Snapshot of the Day – 7.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

Snapshot of the Day – 7.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

Conspiracy Revelation: Snapshot of the Day – 7.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

“Chronic Retina Recording”

Quick neural recording overview
March 6, 2024”

17:12 07.03.2024
Why are all evil perps afraid of revenge?
Michelle Christopher
Because 👇👍😉
“Karma will find them.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.3.2024: Antikeymagic is the reason…Antikeymagic is the reason…Antikeymagic is the reason…no Atkm is not the reason…idiotic fools…
a simple tool no more no less..paranoid gov psychopaths…get a life.

@Twiggy:blood of YESHUA flowing through my veins and my DNA.
@freedomgott2024:Basically..but if this is true they will hunt you, torture you, experiment with your genes or try to kill you…because of a-hole psychopath zionazi bolshevics in shadow gov nwo deep state.
@Stitchx:Yeshua is the sun, DNA is upgraded by his radiance. By his high frequency light (ultra violet).
@🎚️Living Crown Kaz:the absolute ultimate power far above all perversion of the truth … 💕
@mel:I started astral travel, then remote viewing and OBE, i had other remote veiwers coming to check on me very quickly, little scary. Spirits and aliens fine. More worried government viewers.
@freedomgott2024: 7.3.2024:
they the gov viewers are all evil…be aware not to be remotely choked out by kirtland afb psychopath nazis.
@mat talbot:they are masters of DNA but the immune system is extremely unique.
@user820258554121:The Almighty Most High owns mySoul.
@look_inside_my_mind:And when he talks MJ 12- is he talking about the original Jesus that was sent here from the 12th dimension to help humanity and whom ascended at the end- not crucified.
@freedomgott2024:yes…they also went after me…I survived.
@Jose:lucid dreamer here😐…
@mat talbot:strongest immune system in the universe period. we are being farmed for our immune system.
@mat talbot:our DNA chromosome #2 is a fusion of 2 separate chromosomes please research. This fusion cuts us off from attaining.
@Nickstertrickster:Yes. Succubi are here, experimenting on Indigenous: trying to CAPTURE/analyze/reuse natural Spirit. Soul-stealers folks. 💔
@Scott’s Enlightening:everyone should watch and follow Dan Winter on YouTube, been saying this for years.
@James Searight625:They want the carbon based being but their time is up we are leaving their system welcome in Polaris.
@Donovan Leigh:yes records show the majority of the abduction are of german decent. literally 80% so why lie about indigenous.
@Donovan Leigh:hm indeed.
@EZE:You see souls everyday, every man, woman, child, animal that has flesh and breaths is a soul.
@thisevilworld:All humans have Gods DNA.
@🍄:Not the millions of military made clones out here. They don’t possess a soul. Some people just can’t see that they’re soulless beings.
@freedomgott2024:exactly .. they are likely used for their horror attacks, either them or predatory a.i. or gullible military criminal psychopaths.
@kimber:I saw some soulless person at work.
@KingMe:All facts; it’s beautiful to witness people on this planet awakening, doing their own research & the many lies that we were taught & what was once was hidden coming forth to light.
@royalashland:white DNA.

Open access
Published: 20 May 2022
Building digital twins of the human immune system: toward a roadmap
npj Digital Medicine volume 5, Article number: 64 (2022) Cite this article

Computational models
Translational research”

“Review Article
Published: 04 March 2019
Novel electrode technologies for neural recordings
Guosong Hong1,2,3 & Charles M. Lieber ORCID:,4,5
Nature Reviews Neuroscience volume 20, pages 330–345 (2019)Cite this article”

Published: 08 July 2015
From the neuron doctrine to neural networks
Nature Reviews Neuroscience volume 16, pages 487–497 (2015)Cite this article
Network models
Neural circuits”

Wirel. Commun. Mob. Comput. 2011; 11:277-288
Published online 22 April 2010 in Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/wem.884

Hybrid security protocol for wireless body area

1 University of Science & Technology, Republic of Korea
2 Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, Republic of Korea
3 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Wireless body area networks (WBANS) are receiving a significant interest as an emerging technology in next generation
wireless networks. Security challenges as well as this interest are also beginning to rise to the surface. We derived specific
security requirements from WBANS, and proposed a new hybrid security protocol for WBANs which satisfies these
requirements. This proposed protocol dealt with the overall security including up to the in-, on-, and out-body, and utilized
‘two heterogeneous cryptosystems (the symmetric and asymmetric) for diverse environments of WBANs. Our protocol
shows that it satisfies more security requirements than existing security protocols including the overall coverage of WBANS.”

wireless body area network (WBAN); sensor networks; security; protocols

dappy @dippydappyduck – Nov 8, 2022
The Crown did indeed invade and occupy what became America in 1492. Columbus was a Templar. US became an official colony of The Crown in 1783.
Continued directly from that which ruled the ancient Roman empire
Vatican State
The Crown
Order of
Order of
(HQ of Order
Rose Croix
Order of Jesuit The Garter
(not RCC)
of the Temple)
Rhodes-Milner Round Table (Crown/Malta)
Privy Council
(Crown/Malta) (Garter)
(Malta/Opus Dei)
CREATED Feudalism Capitalism

Mussolini Fascism”

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