NWO/Strauss & The Deep State Gets its Blueprints From Chicago Communists & Americas Alien Invasion

NWO/Strauss & “The Deep State Gets its Blueprints From Chicago Communists & Americas Alien Invasion..”
“When you are looking at Communism, surveillance was everything, and surveillance denies People the right to communicate and speak…you deny them the freedom to be informed..
Democracy is the right to be heard…”
“Migration in die EU ist Teil der US-Militärstrategie: Das Pentagon veröffentlicht seit Jahren Leo Strauss´ Chaostheorie
Mit jährlich 10 Mio. Dollar sind diese „Forschungen“ dotiert worden. 1991 hat der Strauss-Schüler Paul Wolfowitz daraus die Strategie für die post-sowjetische Ära abgeleitet: Die „Wolfowitz-Doktrin“ besagt, dass die US-Hegemonie nur bei einer Zügelung der EU gewährleistet sei. Die New York Times veröffentlichte am 8. März 1992 Auszüge aus dem Pentagon-Plan „Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival“. Die Präsidentin des US-Wirtschaftsrats Christina Rohmer forderte während der Finanzkrise 2008, Probleme in Europa zu schaffen, damit das Kapital in die USA zurückfließt. Nach Leo Strauss (1899–1973) ist das Chaos so zu gestalten, dass sich nichts strukturieren lässt, außer einer von den USA dominierten Ordnung. Die vier Millionen Toten in Afghanistan, Pakistan und dem Irak seit 1990 sind im Kontext der Umgestaltung des Nahen und mittleren Ostens zu sehen, die lange vor 9/11 geplant worden ist. Europäische Forscher, die sich in die Hintergründe einarbeiten.”

“This article is about an ongoing beyond-black unacknowledged, special access program to breed Alien ET Hybrids and insert them into top American positions of government, foundations, think-tanks and corporations.
Every effort has been made to accurately portray this subject.It is important to note that it is exceedingly difficult to get this information and even harder to cross-corroborate it from those that dare speak out. And it´s typically old guys in
the autumn of their life who leak these things, folks that have developed disdain for all the excess secrecy about issues they believe the public has a right to know about, and disdain for all the ways back-engineered Alien ET technology
is abused to control the masses and enrichen and empower certain individuals.
Right now there is an Alien ET invasion and occupation program well underway in America. It is a joint Alien ET/DOD contractor program that is recognized only generally by the CEOs of the defense contractors it is buried within.
Normally the only ones who are able to gain even a partial picture of this unacknowledged beyond-black special access program are those with the highest Q-clearances and the highest level Cosmic clearances too.
The Secret Agenda behind this invasion and occupation program is a Globalist NWO Agenda of anti-humanism and pure parasitic, human sacrifice driven, unimaginable evil.
The end of national sovereignty of all nations is one desired goal, as is the elimination of 90% of all humans in the first major purge.
The end state desired is the elimination of all humans, even their high-level, empowered Doofus Cutouts and the substitution of a whole new custom, gene-spliced transhuman hybrids that is part machine, part human, part alien ET.
A self-healing triple helix, super strong, super smart hybrid form of “thing” with extreme quantum-based, A.I. psi-powers, and absolutely no soul or conscience–a true melding of “clay and iron”.
Alien ETs have been working with humans scientists in places like Dulce trying to synthesize the human soul, but they continue to fail and will never succeed in this. Only God Almighty,
the one and only first cause creator of all can do so. If the Dracos succeed in their evil Globalist NWO Agenda all they will ever get is a world filled with obedient soulless, A.I. driven hived automatons that populate their ongoing
nightmare before final judgment falls on them and ends their reign of terror.
This program to hybridize and embed these Alien ET/human hybrids is actually an Alien ET Agenda of the Dracos which is the source of the Khazarian Mafia´s Neo-Bolshevik strategy and also their hegemony and power. Both are based on the
Leo Straussian edict “the desired end goal justifies the means utilized no matter how distasteful and despite what has to be sacrificed”.
Actually the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The unseen force driving all this is an incredibly intelligent, unimaginably evil group of Alien ETs called the Dracos
(reptilian cosmic parasites who live off of the negative energy provided by the intense pain and suffering of “sacrificed, dying humans”.)
providing a personal spirit guide that leads them into more and more seriously anti-human evil acts if that infested person is able to rise to the highest level of the KM by a history of committing major secret evil which benefits the
KM´s agenda. This evil spirit guide serves as a supernatural consigliore of sorts.
Same goes for how many of the general populace has been psychotronically and psi-chotronically mind-kontrolled and essentially hived to the RKM, but this number grows each day, and could easily be from 20-30% or even more.
It has been accepted by those top USG officials that entered into these treaties to get such technologies, it was necessary to cooperate with the specifics required in this Alien ET exchange program with DOD controllers,
in order to gain such ultra high-tech Alien ET technologies.
The Alien ET technologies exchanged with the US High Military command (now privatized and deeply hidden in major defense contractors) for rights to human abductions is ultra high tech and has moved the technology development ahead hundreds of years.
These technologies provided by the Alien ETs also have included scalar communications, large scale regional weather control, anti-gravity, new metal technologies, sophisticated medical
technologies, miniaturized solid state electronics, quantum physics and quantum computers, advanced weapons technologies including new types of nuclear weapons with little or no
ionizing fallout such as the “E Bomb” which can supposedly alter or freeze the CNS without harming buildings.
Insiders have reported that other nations, such as Russia and China, have also entered into direct secret negotiations with the leaders of certain other Alien ET groups.
There have been some well-founded rumors that a certain beyond-black Intel group in Russia has a joint program with the Tall Whites who are reputed to be more friendly to humans and also a similar group hidden deep inside a
large defense contractor in America.
Statue of one of the Draco “gods”, which according to top KM Chieftains, stands guard over the City of London, their home base for the Globalist NWO Agenda. This evil Luciferian agenda is deployed through the Rothschild private central
Babylonian Talmudic Black-magick “money from nothing” world financial system based on accrued pernicious usury debited those who “use it” and are enslaved by it.
The Dracos are believed to have been here on Planet Earth a long time. And some insiders claim they are the fallen ones, the lesser gods who were kicked out of Heaven and exiled down here, ordered to stay underground awaiting final judgment and
Each of these entities is considered to be an integral part of the Khazarian Mafia which is obsessed with attaining an age-old Globalist NWO Agenda, when fully understood shows itself to be completely anti-human because it mandates the
eventual destruction of every nation state and the mass-murder of 90% of humans.
When these “Alien ET/USG treaties” were negotiated and signed by high USG officials va rying from Presidents to high DOD or Pentagon officials, the human signers were overly eager to gain such Alien ET high technologies
to establish weapons and defense superiority.
Historical statute from a Norwegian Museum depicting a Draco breeding with a human female. Dracos have been reported to being bi-sexual. Resulting offspring from human females were believed to be 12 ft. tall males with brilliant red hair,
double rows of teeth, a pair of six fingers and a pair of six toes. The Dracos deepest desire has always been to destroy humans and replace them with their own gene-engineered transhuman hybrids with synthetic souls who will worship them as gods.
Some of their hybrid children can easily pass for human and can and have been embedded and integrated into society at high levels of the USG. Sadly the best evidence to date suggests that they are soulless, hived, humorless, psychopathic,
and many have a certain squint in their eyes and are totally committed to the attainment of the RKM´s Globalist NWO Agenda.
Currently it is beyond question that one advanced Alien ET/human hybridization program is now underway at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Military Base and has been active for at least 20 years.”
There have been some well-founded rumors that a certain beyond-black Intel group in Russia has a joint program with the Tall Whites who are reputed to be more friendly to humans and also a similar group hidden deep inside a large defense contractor in America. It has been claimed by some that these two groups have formed a secret alliance with other Intel factions around the world that are against the Dracos and the Khazarian Mafia’s Globalist NWO Agenda of evil and are taking joint steps to expose it… It seems certain that those who represented the authority of the USG under self-declared “national security” in America entered into agreements with two distinct groups of Alien ETs…
These Dracos are believed to have entered into generational long term secret treaties with the Rothschild private central Banksters, those running the City of London, Israel, America and the European Union and NATO.”
Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/10/08/americas-alien-invasion/

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