Ukraine: Bucha atrocities draw international condemnation | DW News

“Ukraine: Bucha atrocities draw international condemnation | DW News”
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“And when you look to Russian history. Russia has not had a process of reckoning with its misdeeds in the way that other countries have. In Germany the Nuremberg Trials…have led to a kind of social readjustment and understanding of the problems with the 3rd Reich.”

“And yet Russia, after the end of the Soviet Union, does not have a policy of looking at the stalinist era…through the barbarious purges and deportations and hunger campaigns and famines and murders and mass arrests. None of that has been denounced. Truly instead Stalin is glorified by.. Putin. The imperial history is glorified and the same rhetoric of cleansing society is back in place.”

“The Understanding of the unacceptability of that.”

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