Secret Societies and their Computer Brain Interface…

Computer Brain Interface: 9. April 2018: Brainchipped Zombies controlled by central-command through cell-phone towers.
“Computer Brain Interface: 18. März 2018:
Your interest and knowledge in the computer interface control of individuals will become more and more important as the wwcult begins forcing itself upon the world.
wwcult=worldwidecult= the Mystery Schools (study William Cooper’s work)
These brainchips that have been covertly implanted into my skull in 2007 are also being implanted into your country’s innocent citizenry. They will tend to choose people who show leadership and visionaries who have deeper insights to the future.
Sweden is a big example of the “divide and conquer” technique used step by step by the branches of the cult. You will notice the immigrants are mostly fighting aged men, not “widows and toddlers” as claimed.
The religion will be first forced upon the children. The children were likely brainchipped already in Canada. They will hear the cult’s “voice of god” in their heads and believe it more than their own parents. The children will be trained in schools by cult teachers. The will choose to serve the state, serve the cult and believe in the brainchipped enhanced cult. The children so brainwashed will rebel against their parents way of life and serve the take-over cult.
At the same time as the brainchipping. there is another new method of attack politicians change laws to make freedom of speech illegal. While a new class of privileged immigrants know they are privileged by the cult that controls much of the invaded country. The purpose is to demoralize and subvert the host countries’ citizens into submission. This is mass mind control upon the herds of non-thinkers. These non-thinkers and still think but they don’t think a vicious cult could possibly exist already within their politics and positions of authority. They can’t think pure enough to react to the threat to their way of life nor to their personal lives. They will give up their firearms like the enslaved holocausts of the past. Awaken silly ones. Awaken, before you are dead ones.
I am not Christian, but this is not an attack on religion, it is the obvious or noticeable stages of the cults take-over once you accept the immigrants are pawns in the take-over game of tactics. Cult members will hid their faces and create misleading names like “Antifa,” or “fascists,” “communists,” “the reds” and thousands more. The cult hides. They borrowed this from the Assassins of the eleventh century when the Knights Templar made a pact with the secret sect of Islam.…/The_Assassins:_A_Radical_Sect_in…
This is where the herd of the profane who were unable to notice political corruption, or did notice the corruption, but ignored it or even worked with it. Now, you will begin to experience the cost of ignoring the corrupt cult which has set you up for enslavement.
The cult minion giggle in silent glee at their future “Utopian social structure” of promised godhood simply by licking the boots of their masters. This is what happened to most of Hitler’s Thule cult bootlickers… they were gased or shot. The SS replaced the SA. This is what happened to Stalins boot likers… they were eliminated out of Stalin’s fear of being uprooted by the ones who knew too much.
In pre-nazi Germany these would be called the “SA” or “brown-shirts.” It is much worse today, because the cult hiding in most authority positions are letting the aggressive, immigrant, religious zealots take control over all of social structures a fast as possible.
When the cult is done with the immigrants aggressive invasion, then their “soul’s” will be uploaded to their computer-god. Just like the movie “Avatar.” Many of Hollywood movies are designed to guides human thought or just mock the profane and the gullible.
USA is kicking out illegals due to Trumps decisions to protect America from the invasion. But this greatly endangers Canada, because Truedoe has encouraged the illegals to destroy the social structure in Canada quicker, instead.”
Computer Brain Interface: 25. März 2018:
These are very likely to be brainchip related attacks. The secret societies are the creators of the brainchip for the purpose of world dominion. The secret societies are the ones manipulating all of Europe radicalize groups. Once enough brainchipped “voice of god” listeners are in a country, then the secret societies will join forces with the immigrant pawns to wipe out the natives.
The secret societies are the most awful cult (Mystery School exposed by William Cooper) and created the most awful human slaughters mankind ever witnessed.
JR Sidaway: 24. März 2018: Poland’s Only Hope Is The Rest Of Europe Resists Technocracy.
When I watched the interview of a Swede escaping to Hungary, I thought the secret societies would send their fascism past the boarders.
The migrant pawns are likely hive-minded with brainchips of course. They get their commands from the “voice of god” weapon. They are the brainchipped warriors of the Mystery Schools.
The microwave tower-grid is the link they have to to central command or the mystery school cult.
Computer Brain Interface: 12. März 2018: Did you realize that this webpage has no North American “likes” This webpage has been “Shadow Banned” to most if not all North Americans for many years…
Computer Brain Interface: 12. März 2018 :
Technology like the brainchip is very advanced, but like I have documented before, Delgado, Sem-Peterson, and Penfield were working towards a remote controlled brainchip that the Manchurian candidate would have no recall of what it was doing.
You see, that is why the cult has made many attempts upon my life because I kept catching them using the chip against me. They even lobotomized me in Oct. 2016 to experiment on how to mask my awareness of their wicked uses of the robotic chip.
They mostly use the interface to manipulate my sleep with their conditioning videos that mimic REM dreams. I am not malicious, but the videos force the dreaming self to play out and interact with the video-dreams. They seem to be an attempt to make me more violent.
Never believe the BS that the money is spent for the benefit of humanity… it is designed to destroy the will of the human spirit, to turn remove all human rights.
Cloning is being geared up to replace the woman’s womb… the cult is using GMO foods, Pesticides, and microwaves to sterilize human reproduction. Hollywood is a branch of the mystery school cult, too. It conditions the herd what to think about next… compared to the honest, “infidels” with respect for life… the cult masters have specialized their profession to manipulating the oblivious herd of followers. JFK in his speech was trying to stop the destruction of the USA and the world by the Mystery School cult (study William Cooper).
After a while of study, you will begin to see why the cult hides behind secret societies… The cult creates fronts like the Bilderbergs, The League of Nations, The United Nations, Communists, Fascists, Agenda21, and on, and on. Before the crackdown on the cult in 1307 AD who were then called the “Kights Templar” it did not have to hide themselves and their belonging. But now, the cult members own the world and hide behind freedom and liberty while culling the herd of all vigilance or those who see through their social engineering.
They call social engineering “The Craft.” and they are experts at it and live their entire lives character assassinating or murdering anyone who needs to be culled from the human herd.
The Titanic was considered a culling venture by some. The maiden voyage was sold to the profane upper class people who were becoming too much of an opposition to the cult’s social engineering and they had to be culled. This likely why so few were rescued.
You see, the cult has been preparing for the take-over via brainchips for centuries. The official ancient history of mankind is false if you study the Pyramid of Giza. The technology used to build Giza is beyond even the greatest technology today. Study Chris Dunn, about the ancient technology. The tools to preform those tasks have not been reinvented, yet.
Yes, I said reinvented. ..There was actually another world-wide civilization before the Velicovski cataclysm of planets. Dr. Thornhill with the Thunderbolts Project appears to be correct describing and predicting our Electric Universe rather than just a gravitational universe. It is just a theory..and you put that hand in hand with the cult manipulating history… and BINGO! You combine William Cooper with Yuri Bezmenov and JFK, with the unexplainable mysteries of the past… and bingo, … Cooper filtered through the massive lies he was fed and then recorded the hidden “alien” technology on videos.
All this is becoming exposed by the average, profane person.
So now, the cult has to start a race war, the cult has to divide the people. The cult is brainchipping 100,000’s of people world-wide to become their patsy/zombie warriors.
The cult is brainchipping their own minions so they cannot rebel… so they become the hive-mind of Huxley’s Brave-New World. Huxley claimed to be the cults scientific elite… and just before he perished, he claimed that the cult really planed of social engineering the entire world into his book’s creation. I believe that Huxley was telling the public the truth after a life of aiding the orchestrating manipulation and deception of the human herd.
The brainchip is the worst tool the herd will ever experience. They have been designed specifically to end most, if not all, of humanity.
“Listen to this incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies…”
“Computer Brain Interface: 7. März 2018: Reposting what I just edited and got too long. .. a brainchip installed onto your brain. I (like many other more unfortunate (dead) people now) did not want these two brainchips and didn’t even think they existed back in 2007 when the Mystery School cult covertly got their medical mafia to implant me. One was while visiting my mother and the other while on a road-trip, at a hotel near Calgary, Alberta.
After years of study, turns out the university there is a base-station for these Mystery School cultists. They are likely running every university in Canada… controlling anyone who gets too smart about the world.
The best place to learn about these monsters is from your own home using torbrowser and a vpngate tunnel and only confide with people you trust and/or distribute CDs that don’t link back to your home. They want you dead and they are planning to divide all races and make everyone mistrust everyone else. While the cult minions will soon all be linked into a hive-mind to commit their wickedness (likely done already) where their AI controls them like a hive of bees/drones to attack a target together… where they can now attend meetings as an avatar in their brainchip
rather than a member in a windowless temple of wickedness found in every North American city, town and village.
These cult minions gave Hitler and Stalin the gestapo control over the profane citizens, the Mystery School created the KKK (Albert Pike) displaying the same tactics upon freedomfighters… and this same cult is doing it again, today in your country… guaranteed!
Anyone brainchipped will be as controlled as this undead thing, chained up, pictured below. They will be used to bring past enemies together in fear of the cults activities, then, to accept the cult as their new “higher authority” and to accept tyranny over freedom…. like the United Nations or should I say rather a branch of the Mystery School cult… and give up on your own country’s politics and nationality as secondary to the cult.
The secret to the future freedom is to clean out the cult traitors out of your country’s control structure and expose their mind-control using their secret technology. Satellites don’t control the brainchips and “voice to skull” communications is too limited if even possible without the brainchip… and satellite signals are too far away and thus too laggy… but the cell-towers and 5G boxes on power poles will control the zombie apocalypse massive numbers fine… so the designed for the future and the terror by the world-wide, Mystery School cult will
seem even more alien to the average “infidel.” In this context, an infidel is a good person, but if you are suckered in by the cult’s deception and lies, they will make you a dead infidel. They’ve tortured me in many ways for over 10 years since they discovered me on youtube.. “jrsrj1” back in 2006. They have created phony records against me in order to character assassinate my ass, Now they are going after character assassinating me in front of my family… back in 2008 the synthetic telepathy told me that this was always their plan as they use the brainchip to manipulate everything and everyone around me… hell, they likely had my father brainchipped, too, come to recall his torment… likely because he refused to swear to kill is own children if his mason cult demanded it. He didn’t advance to master mason, but was very proud that I rejected the Demolay cult initiations back when I was 14. Sadly, my dad was found dead days later after his elation that I didn’t join the cult. This is how tight the cult is and compartmentalized. Not even son and father are allowed to know, neither blood brother/sister are allowed to
know the cult activities of family members… So, likely he was killed by his own cult (rejecting their wickedness), because it was very strange timing for him to suddenly die at that time. William Cooper said, “Where the cult is involved, there are no coincidences, most everything happens by design.” Masters of social engineering, wow, that is their real craft.”

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1 Antwort zu Secret Societies and their Computer Brain Interface…

  1. Ha haa great job guys!
    The covid-19 is not killing people according to Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposing the scamdemic.
    This is also what jonathan Kleck claims… Here is a good link to get a feel forhis story
    Also try
    Trying to Contain the Excitement Over the IMPOSSIBLE TESTIMONY Since the BELL RINGING
    Kleck is a brainchipped prophet, but in order to gain credibility, the techno-thUgs controling the \”voice of god\” chip in klecks head are revealing the old world order which is secret society mass deception and wars to reduce the herd size. Today the NWO method of control is brainchips microwave prison-grid and a super powerful AI computer model… A semantic model, not syntactic.
    The mystery school cult hid the ancient skulls from the sheeple that Brien Foerster exposes.
    The network of thUgs gave Lloyd Pye a ancient slave skull he called the starchild skull. Pye was redirected by the thUgs away from exposing the human chromosome splice with the ancients genetics. Zackaria Stichens was cult… But he also said slaves were created by the ancients.
    Reading chapter 15 of Seth Speaks reveals another source of ancient civilizations. Christopher Dunn\’s Giza Power Plant is convincing that ancient technology built a world wide civilization.
    Schools and universities are all run by secret societies… They run all militaries now, all government s
    Corona virus is fake for now just so no harm can be accused upon the thUgtopian s as we unravel all their hateful deception. They do not want a mob to awaken, but are willing to attack individual s who have smartened up… I have been avoiding their death traps for 14 years…
    Seth was truthful… You will not die at the hands of a thUg, you must take your own life by choice!!! This is your power to overcome all fears. The sheeple must be tricked into slavery.
    The brainchip tricks people as to who God is.
    If the species accepts the brainchip… It will self-annihilate. The thUgtopians are almost gonners… They want to delete our whole species by genetic engineering… Just what the ancients…
    philip Schneider did not shoot aliens under Dulce, the ancients are decay-ing away underground, like Seth told usin chapter 15. They have been guiding the secret societies with our wars and poisoning our spicies towards self-annihilation.
    James sidaway

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