“DARPA kill switch program, I’ve explained it thoroughly in a couple of videos and I just want to reiterate
again what this is, this is a program that was started in 1995, it took years to develop. I’ve had a few people say
Bill how did they have this technology in 1995? Well, I never said they did, they did not, it took 10 years to even get
close to them foe even working, to even work and they’ve been implementing it and testing it for about five years it is a nano devic, they put it in the food supply, they put it in the food and water supply, they put it in the bottle of water.”
“They’re not going to kill everybody,, this is a program
implemented, it is a form of crowd control, population control, folks, they don’t want to kill everyone and when the economic collapse happens they’re not going to have enough troops, they’re gonna have enough personnel, folks, so this is their plan, they’ve got everybody infected with this
nano device..the Nano device is inert, it has to be activated, once it is activated with the drone, cell tower, radio transmission, yeah, it is activated remotely with a radio transmission, folks, I have said it a 1000 times.”
“no one is listening, I’ve got to get people to listen, I’ve got to get this to go viral or get enough of an audience where I feel like I’m safe if I release them why do you think whistleblowers don’t come forward folks because they
know nobody’s gonna listen nobody’s paying attention to news media servers hackers are gonna listen and they´re just gonna end up dead okay you know Edward Snowden was very very shrewd and very smart a handle himself and he’s alive because of
that but it took a lot to get to Russia
get seek asylum look at a Julian Assange yeah WikiLeaks fellow he’s under house arrest and in Britain he can’t go
anywhere he was falsely accused great in a setup he was framed you think this is just a game all I gotta do is go on the Internet release with documents and people are gonna believe you you’re gonna be safe my God I mean just the
sheer ignorance naivete of some of the people out there listening and responding, gives me very little faith in
our country, very little faith that we have any hope at all just a lack of comprehension people saying just stuff
it makes no sense.”
Bill how do they have this technology 1995 my god the program began in 1995 the research began then and of course they didn’t have this technology in 1995 it took 10 years to research to even get close and some other folks have
said well bill how does a survivor stomach I was good do you think they haven’t figured that out folks you got technology they got the best scientists in the world they’ve got
technology beyond our wildest dreams at Lockheed, the NSA, the CIA black projects, DoD. They got technology beyond your wildest dreams and you’re telling me they can’t figure out
how to develop a nano device that gets through your stomach acid, okay…yeah I didn’t know we’re still in 1950s I may be old and old fashioned but I’m not that naive and stupid I mean this technology is very advanced.”
“folks I’m pissed off my kids been harmed they’re sick nobody believes me nobody’s listening what is the point I mean I can
release these documents always gonna pay attention now that they’ll just kill me right now I have some leverage right now
I’ve got other people who have the documents they know that they know that my audience is building if they just killed me now raise a little suspicion if I just came out and posted one YouTube video say here’s some classified documents…it requires public knowledge and public awareness the news media isn’t going to do anything about this at all.”
“they blew his car up and killed them no one cares no one pays attention but you all are coming at me like bill watch
this dark with awful blah not that simple folks but you’re getting them today you can look at him.”
“john clark: vor 2 Monaten: Trump won’t stop this and people are foolish in believing that he will.”
“Turtle Days: vor 2 Monaten: Targeted individuals have been going through this for years. Drones following us and blasting us with directed energy weapons DEW. Pray for Holy Spirit everyday.”
“Danette M: vor 2 Monaten: Amazing find!!!!!💝”
“Bernie McIntire: vor 2 Monaten: Thanks for taking on this topic . I’ve been stuck in this rabbit hole for 6 months . Along with AI , frequencies, and synthetic biology. . It’s all connected.”
“riseagainst4u: vor 2 Monaten: I am listening,,,,,!/8tsp borox per 100lbs prevents nano assembly in our gut where it happens.”
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Apparently this is under Jesuit Control & Development via the Boys at Fordham University
Please search nano domestic quell and see for yourself.”
Classified documents on ”Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program
Discussion in ‘Current News & Events’ started by Paxton25, Oct 22, 2013.
This is how the military will be respond to the economic collapse, and how they will put down armed uprisings, riots and domestic revolts.
As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years.
The program is called ”Nano Domestic Quell”.
As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret ”Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.
The nano devices are in, or ”carried” by, an estimated 87% of the population at this point, with a projected 98% infected by 2014.
Chances are, you already have this nano device inside of your body as you read this.
Please understand: these nano devices are inert until activated by a radio signal or transmission.
You are safe until a cell tower, drone or other method of transmission activates the device. (I do not personally know how this transmission works. The documents I’ve received do not go into any detail on that specifically. I do know drones and cell towers will be used, however.)
Once activated, the device will mimic the flu virus…
The military can target very specific locations, particularly with drones (why do you think they want drones over U.S. skies so desperately?). They can target a room, a small house, an apartment complex, a city block, a town, or a whole metropolitan area.
This program was not created to kill everyone. Let me repeat: they are not trying to kill everyone. They created this program to deal with domestic uprisings during an economic collapse.
Classified documents on ”Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program.

383370cookie-checkCLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS on NANO DOMESTIC QUELL Kill Switch Program RELEASED by Dr Bill H. Weld
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2 Antworten zu CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS on NANO DOMESTIC QUELL Kill Switch Program RELEASED by Dr Bill H. Weld

  1. Melanie Taylor sagt:

    What is the antidote for this? If there is not an antidote, why tell us about it. It seems to me we’re doomed.

    When NESARA/GESARA is implemented will the Medbeds save us?

    • AdminVI2021 sagt:

      Difficult to say, why should a Pentagon/CIA/DoD/SoC official who invented this Nesara/Gesara be the cure to their own created disease?

      I can tell you that I “fight” against this Nano Domestic Quell / A.I. Kinetic Pressure Mechanism for more than a decade, I call it the Left Hook Chest Chainer. Zion implanted something into all humans and the core block is on the left side of the chest, that includes a multi-dimensional suppressor mechanism or entity of astral plasma and that thing correlates with a Motor Cortex manipulation of their Brain-Computer-Interface and their negative Biotech from Chemtrails. Think of DARPAs Beetle project (which is an essay to override and overtake natural organisms with biosynthetics) to get a fast correlation.

      I know from different sources that many people have this Left Hook Implant…and they also feel the pressure of this invisible plasma..
      Some call it Chip on the Left Shoulder…but it is located on the left chest.

      I doubt that they will ever release the Med Beds…did the U.S. Navy ever admitted that they own UFO-Fleets of TR3Bs? They could have done it for 60 years..did they ever admit that they have William Tompkins Age Reversal Pills for 60 Years? So you really think that these criminals will ever give the civilian population this form of high tech. This could only happen if there happens a real power shift in the Military and the corrupt gangsters and billionaires who control the E-MIC and MIC are removed forever.
      Did Arpa ever admitted that they own Time Machines? Did any Gov Official ever admitted that they have Bases on Moon and Mars for nearly 100 Years.
      Did you ever see Anti-Grav technology released in the last 100 years, while everyone knows 100% as a matter of fact that Aerial Discs aka Anti-Gravity Ferro-Magnetic Propulsion Vehicles are a standard for the last 100 years…but the civilian sector is only allowed to use insecure and highly outdated aviation technology. Even Tesla said decades ago that Airplanes are not secure enough, the Industry should use flying discs.

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