Alien Hybrids & Cyborgs & Alien-DNA & Neuro-Society

“If it is an examination it is almost certainly neurologic rather than an atomical in terms of bombs..they don´t seem to be much interested in , so it´s
“Something was being tested… The more I looked into it… the more I realized this was not an experiment, it was a program and as a program it had a
beginning and an end, it was goal directed and they were doing it for a reason…but they didn´t want us to know about it, that is why it was
clandestine… because if we find out about it, we could..stop it which could not be allowed…but we know that it is secretive, we know it is
clandestine, we know therefore that they don´t want us to know about it… We can actually say that this is true…It was extremely difficult to deal
“The phenomenon itself began to change very drastically…I discovered it around 2003 and then a whole group of people began to say the same thing.”
“I am not in the Jungian, I am not in the collective consciousness..that doesn´t impress me, I don´t like that, it´s not in the ether.”
“The hierarchy of authority of Aliens. The question is what is an Alien and what is a Hybrid. Is there ever a grey area of “we are not sure”.
There is total insect like Aliens. People say…they look like Praying Mantis, People don´t normally discover a nose or a mouth… These beings really look alien… They are the order givers…Everyone has a function, it´s sort of democratic… It´s like here in America…
This is an example you will never believe until eventually it forces you to believe it.”
Grey Aliens some sort of Skin type Grey thing… Stare directly into their eyes..Maybe I had 700 cases..this is something that happens all abductees, almost all the time.
…They engage in the optic nerve, they use the optic nerve as a transit to the brain and they can stimulate whatever neurons they want, they can stimultate memories, they can stimulate feelings. How they get the energy….I do not know, so they take babies out of people..they keep them in tanks. Hybrids in early stage. ..Neural engagements…
I am not talking about human stage hybrids. Human stage is different…
She looks pretty good, she could probably pass.. Late Stage Hybrid… Wearing some sort of a unifom… which leads people to think that they are american Military and the american government is involved with abducting people… This is in fact a late stage hybrids what looks like American Military Units..They interrogate the two abductees standing in the middle for reasons we do not know, do not understand, I have no idea why this is.
These people look human, everything is fine.. they are human, they are human, they are 111% human, but they are not a 113% human and that extra 2% means that they connect neurologically into you and control you, that´s the one thing that we don´t have, that makes us a second class species, not second hand citizens, a second hand species.

There are human looking Aliens who don´t do anything except security, they think security, they look security, all they think about, they are the most paranoid “people” in the world, you think the CIA is paranoid, searching for plots, forget it, this is another level of paranoia…then there is Multi-Function Abductees helping integration. they are part of the entire program, it´s not just that they are victims..they are part of the program in far
more ways than we have had ever imagined.

Every Abductee has a function. They are victims and they certainly not do this on volition…Are in some way Neurons manipulated…You don´t really know, but my sense is that there has been enough neuro manipulation on a physical level that would
allow some abductees, not all, I don´t want to scare people, it´s not been everybody, to be able to do what hybrids do, to control people… Abductees talk telepathically to each other and to the Aliens…buit in fact if telepathy was a natural condition of the human condition…0.5%..we would live in an entire different society…. It´s not part of the human condition, something happened to them for them to control other people just like hybrids..the Abductee world is far more complicated than they thought…This is a complicated business, I need help, please. (David M. Jacobs)

“Veröffentlicht am 05.10.2015
Looking at the foundation of the Alien hybrid…, this video shows that reproductive issues constitute a “central feature” of abductions and that “we can’t get away from that.” Jacobs cited specific cases, that he has worked on, where women had their pregnancy confirmed by doctors and then their unborn babies mysteriously disappeared. He speculated that the hybridization program “seems to go back to the early 1980’s” and that he has observed, over the years, a “certain refining of the hybrid species that has occurred over the generations and you’re getting hybrids that look much, much, much more human.”
With regards to future of these hybrids, Jacobs made a startling revelation. He noted that, for years, he was reticent to say that the hybrids were “among us” on Earth, but in light of his most recent research, he is now of the belief that the integration of the species into society has begun.
On ET he made the case that, based on the evolution of what has been learned about abductions, the purpose of the phenomena is ultimately for ET hybrids to be integrated into our society.”
Further Info:
“Recent multiple reports of mysterious glowing orbs dropping “landing pods” over locations across the U.S. have caused UFO researchers to raise the alarm
that a stealth invasion of Earth by possibly hostile alien races could be under way.
The rumors intensified after the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a U.S.-based organization that reports and documents alien and UFO sightings, received a
slew of disturbingly similar reports from across the U.S. in which witnesses sighted and filmed glowing or flashing orbs hovering over the sky and
releasing or dropping smaller orbs that fall to the ground.
Members of the alien and UFO community claim that the remarkably similar reports by unrelated witnesses from across the country provide convincing
evidence that alien invaders are secretly planting and building up sleeper cells across the country in anticipation of a possibly pre-determined D-Day.
Open Minds-TV, a UFO reporting website linked with MUFON, recently reported an incident in which a stealth orb UFO was observed dropping a “landing pod”
pod over Boise, Idaho (see video below).
The incident was reported by at least three unrelated witnesses, whose identical and mutually corroborating accounts prove the authenticity of the
sighting, according to UFO enthusiasts.”

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