Deborah Tavares Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Frequency Weapons, V2K – 10/13/2023

“Deborah Tavares Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Frequency Weapons, V2K – 10/13/2023”

“October 16, 2023 – 3 Aufrufe”

“Cognitive Warfare, Hacking the Individual, Brainwave Monitoring Control that we already have implemented,.. Brainwave Monitors and Analyzers…of one of numerous types of detectors, such as a Satellite, these brainwaves are sent to a a Monitor with a Computer. These brainwave patterns are interpreted through a brainwave vocabulatory, that records the thoughts into words. The NSA monitors the brainwaves of their Targets by Satellite and decodes the evoked potentials that the brain emits, so using Lasers, Satellites and High-Powered Computers. The Agency has now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts and from a considerable distance, almost instantaneously..These are directed energy weapons…we are now all targeted individuals. Satellites over Millions of People that were the initial experimented on group and now we are all in that group.”

“History of Mind Control Development…You need to understand, that, back in 1949 Mind Control was possible..and in 1950 most of the brains frequencies were identified and used in Mind Control. 1952 they could create cataracts, so your eye damage is all part of a weapons system.”

“I repeat that, in 1952 they could create Cataract…in 1956 pulses that changes the way the brain thinks were used…”

“All cellular damage, brain, emotions and moods. 1962, in 1965 Pandora was adopted by the U.S. Military and we are all targeted now, we are the enemy and we are targeted, in 1961 cancer was proven and blood-brain barrier was breached, giving the Department of Defense (DoD) access to your brain. In 1972 crowd-control by Microwave was accomplished. In 1990 operation sleeping Beauty, Ronald Reagan legalized all Microwave Weapons.

“Ronald Reagan also adopted in 1988 the Genocide Treaty for the United Stated which allows for people to be hunted and murdered, so keep that in mind, the Genocide Treaty.”

“In 1998 Pulses Manipulation of Central Nervous Systems was cretaed.
In Oktober of 2000 universal hydronics method, a device producing a desired brain state via Magnetic Waves.
Radar Location and disruption, multi-functional, this is in December 2005 at Raytheon Company.

Weapon with integrated targeting system, to locate targets, damage, disrupt electronics, biological entities and physical structures. Patent US 7629918. In December of 1996 the United States Air Force remotely transmitted intellible subjected sound into the targets consciousness, this is called voice 2 skull.”

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Deborah Tavares Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Frequency Weapons, V2K – 10/13/2023
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