“BIRDS ATTACK 5G KILLER TOWER – 11.312 Aufrufe•11.05.2020”
“Watch how they disable this death Tower. I wonder if they’re gonna send the FBI after these birds what do these birds know that we don’t know we’ve seen the footage of birds dropping dead near these death towers is it possible that these birds
understand that these death towers are killing them.
Birds are very intelligent creatures ladies and gentlemen you’ve seen the bird food maze before where they got to figure out this puzzle to get the food it’s incredible
what these birds can do, look at them, attack in unison and they’re each attacking a different retina like an
army swooping in you you have to see it for yourself
here it is, you’ve seen the videos of the birds dropping dead, around the cell towers now you’re watching the birds
attack the cell towers ladies and gentlemen.”
“The birds and the bees are dropping dead so are the trees
that here comes the birds like some kind of Twilight Zone episode and they’re taken this cell tower apart…What don’t people understand about these cell towers…”

“Birds attack cell towers!?
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“Birds don´t want the 5G…Fuck the 5G…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 22.5.2020:
Listen to Nature..the Birds know it best…

“!Birds attack cell tower!
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“Lee TV
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“Watch a flock of birds apparently attacking a telecommunications tower…”
“Mobile Tower Radiations Causing Bird Population Decline | Visakhapatnam | TV5 News”

“Birds on cell tower
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“8.300 Aufrufe•09.05.2020”

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