Consciousness, the journey, some early days of camelot info, the battle and transition.

Consciousness, the journey, some early days of camelot info, the battle and transition.
Camelot banned from Censor NSA-Youtube.
“They have tried to kill me.”
“Then was a hit put out on me, I was told, ..somehow I got rescued from that..
I have been hit by scalar waves on the right side of my face which actually damaged my right eye. It´s pretty much healed now, every once and a while it is bothering me..”
“The Mission we are on to save Humanity and to save Earth.”
-Major Illuminati Chaoswitch sitting in France
-Anunnakis walking out of the Hall of the Pentagon
-Anunnakis were a Humanoid race from the Pleiadians, got invaded by Draco-Reptilians, hybridized with them and came to Earth…
-The Alien A.I. that helped our Doctors to create the COVID Bioweapon and then to distribute in specific concentrated Areas

“Exactly how the Nanographene-Oxide and the Spike Proteins are magnetically attracted to each other and that package, eventually…through the JABS, it gets into your bloodstream and then enters your cells and begins to reconstruct your cells, over to a silicon-based life form as opposed to carbon, so the ultimate drive of covid, was not to kill people, those are just the people that where collateral damage, because their bodies couldn´t handle the change, it was to convert you into a cyborg, basically…and that is still happening, everyone who also got the Test, were being injected with this nano-graphene-oxide package, so it is still in your system.. It was also sprayed on our world, that I back-up with a lot of evidence…Nano-Graphene-Oxide is considered to be the strongest Material on Earth. So when they wanted to create Cyborg Super-Soldiers…they have got involved with this, it has a Concsciousness…I have also got a NASA Scientists who talked about it and talks not about shedding, but jumping, the nano jumps from Person to Person, Place to Place and Thing to Thing…Talking about A.I. and NANO.”

“Anthony: Where they can sneeze on you they can pass on the Nano.”

“KC: It was in our Chemtrail, it is in our food, it is in our Water, it is proven to be on our Clothing, it is actually everywhere.., they are already setting the Scene for Humanity to be converted into this A.I. Nano-Graphene Oxide humanity, Human-Borg-Genesis. That´s actually the BORG, kind of Star Trek, but it is an A.I. Consciousness trying to run the Earth…and control Masses of Humanity simultaneously.”

“Rhiannon: Like little Robots.”

“KC: Not everyone is conducive to that. I am one of the people who doesn´t follow the herd, in any way, never have and probably never will.”


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