date: September 21, 2022
Bruce was a US Marine enhanced psychic cyborg sniper serving in the secretive black ops Wraith group in the northern polar regions of Mars for MARSOC which stands for the United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command from 2008 to 2017. Then for one year, he served in Hammerhead which is a secretive black op private military, where he was tasked to stop drug and gun running operations in Africa and South America as well as destroying the security forces of the illuminati cabal. In 2019, he rejoined Wraith, again where he returned back to Mars to fight mostly against the Draco. In this interview, we will be discussing his experiences in chronological order to learn more about his involvement in the SSP.”

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