Why Are They All Quitting Youtube Now?

“Why Are They All Quitting Youtube Now?”
“30.911 Aufrufe Live übertragen am 17.11.2023”

“It´s a combination of shadow banning, the unsubscribing people and the censorship which is just childish basically.”

“Why stay with a sinking ship?”

“Google is Alphabet Corporation” (CIA/NSA/DOD/DARPA)

“I believe we need to go back to websides… but it´s almost impossible to get people to go to websides anymore and I think that´s a tragedy.”

“They take more money away from us Creators…(Youtube) you did this to yourself, because you were greedy, childish and stupid and uneducated, uncultured.”

“They need to understand that they will never be TikTok…and they have to go back to respecting the Creators, because the Creators make Youtube and if they can´t do that then they will go down and it´s going down fast, it happens quickly.”

“Youtube, you want us to work for free.”

“There is this attitude you see and it’s a very Viking thing, in my mind, it is well, I know, it is, but it might not be exclusive to Norse culture, it’s this, how you should welcome the fight and the more Mighty your Opponent, the more difficult to fight, the
more honor there is in it.”

“Stop being a Slave, stop living a life on your knees, stand up for yourself.”

“Jenasus​: The genocide of the human race rages on. NAZI ❌ NWO.”

“Honig: ​The resistance never quits sir Bjorn… have a nice weekend all… bless all…”

Unveiling this silly Criminal-Suppressive-Communistic Agency Platform:

Reference-Link: http://playlist.lasertrancer.net/2023/09/10/according-to-youtube-only-2-cities-listened-to-my-music-moskau-mailand-logically-impossible-and-a-total-audacious-nsa-stats-faking-fraud/

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