Super Soldier Talk – Metallic Man Worldline Traveler

“Super Soldier Talk – Metallic Man Worldline Traveler”

“Original Upload Date: April 05, 2023

Metallic Man studied Aerospace, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering in the Air Force Academy. He attended Syracuse University in order to join in the space program and then joined the US navy and was earmarked as a naval aviator. His C/O presented him an opportunity to take a leap and join the ONI majestic program. The moment he signed his name things started to get weird. He received a surgical upgrade of seven ELF implants which allowed him to communicate with the Navy. He then walked into a teleporter and was implanted with a EBP device which allows him to connect to the greys, aka the domain.

He left the Navy and went off the grid for two years. The navy eventually tracked him down and asked him to work at China Lake Naval Base. Once there his navy ELF probes were finally calibrated. At China Lake he was tasked with anchoring world lines templates until he was retired in 2004. Today Metallic Man will be speaking about this as well his perspective of the multiverse.”

“MM: After hearing the Intro I am questioning my sanity,… it sounds very weird.”

“MM: …is coordinated with efforts at Oxapalace which is a facility on Mars.”
I am in China, I like it here.”

JR: Means you are a Grey ET-Hybrid.”

“MM: Basically they see everything I see, do everything I can do, know everything I’m doing, everything I’m thinking, they’ve known this for decades.”

“MM: In some ways it is very broad, in other ways very specific…Personal issue..Why me? What the fuck am I doing here…I think everyone wants to know his past..You want to know your previous incarnation…how you got entangled with all that stuff…Weird looking Creature.”

“MM: My Soul Components were re-assembled and made into some kind of Humanoid form and here I am.”

“MM: I like to call myself Frankenstein, like a Frankenstein Monster. Different parts of differen people.”

“JR: This is what you refer to these Implants.”

“JR: Necessary technology to upgrade your DNA.”

“MM: I had an upgrade back in 1986… walk through a door and you are in hospital environment and they take your Soul and put it into a Box and then a couple hours later you go back into your body but your body is different.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 12.4.2023: Youtube Audio-Quality is better plus Transcript.
EBP? Earth BioGenome Project?

“Steve Scherer​: I can see us being that far behind. I can´t believe how crazy the astral is..
Sara Thomas​: Definitely not disappointing.
Lyndsey Moriarty​: I´m so happy I was able to catch this live.
Chad Mensan​: Could he ask the Chinese to please stop sending us fetanyl?… We have too much already.
S. Lee: ​We play the same game over and over.
Rod R​: Hopefully something outside of the current idiocracy.
Orinoco Loco​: I can’t believe that he thinks China is such a wonderful place with all the oppression during covid.
ricardo sauceda: ​Is it True that the Schumann Resonance is 200 Hertz?!?!
Heartland Lady​: Funny how we know more, then your guest!
EndTime Warriors​: Does anyone believe this guy lol…
Max Max​@endtime warriors: he’s not from this timeline. Time travel is real.
People get stuck in timelines.
EndTime Warriors: ​lol this guy lol.
Live And Local: ​I really wanna hear from his wife and her experience with this.
Max Max: ​You have to allow your consciousness to grow and understand where he is coming from.
EndTime Warriors​: So what time is he from lol…
Lawrence Sutherland​: America used to have a few food “Automats”.
HOLOTECH R&D: ​He’s from end times.
Max Max: ​People from infinite timelines get stuck here, it’s not far fetched. The Nazis started doing this in the 1930s and moved their experiments here through operation paperclip for the cia.
HOLOTECH R&D​: Where’s is the real super soldier lol 😂…
S. Lee​👍🏽 70 years old / body switching / “ get out “ /tales of mama Cecil & papa justify / 💀 voodoo.
EndTime Warriors: I came to see the real super soldiers.”

“MM: Let me tell you something you know what you do you know how special
unacknowledged special access program operatives are retired?
There´s three ways they kill you, they disable you or they imprison you as a sex offender. Those are the three ways, okay? They did all three with me, they tried to kill me, when that didn´t work, they tried to disable me, when that didn´t work they threw me in prison and hard labor, okay, me and the rest of majestic went to China. Those of us who could run, we ran to China other ones went to Finland, we got a couple here who´s in Sweden, but uh that´s the way it is.
That´s how it works, now, that being said poisoning by heavy metals is not something I recommend for anybody, okay, you´ll be shaking really really bad, okay, you’ll see marks on your fingernails, your fingernails will start splitting and falling off.”

“MM: Look Majestic is not concerned about the retirement, that´s done by another group. Majestic says we´re retiring this group of people and that entire program is handed to this other group that retires, they know nothing at all of what we’re doing or why we´re doing, they know nothing and they just retire us.”

“MM: Nobody talks about that. Nobody ever talks about that… the only time when you realize what´s going on is when suddenly you’re in the shit…and when you spend too much time on this, it´s so easy to be caught up on on all the negatives…domain knew everything that we saw, experiencing…”

“JR: Okay, I see, the other alternate reality that you were in or World line you were in, you would have died, but over here they’re not going to kill you, right?”

“MM: Right. They just pulled me out, they pulled me out and put me somewhere else.
Now Guardian Angels. Mantids are guardian angels…
yeah..they usually poison you and kill you that way and usually it´s by seizures.”

“MM: No they tried killing me. I was in the process of dying,
so I was pulled out.”

“JR: How do you recovered from the mercury poisoning?”

“MM: That took um uh four years…before I was able to get rid of the shaking.”

“JR: So for super soldiers one of the things they do is give them monoatomic
Mercury and it has some interdimensional properties which allows for shape-shifting and on short-term missions but afterwards their body gets destroyed on this stuff.”

“MM: The world is evolving, right now, and it’s going to be much better,
say 2030 than what you see right now and the systems that we currently use are going to be displaced and that after a rough period in the west. The West is going to experience a rough period, but after that rough period the quality of life for the entire world
will increase dramatically. If you could hold on to 2030, it’s going to be Cherry, it’s going to be really nice and when I mean really nice, I mean not just for humans but for animals and other species and people are talking about well we’re going to be communicating with other species and other other races and stuff.”

“MM: Come on, a person who joins Majestic (ONI-Subfaction) is not somebody who has a predilection for little kids, okay , so you know Edward Snowden,
right, supposedly he uh he raped two women…”

“JR: so that’s that’s all fakes they found some two women to say that..”

“MM: Julian Assange..the guy who got the patents on the John Titor machine,
all charged with sex offension, so it’s just the way it is, you put people away, if you can’t kill them, you put them away.”

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