Anti-NWO-IV-Mix 2: Synthetic Infiltration and Absolute Violation of Privacy, Violation of Body Integrity, Violation of Thoughtsphere and Violation of the Aura

Anti-NWO-IV-Mix 2: 27.2.2024: NWO Criminal – non-consensual- clandestine – evil – Synthetic Infiltration – Government legitimized (yet 100% criminal and illegal) and Absolute Violation of Privacy, Violation of Body Integrity, Violation of Thoughtsphere and Violation of the Aura-Sphere and Violation of the Spiritual Sphere.
Anti-NWO-IV-Mix 2: 27.2.2024: NWO-Verbrecherische – nicht einvernehmliche – heimliche – böse – synthetische Infiltration – Regierungslegitimiert (trotzdem 100% sträflich und unerlaubt) und absolute Verletzung der Privatsphäre, Verletzung der Körperintegrität, Verletzung der Gedankensphäre und Verletzung der Aura-Sphäre und Verletzung der spirituelle Sphäre.

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.2.2024: If they are monitoring everything, they categorize and prejudge everything, according to their definitions, this inevitably leads to injustice and eventually highly criminal Actions, depending on the subjective Impressions of the Controllers of this A.I. Nano-Mafia Technology and their totalitarian ambitions for absolute control and power.
Verschwörungsoffenbarung: 27.2.2024: Wenn sie alles überwachen, kategorisieren und vorverurteilen sie auch alles, gemäß ihren Definitionen, führt dies unweigerlich zu Ungerechtigkeit und schließlich unter Umständen zu hochkriminellem Handeln, abhängig von den subjektiven Eindrücken der Kontrolleure dieser K.I.-Nano-Mafia-Technologie und ihren totalitären Machbtestrebungen nach absoluter Kontrolle und Macht.

Plus: Interdimensional-synthetic-telepathy-report-synthtel-27-2-2024: #Synthtel

“They envy you – w2k – 4.2.2… 0:02:
MP3 So., 04.02.2024
76,0 kB
Silent Treatment – w2k -3.2… 0:03:
MP3 Sa., 03.02.2024,
115 kB
Microwave Weapon – w2k -… 0:01:
MP3 Do., 01.02.2024,
54,1 KB
NWO – w2k – 1.2.2024
MP3 Do., 01.02.2024,
36,5 kB
Particle Beam Weapon – w… 0:01:
MP3 Do., 01.02.2024
59,2 KB
Nuclear Bomb – w2k – 1.2.2… 0:01:
MP3 Do., 01.02.2024
47,5 kB”

“Napoleon x 2 – w2k – 24.2.2… 0:05:
MP3 Heute,
187 kB
Enemy – w2k-24.2.2024
MP3 Heute,
Envious – w2k – 24.2.2024
MP3 Heute,
35,1 kB
35,1 kB
Political Opposition – w2k -… 0:05:
MP3 Heute,
175 kB
Perpetrators will be punished… 0:02:
MP3 Gestern,
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“TI Tinnitus Mobilfunkmafia… 0:13:
MP3 Heute,
Repto Plasma Infestation…
MP3 Heute,
422 kB
49,0 kB
Vampirizing on You – w2k -… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
41,6 kB
Quantum Weapon System… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
Dj Involved- hatred – w2k -…
MP3 Heute,
Mth worried about you – w…
MP3 Heute
51,1 KB
57,7 KB
96,4 kB
Facing Trial for attacking you… 0:01:”

“You will be their downfall…
MP3 Heute
0:02: 79,6 KB
Astral Spe Overload – Tox C… 0:07:
MP3 Heute,
228 KB
Aura Zensur Report – Messi… 0:19:
MP3 Heute,
Military Service Member -…
MP3 Heute,
601 KB
62,8 kB
Donations to help you – w2… 0:02: MP3 Heute,
71,6 kB
TI Tinnitus Mobilfunkmafia… 0:13:
MP3 Heute,
422 KB
Repto Plasma Infestation…

“Sabrina Wallace: For nurses: the nice version:
February 26, 2024
If you lie about how your ipads function or you do not understand enough about computer networking, you should be willing to view the free pdf of that college textbook which has international law regarding e-health and telemedicine.

If you continue to pretend you are too stupid or busy to read but demand people trust you due to your vocation you do not read about you are being fraudulent.

Due to the amount of fired nurses on our channel who said no to the e-ealth changes as they were mandated I will not tolerate the continued feigned ignorance game of how you go to work each day.

It is insulting, immature and does not foster any level of unity or trust. If you are unaware, you will choose to update YOUR education.

If you accuse me of being fraudulent, I will rake you over the coals chapter by chapter for all the people who are no longer with us and those here who are jobless because of willfully ignorant people like you. Unity means we can all read the college textbook and google mban and verify the fda change in 2022 on the congressional webpage.

…I have seen a lot of loss of life and I will not suffer fools five years into telehealth.

Mrs. Wallace.
Mark 5:36

Yoh Mini
20. Feb.

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