Harmonic Universe 2 – Vessel Immortality via Dna Upgrade


Harmonic Universe 2 – Vessel Immortality via Dna Upgrade.

@Tara:I’m already Tara.

@freedomgott2024: 22.4.2024:
Yes…but the body still can’t maintain its structure..we need man number 7 on earth..physical immortality.

@bktruths8#🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿GLA:this is going to happen 2024 2025 👍👏 xxx.

@Samisam:Mediate, meditate & meditate and stay in the love frequency.

@user9500868761362:We should be there by now!!!!

5d Frequency from Earth/Terra to Tara.

@griffindolph:It’s the first time I see Ashayana Deane’s natural hair colour.

@freedomgott2024: 22.4.2024:
From Terra to Tara.

@_maex__:Accept anything as it is. Observe. Be present. Love.

@freedomgott2024:no. .. aging is unacceptable…we can’t fulfill all our glory in sick fast aging bodies..

@ANDY YOUR LOVEGURU:who decided/calculated that it takes 8%? 😇.

@freedomgott2024: Doesn’t matter the number…just get her message…holo fractal.

@M W:what is Tara?
@Mentalstärkung:The name of ‘5D Earth’.

@DAna MAriie:Make this savable so we can share it … I made it to 5D.

@DAna MAriie:When is this from date,year?

@freedomgott2024:Probably 20 or 25 years ago…in the clean time without biotech without chemtrails.

@Bella:The amenti series class 3…1998.

@Bella:This was filmed in 1998…the amenti series class 3.

@Maniek®Mechanik😎:the 5th Element Movie🤔🤔😳😳😳.

@freedomgott2024:basically..we are on the way ..I activated in 2017.

@Amber Nichole 💜:I want to save this video!!

@michaelcervantes60:I have been waiting since 2018.

@This is the core:I feel so alone after hearing this (been made 80 or 90’ies).

@freedomgott2024:yes …we lived the golden time..

@joecastillo047:Ashayana Deane!

@antonysmart1406:spiritual infinite beings of love and light 🥰👀.

@emeraldadebo1:It all happened 2023 though ascension is still taken place.
@Cherryt93:Let’s goooooo. Be aware. Sit in Silence and Know the impact. Be here now.

@saturnarevalo:the portal? as in the liquid mirror?

@Omni☥KingBey𓂀:Nahhhh only 1% ✨

@Ilex Ise:i have a blood mutation that is currently unknown what it really is 🤔…

@freedomgott2024::morgellons… dod parasitic nanotech fungus.

@Greenlight:4D, would that be akin to the Bardos of Buddism ?

@Executionist66:Is this Kathara Grid Healing ?

@freedomgott2024: 22.4.2024:
This is idealism… Kathara Grid is Body Immortality..she calls it obviously Harmonic Universe 2.

@user2721686201420Curtis:Politicians you are done.

@universal consciousness:why do we not hear this info straight from the source. it’s always built on a human messenger communication. I will continue to seek the truth trusting in the universe to get us the know.

@freedomgott2024:keylontic exercise to repair dna and try anti-entropy or negentropy.

@brianj809:is that why they’re injecting everyone with vaccines aka self replicating nanotechnology in to people.

@freedomgott2024::it is an extreme body control mechanism.. like DoD Smart Dust.

@freedomgott2024:gates fauci rockefeller criminals..

@Leo 💫:Did the jab that altered DNA stop those people from being able to do so and the rest of us need to participate in their behalf???

@freedomgott2024:dna was altered by darpa in 2003 already.

@jeheretic:vaccines, they did it with all the vaccines, not just the recent ones but all of them.

@jeheretic:everything they’re doing is a distraction from the truth simple plain truth we don’t need them anymore.

@Alan Mitchell:Where do these people get their information from?

@freedomgott2024:doesn’t matter…use it what fits to your individual.

@Kinetican:No wonder why governments wants us vaccinated. To stopt this 5th DNA strand from developing.

@freedomgott2024:they genetically assaulted us already in 2005 with morgellons…but it doesn’t stop holy spirit..

@Lawrace:Seems like she is from the 80’s 👍.

@adoil:5 D is AI….open your eyes!

@freedomgott2024:no…just an archontic access point.

@isa Mashiach:my balls are in line with her chakra.

@isa Mashiach:😅🤣😂.

@Millionaire money:Did she merge with a grave yard yet😏😂🤣🤣.



@finegirldelia:Trying so hard to sound spiritually intelligent.

@freedomgott2024:extract the key info..

@fantastique_journey_to_UrAnus:you can’t shift from 3d to 5d…5d is just consciousness not bound to time and space..you are trapped here in this 3d World….only by death.

@divinemother.code13:She speaks the truth expect for the keylontic science, they have said she was influenced by dark entities. It should never me so complicated to access the consciousness.

@freedomgott2024:interesting..the word keylontic is fashionable and eccentric.

@gav:Time for tea.

@Tin Foil Hat Bird:That’s why they tried to jab the world with dna splicing mrna.

@freedomgott2024:I think that was just for mk ultra nwo totalitarism and negative zionazi eugenics..

@jeramiedavies:share this everywhere. theres a reason you are being sprayed with raid EVERYWHERE!!

@Lady of Faith and Wisdom:they are depopulating humanity for oxygen and more for what they are building.

@Eevee&Co:Did klaus Schwab not say they had altered people’s DNA with the shots? 🤔

@freedomgott2024: Darpa altered your dna through transfective biotech from chemtrails called smart dust.

@❤️‍🔥😈𝓢𝓪𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓪😈❤️‍🔥:BS. She sounds like a bad cult leader.

@Bizzo:Yaw going into slavery.

@B Change:spiritual version of climate change?😳

@SolSandsTravel:She sounds like she’s been reading the emerald tablets.

@Amar Child of Light:”Maharic Seal” activation 👑.

@iam8jose:Everyone at this vibration says the same thing just in different perspectives. Just like religions.

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