Let me tell you where some of the most gifted people are today…

@kabelo_madimabe♬ Healing Water – The Meditation – Red Blue Studio

Kabelo Madimabe · vor 4 T.
Healing Water – The Meditation – Red Blue Studio

Let me tell you where
some of the most gifted people are today.
Some of them are in hospitals,
some of them are in jails,
and some of them are in the grave.
I tell you this because
if you are highly gifted person,
the target on your life will always be extremely higher
than other people.
Therefore, as a highly gifted person,
you have to be very careful on how you move.
The enemy knows that you’re highly gifted
and you are a threat to his kingdom.
So therefore,
he’ll always be looking for something that he can use
against you,
something that other people might get away with.
You might not necessarily get away with that thing.
So you need to be very,
very careful
on how you move as a highly gifted person,
because as I’ve already said,
the target on your life might be extremely higher.
That corner that you want to cut to get somewhere,
…for you, it might not necessarily end well.
So if you know that you’re highly gifted
and your calling is very high
and where you’re going is extremely far,
please hear this very carefully,
right? Guard yourself.
Check how you move.
Check the people that you move with,
right? Be very,
very jealous with yourself
because the target on your life is extremely high.”

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