“After 7-8 years of advocating for others, she found that even though there are laws on the books for remedies, anybody holding to the Constitution is treated as an enemy combatant within their own country, and whatever remedy should be available to them was rendered ineffective. Nectaria then sought other more conventional means to obtain for her clients, if not full success, at least some reprieve from the advance of ‘the system.’ Some of Nectaria’s efforts to assist those who love America have been infiltrated by former NSA and CIA agents who have sought to target her clients using the legal process. One such NSA agent who threatened Nectaria and her associates was found to have invested in energy and nano technologies. (Evidence has been acquired verifying this connection.) She has done everything she knows to do to resolve this onslaught including hiring both attorneys and private security, only to find that even her private security’s life and family were threatened by DHS and CIA agents. (Again evidence confirming this has been collected.) The attorneys were threatened or assaulted for assisting Keri (Nectaria) and either withdrew their assistance as a result or had to be terminated for their own well-being.”
“Throughout these years of active involvement with clients, Nectaria was targeted for termination through the use of highly toxic weaponized nanotechnology meant to make her death appear conventional. Eight such attacks are fully documented and verified by reliable sources. What was her ‘crime?’ For many years she didn’t know. What has become abundantly clear to her over time is that she was targeted for death because of: 1) her love for and unfailing devotion to Jesus Christ, and 2) her exposure of the sexual abuse endemic to the Roman Catholic Church. The report entitled: MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT is available at:”
“Unfortunately, her overture was not well received; her efforts to proceed peacefully are being repeatedly ignored and repudiated…she suffered yet another biological weapon attack, this time at her revealed location, in the form of a perfumed nano-dispersal aerosol. For the previous 10 months she had been free of such attacks in her living space.”
“After watching this video: of ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp describing the means that the CIA and other shadow government agencies destroy one financially, Nectaria’s story appears to fit this description of sabotage.
Then, on November 20, 2016, Nectaria received a new threat on her life by email, one which appeared to have been sent from her to herself. The source was traced by a private investigator to the Department of Defense Information Center in Miami, Florida and communicated that she had ‘7 days to die.’ This effectively put an end to her aspirations of serving people with color therapy as she could not risk exposing her clients to potentially unsafe conditions by association.”
PS1: Department of Destruction (DoD)..I have enough screens and proofs how they broke into my computer systems already in 2005/2006… Just a remark of
“It is the hope of many, myself included, that the national (if not, in fact, global) reset that occurred on November 8, 2016, will result in the dismantling of the shadow government that has plagued humanity for decades now, and which is responsible for making Nectaria a fugitive in her own country. But that which took 150+ years to assemble is not going to go away quietly or quickly. In the meantime, with all the solid evidence that she has meticulously accumulated against the perpetrators as well as the successful (albeit time-consuming and costly) remedies for mitigating the effects of weaponized nanotechnology attacks, Nectaria’s story offers hope to thousands who are so affected. With the disclosure of DOD’s Nano Domestic Quell program describing the insertion of non-military grade nano-contamination in foods, beverages, water supplies, vaccines, etc., which affects all of us, it is Nectaria’s hope that many will wake-up to these dangerous and toxic materials. There are indeed remedies and ways to neutralize the intended harm, which is why Nectaria’s story needs to be heralded far and wide for the benefit all. But this is a large task, and she cannot continue to pursue this alone.”
Ms. Keri Burnor was interviewed 5/31/16 and 6/2/16 by teleconference; she currently lives in anonymity due to reported attempted murder against her person. She therefore provided identification through confidential means. She reported experiencing numerous serious chronic physical and affective symptoms…”
“These test results do in fact contain markers of advanced nanotechnology components with complex interactive architecture present in her physical body; abnormal EMF emissions at various locations on her body surface; and specific radio frequencies ambient in her presence. Specific frequencies detected have been identified as allocated to operational SCADA systems. Taken together, these results are strongly suggestive that her body is linked to an external SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system with advanced capabilities.
PS2: Usual Dermatologists do know nothing about this Nanotech, they have other terms for the skin anomalies…seemingly totally oblivious.
Remark from

“She suspects initial implantation of advanced technology in her body occurred July 2011 during nasal surgery, and said that she came to gradual awareness of this during the 18 months after this surgery. Ms. Burnor said that following this surgery by some months and intensifying gradually over the next year and a half “I started exhibiting symptoms that were very outside the realm of what I had ever experienced before. Something akin to hot flashes, that were not hot flashes. Something akin to creepy crawlies on the skin; something akin to shortness of breath, tinnitus-a slew of symptoms. I tried various cleanses, and allopathic protocols nothing would fix the problems. Eventually I put my symptoms into a search engine, and a website came up regarding microwave exposure, sickness due to exposure to microwaves. And I don’t even use a microwave! I contacted my friend James Walbert-he was chipped in his shoulder, we had become friends back in 2005 when I had reconnected with my uncle. We initiated an investigation involving state representatives, etc and my uncle was found to be chipped. Kevin Burnor. We used to call him ‘uncle microchips.’ I suggested he contact a peer with similar experience, and that is how I first met James Walbert.”
“What was discovered were radio frequency emissions coming from both the lower back of my skull and my abdomen. I then had MRI scans taken, and compared them to routine scans taken prior to a sinus surgery I underwent in 2009. The second MRI’s very clearly show the growth of something in the mastoid region of the skull, behind and below the ears. This is incidentally where the RF emissions were strongest. Later toxicology results showed high levels of various heavy metals, as well as the presence of foreign protein and advanced nanomaterials. ”
“After initial testing by Melinda, I go to California-not knowing if I am being monitored-and when the plane was landing, I had excruciating pain and my ears started bleeding. I thought it was a bad sinus infection. No. When I am flying back to Texas, the plane makes a stop in San Diego, and-again-very bad pain. My ears bled again (first episode of this was when I flew from Missouri to California), a watery reddish color, not like full thick blood,-and I deplaned and asked for the stewardess to “just get my bags” and that I was unable to complete the last leg of the trip. I stayed there in Los Angeles for 30 days, and my communications were interrupted then, my computer was shut down-it was like the kinds of things you would see in a movie. I contacted Melinda Kidder and she gave me the name of Hildegarde Staninger.”
“I needed a referral based on high levels of metal toxicity shown in tests I did with hair and urinalysis. Then I saw Dr. Staninger and got a series of tests over months, and she says ‘you have nanotechnology.’ I asked Dr Staninger, ‘How do I get rid of it?’ and ‘Can you fix it?’ She said, ‘If you follow this protocol exactly for 3-6 months.’ I wound up taking 75 pills a day-she can assist you to use herbs and pills to deconstruct the nanotechnology at a chemical level.”
“I do not have any nanotechnology in my body anymore. I do not have any signals emanating from my body. No nano whatsoever. I am free. But I will say it’s been a long struggle.” She stated that one test by Dr. Staninger showed in a subsequent attempt “patch test” that there was evidence that “they tried to give me breast and colon cancer. There is evidence of this in my legal affidavit and test results”. (See BURNOR’S NOTICE TO THE WORLD)
Ms. Burnor’s full report includes one sexual assault 2001 by a priest; subsequent ongoing and chronic cover-up of her charges regarding this priest’s behavior; character assassination directed against her; organized stalking by investigators, government agents, and unknown people; and-with onset 2011-2012–remote electronic surveillance and assaults including microwave exposure to signals and microwave radiation accompanying signals, static sounds, forced thoughts, memory accessed/blocked, multiple and chemical/biological assaults, and symptoms of toxic overload. Remote directed energy assaults have had variable durations and did occur “anywhere.”
Specific types of organized stalking harassments reported include organized stalking/surveillance; auto tampering; computer tampering; difficulties at place of employment, aerial stalking; home entry; interference with friend and family relationships; interference with finances; street theatre; vandalism; and exposure to nanotechnology through surgical implantation, application to vehicles, and possibly by unknown means.
Ms. Burnor gave many examples of harassment events, including but not limited to the following:
Regarding auto tampering: “One day I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase two shower benches to use with a lead shield, and the windows in my car involuntarily all by themselves went all the way down and wouldn’t go up. Called my friend Becky to come guard my car while I purchased the benches; she did, she couldn’t get the windows to close either. This was in 2013 at a time I was implanted with nano. The portable GPS system that was for the car was destroyed. Got home, got stuff out of the car, and the windows went up all by themselves.”
Regarding organized stalking by DoD police: “One time I was followed by police with Department of Defense insignia on their car door. I visited Dr. Staninger and then went to Walgreens for Christmas cards. Inside Walgreens I observed two men with multiple weapons. I said to them, ‘I have never seen a police car with DoD insignia.’ They left without purchasing anything.”
PS3: You still have Nanotech…they spray nearly daily Chemtrails…there is a nonstop re-assembling of corporate crime syndicate biotech taking place in all bodies of all people in the world.
Remark from

“Directed energy effects reported include burning; extreme fatigue-“every time I go through the introduction of new nano materials to my body, the fatigue will last for months”; feelings of electricity running through the body-“this happens often”; ringing and static in the ears; itching; headaches-“these can usually be corrected through stress management, hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture, detox procedures, emotional and spiritual practices”; and sleep deprivation.”
PS4: They do 24/7/365 irradiation with ELF-Waves.
Use a Magnetic Field Detector and you will see that you are eventually even right now irradiated… ..1 Satellite hooks up 500 Brains. Everything above 40 MicroTesla (Free Air Measurement) is directed Energy influence.
Remark from

“Parts of the body reported as affected include head (eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, eyelids, jaw), neck, abdomen, stomach, bowels, arms, legs, feet, hands, heart, lungs, throat, spine, digestive tract, chest, and hair.
Range of emotions reported during these experiences include fear, anger, calmness, concern, rage, depression, numbness, peace, hope, acceptance, and spiritual transformation. Ms. Burnor rated her highest experienced pain level on a 0 to 10 scale (0=absent, 10=extreme severity) as a “10”.
PS5: I got the Pain Level 10 treatment in November 2011. Multi-Neuroweapon-Assault,
also nwo-scalar-radar-bottleneck torture on the head which you can´t escape in 3D (4D) Time-Space, only if you disguise your location with self-constructed shining scalar tech, that makes it impossible for them to locate your position for USAF/Navy/CIA/DIA/NSA/DARPA/DOD/Skynet/Zionazi Remote Torture.
Remark from

Cognitive effects reported include memory and concentration impairments. Ms. Burnor stated that intermittent memory and concentration impairments continue to occur as a consequence of the cumulative impact of reported events: “Bottom line, I’ve lived on a precipice of life and death for about 5 years, it is very hard to live under conditions of survival. I do experience post-traumatic stress reactions.
Ms. Burnor said that she has reported her experiences to politicians, newspapers, TV, radio, family, friends, Saint Joseph’s Abbey, the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order.
Ms. Keri May Burnor is a 40 year old single female residing in an undisclosed location.”

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  1. Chris sagt:

    Very similar happened to me. After a seven and half lengthy reportedly ‘highly litigated lawsuit’ regarding the death of my husband, with two weeks left looking forward to entering settlement conference, whereas my answer was a clear ‘no,’ see you in court, highly advanced weaponized technologies entered my home. Agents took over my home phone and Internet. The NSA DARPA (PENTAGON) and HDS agent (who tried to kill me prior) came at me with force. At first they let me know it was the NSA and DARPA. It took me awhile to realize the HDS was involved. Wherever I went vehicles zoomed by directed at me. I watched in horror as everyone was taken over in that closet sized room later learned was a secret weapon — the machine AI smart grid of sorts. Its a man in the middle attack citing Dr. Robert Duncan. I was chased down by unknowns from a local military base. Chased away from my home by unknown military and government agents from my family home (all long gone now); by the time they got me out of state I realized I was tricked into moving by the CIA who pulled out CERN DWAVE on me.. It was a matrix hyper reality. I’m shot at constantly with drones and nanotech and other biologicals (Mycoplasma, lyme, morgellons).
    I understand the Pentagon released an AI into our atmosphere then walked away.. (HAARP) as SKYNET is chasing me down. Most of us are women. You tell me. I never got to see the inside of a court room. My chases of being awarded for wrongful death? 100%.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Yes..then you are also blacklisted (which means you are from the good side) by NSA/DoD/DIA Medical CoIntelPro2/Arpa/Pentagon NWO Zionazi-Bolshevik Crime Syndicate…They can switch dimensions and manipulate the whole crowd around you…it´s a total scenario control tactic…the more people become aware the more their mk ultra/mk naomi will fail like in the Movie the Matrix. If you have Morgellons you are a Targeted Individual… Yes, it´s the CIA Super-Cowards…They are partly controlled by Russian Intelligence… imo…these cruel attacks point to Russia and Stasi Methodology…but we surely should not forget the British Imperialism which brought the highest destruction rate to this planet…and Vatican Clerical Intel…all one big net of highly criminal Mafiosis who would never get a chance to blossom when the High Gods would take over this world…Chemtrails and Petrofascism must be erased from the surface of Mother Earth…
      “Most of us are women.”
      No…that is not true..You see less males come forward for obvious reasons..The Arpa Brain Project Psychopaths focus on males between the age of 12-60 Years…because they don´t expect much resistance from the females and are military drilled and see dominant strong leader quality males as a possible power of resistance to their destructive plan…that´s why they spray not only dumbs people down….it is also a feminize the planet…they try to choke up and grind down the opposition and the resistance to their NWO Rockefeller Agenda…
      I am not speaking of Sophia correction reappearance of the divine feminine which is good and lacks a lot in this day and age. The NWO feminization process is hostile to males, the Sophia correction (Holy Spirit Intervention against their criminal world-take-over) is healing to males and toxic females.
      Check this Out…it shows how brazenly they use a hive-mind plasma entity to control most of the world population…
      DIA/DOD Megalomaniacs call it Monarch Artificial Life Form.

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