Targeted individual and Morgellons @ Quora

“Targeted individual and Morgellons @ Quora”
“Only the Strong Survive
Answered by
H Fox
Aug 14, 2022
Absolutely, the govt is doing the gangstalking and the electronic harassment. The govts chemtrail program is the reason for the morgellons. When they found out that I had morgellons, they exacerbated that condition to the nth degree. They know exactly what it is why it is and how it is. They use v2k to comment on everything I do throughout the day… and I heard them say the word Morgellons.
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“Gwen Cooksey: …it is part of some kind of mind control experiment by our government…for biological warfare…AMS”

“Profile photo for Ken Roylance
Ken Roylance
Targeted for 10 years via interdimensional tech
· 3y
Has anyone been a targeted innocent individual?
Targeted ppl are almost always innocent. If they were guilty of something then the authorities can go after them in legal & conventional ways. Targeting wouldn’t be necessary”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.5.2024: Exactly. Well said, good that you discuss it on quora. All Medical-Military-Corporate-Alphabet Criminals and Gov Officials hide it out and are therefore complicit pawns in asymmetrical biowarfare and nwo genocide.

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Former Teacher at Thai Government School
· 1y
They simulate disease and use PSYOPS against us. Mine identify as CIA/NSA/JEMSO…The technologies in use match such a clandestine operations need for advanced technology of which the CIA/DIA was deep into MKUltra and the like.
I want to have a Google or Zoom chat for TI’s let’s arrange something.”

“Brittany Britt
Why are targeted individuals targeted and destroyed?

There’s a few reasons. 1. You know the scoop on some people that put you in this program. 2. You have the power and ability to positively change your surroundings. 3. You are of good moral character. 4 All of the above wrapped in one. 5 other. You are either destroyed or tried because they want to silence you. The more power you hold the more they try to suppress that. No one tries to blow out a candle with no flame. Figure out what your flame is.”

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Damien Williams
Writing Mercenary (2005–present)2y
Who believes that we’ve been Targeted Individuals since birth?

I do. When I was a little boy I felt this negative power or energy present in the world and I felt like that power or energy didn’t want me to achieve what I wanted to achieve. That´s how I came to believe in the Supreme Creator of it all. The best way to indoctrinate someone is to start when they’re young. Because of my basketball skills but mostly my intelligence, I’ve encountered people who want to strip me of my childhood. I stopped th from doing so. They are resentful, so they drugged me and stole my adult life instead….But YES, I’ve been targeted since I was conceived…10.4K views
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Michele and Darryl Burns
Worked at California (state) (1986–2011)Updated 1y
Why would someone be a targeted individual?
Most likely, you’ve directly, or inadvertently, stepped on someone’s feet. You pose a threat to them; either by knowing too much, or they are afraid you could/would say too much. A Targeted Individual is treated worse than a criminal. Even tho’ you didn’t do anything illegal, wrong, etc., it doesn’t matter if the psychopath you’ve somehow offended has deep pockets. Learn to ignore, & live your best life. Stay focused on things you enjoy. F’ em. They’re mostly Masons/Eastern Star, secret organizations (think Rotary, Elks, Citizens Corps., etc), Jesuits, Jews, Middle Eastern, African-American, and, last but certainly not least, Native Americans. This program is operated by a criminal syndicate that organizes stalking & harassment campaigns against innocent individuals for profit. They spread false & damaging info thru the dark web, phones, false gossip, etc., & recruit local community members to participate. Remember, stalking is a FELONY.”

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Targeted for unknown reasons in DHS/NERT/FUSION CTR CVE hoax9mo
What is the truth about targeted individuals?

The truth about targeted individuals is that they are individuals that are targeted. This means they go through life as if there is a big target symbol on their back, their front, their home, their job, their finances, their reputation, their network of friends and family, their health, their privacy, their right to peaceful enjoyment at home. They are disallowed life. That is the truth. The truth also is that they have paid much attention to the patterns, crimes, actors, businesses, authority figures, and learned a little about their torturers. They have read volumes of government documents, federal, military, municipal, and even documents , pamphlets, handwritten signs of local community spying groups, and have a better idea of how this problem came into existence, and, in my case, I see great promise in use of RICO statutes in going after persons in charge of this program, those in mid-level depts such as FEMA and emergency management offices, and finally those running things in the towns and cities, as well as people brought in, trained to blend with local residents in order to recruit more local conspirators, to be the hands-on crime committing intimidators Targeted individuals, for the most part, are not mentally ill, they are stone cold sane, smart, diligent, strong, courageous, and are envied in some way by their tormentors. That’s the truth about targeted individuals.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.5.2024: Imagine, the deities and demons (suras and asuras) and hubrids and aliens and humans who let this happen without intervening, indifferent to mother earth, lenient to evil, just failed totally in caring for the Planet and unable to bring Dharma back, unlike me who did the most work against the Root of Evil.

“Sid Gil
Knows Hindi4y
What is a targeted individual?
A targeted individual is someone who has been put under a watchlist program to psychologically torture the individual via gangstalking and harrassment and through electronic means such as infrasound, electromagnetic radiation, synthetic telepathy (aka Voice of God weapon) which was used In Iraq by the US military. Psychological torturing of the indivdiual starts with prep work, where you are being watched, however you are not aware that you are being watched. The purpose of watching you discreetly is to ensure that your triggers, stressors, things that impact you in a negative way can be ascertained in silence and a psychological profile of you created that can be used against you in an overt but subtle way repeatedly day after day, once they do decide to make you aware of your overt targeting. In the community, this normally takes place in the form of gang stalking where groups of communities are told to watch and harrass you and since you are now aware that you are being targeted, it take a psychological toll on your health and makes you look paranoid and in need of medical attention, which is their goal. At work, this normally takes place in the form of workplace bullying whereby a handler is chosen to harrass you by overburdening you with work, slandering you in office, by sensitizing you to stimulus’s in the environment by repeatedly doing the things such as coughing as you walk by them, clearing their throat, repeatedly walking by your office etc. Once you are sensitized to these stimulus’s you are more hypervigilant and this also distracts you from work…so that you cannot perform the work … or fired from work. If you complain about this to HR or take legal actionvery little help will be given by HR and an attorney if you are able to find one, will not act in your best interest. At your home these gangstalkers will occupy apartments above and beside you to harass you with noise campaigns such as banging doors, loud whistling noises, honking horns outside your apartment,… when you already are in a hypervigilant state, not letting you sleep by making noises just before you go to bed so that you get panic attacks and are unable to sleep. At extreme ends you will also be targeted by your neigbhors and these people through infrasound, certain frequencies which target different portions of your body and make you severly ill causing headches, vertigo, stomach pain… When the targeting gets extreme you will also be exposed to people talking about you remotely using synthetic telepathy which beams the sound to you only. The details of these technologies are available in the public domain and can be researched and some have actually been used in wars by US military. So as you can see this is a psychological warfare against an individual and the community goes along with this because they have been told lies about you as a person by someone in a position of authority (government, intelligence agencies, military, police) and because as a citizen you will not question these authority figures, you are made to believe what they say and are unable as a targeted individual to explain your story in return. Communities who target individuals also know the harm that they are causing to an individual but continue to do so nonetheless for fear of similar repurcussion if they do not comply with the authority figure. So you are pscyhologically tortured at home, at work, on the road and this is a targeted individuals daily life. Since this goes on repeatedly year after year, there is little a person can do but educate the community online or in person about this harassment and torture program and become an activist to show the true nature of these rogue people and expose them for what they actually are in the public’s eyes. All these activities are unconstitutional, are severe invasion of privacy without any probable cause and yet they continue unchallenged because the fear these rogue people have instilled in the public and the targeted individuals basically remain targeted for the rest of their lives. They neither are charged with a crime, neither see their day in court, and never get justice. As a targeted individual you have to stand up for your own.
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Conspiracy Revealed: 28.5.2024: Again, now compare this to all Indian Romanticized Tales of Mahabarratta and see Reality… why no powerful entity destroyed this evil, except me.

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