Alex Collier: The Greys are the responsible ones..

Alex Collier: The Greys are the responsible ones.. The Gov and all 3 Letter Agencies sold us out.

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But the Grays, their agenda is completely different.
They want to enslave the world.
They want to violate your free will.
… About a year ago,
various Border Patrol units went under a training program
where they were testing and practicing with their surveillance
technology from one one side to the other.
A lot of people wanted to resign.
They felt that there was something sinister going on for them,
Now, the real portion of the United States,
the legal portion of the United States, is only Washington, DC,…
Are you aware of that?
That’s the only true portion of the United States,…
Now, since 1933, we started hearing the word democracy instead of republic.
And school books and magazines system on purpose.
There are huge differences between a democracy and a republic.
And a republic,
the chief rule of law is god,
people, state and then federal.
Okay? This is a republic.
To the republic for which it stands.
Now, the democracy,
it’s absolutely the opposite. It’s federal,
state. It’s people….
No, I’m not an advocate of violence.
I’m not, absolutely not.
But I’m not an advocate of slavery either.

No. Some imbecile in Washington cut a deal that you,
your kids, and your grandchildren got to pay for.
It isn’t right.
It just isn’t right.
Thomas Jefferson.
It’s almost taboo, not even to call Thomas Jefferson now on a university campus
because of some of the things that he said.
One of the things that he said was a little revolutions a good thing…
He did say that the true freedom needs to be watered,
Declare an emergency
and re-elect an entirely new Congress to government.
Get rid of the Federal Reserve.
Get rid of the Internal Revenue Service.
Get rid of the department of defense,
all of those private corporations
that call themselves the government of Washington DC.
Just get rid of firing.
Close the doors,

Take your National Guard,
walk in there and start all over.
Just start all over.
Our military is not gonna shoot our people.
That’s why they’re being sent out of the United States,
because they already know that.
They’re not gonna start shooting our own people.
But the U.N. troops…
They could give a damn.”

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