Brother Nathanael sets the Record Straight…

“Brother Nathanael sets the Record Straight…”

“I was getting a Million Views per Month.”
“I was reaching the age group of 16 to 30.”
“I was doing great, it was wonderful and I checked all the boxes on monetization and I was getting 5000 bucks a month, coming in from monetization, because I was getting that many views… brother on YouTube, it was wonderful. I love doing it, it was just so
exhilarating and inspiring and encouraging to me to get all this feedback from The Young, we have to reach
the young, that’s.. the future of the world the young, ..we loved your channel and it was the most probably the most shared uh
videos on social media that I would see oh I get right to the point.”

“I said to the robot which guideline, just name one that I violated, just one. You violated the community guidelines that’s the end of your appeal process and because in the terms of
service whenever you violate a community guideline you forfeit your monetization.
YouTube stole $5,000 of my money, they stole it. I earned it, they stole it, okay, that’s the end of that.”

“They are cookie-cutters, they kill, you say something beautiful, you reach out to people, you do something maybe different to try to reach people, they’ll kill you.
I can’t tell you I can’t even begin to tell you since I started Street of Angeles in 2005 the persecution I’ve gotten from priests and Orthodox cookie-cutter, anybody else would have left this church, Daniel, they would have left…”

“..Message of Jesus how we can make our lives better and that is let’s try to be human. Jesus was very human and he knew human beings because he wouldn’t commit himself to all human beings because as the gospel says he knew what was in them but some human beings he did commit everything everything, so I would say to those who are more mature to make their lives better, get involved with people, don’t just be thinking of saving yourself, okay, which is for a few like Saint Saraph, we’re not all St Saraph…we’re out in the world. I’m out in the world, now think of who you can impact their life, but don’t have a cookie-cutter and it doesn’t have to be religious or Bible verses, just appreciate the person… I´m 73 years old, I´ve been around, okay, look for somebody that you like that you feel like I’d like to have some impact on that person’s life, that’s how your faith, your love for Jesus can better your own life all right we will be getting to the
questions the super chats uh at the end of the interview so so thank you to those who have sent them in and I’d like..”

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“Why I left Judaism” was indeed a powerful testimony. I miss Brother Nathaniel on YT.
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The Videos were also censored on TIkTok…

“He was always known as an open-minded guy, he was anti-zionist, my dad was a very strong Orthodox Jew, he was anti-zionist.”

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The only community rule he violated was the Jewish community rule(s).”

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After being banned for extremist speech, now he is being brought back through this fellow!”

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