Conspiracy Revelation:  10.5.2024: Telegram-Totalitarian-NWO-FED-Gang-Creates-Permalinks-with-Stealth-Info&Alphabet-Agency-Markers for Targeted Individuals (TI)…

“GPE Group
› ueber-uns Die GPE Group ist ein Systemlieferant mit Fokus auf der MedTech-Industrie, der für seine Kunden individuelle Systemlösungen produziert.
Einstieg in die Telemedizin< !!!


“DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields
Taylor & Francis
April 2011
International Journal of Radiation Biology 87(4):409-15
Columbia University
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To review the responses of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to electromagnetic fields (EMF) in different frequency ranges, and characterise the properties of DNA as an antenna. We examined published reports of increased stress protein levels and DNA strand breaks due to EMF interactions, both of which are indicative of DNA damage. We also considered antenna properties such as electronic conduction within DNA and its compact structure in the nucleus. EMF interactions with DNA are similar over a range of non-ionising frequencies, i.e., extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) ranges. There are similar effects in the ionising range, but the reactions are more complex. The wide frequency range of interaction with EMF is the functional characteristic of a fractal antenna, and DNA appears to possess the two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. These properties contribute to greater reactivity of DNA with EMF in the environment, and the DNA damage could account for increases in cancer epidemiology, as well as variations in the rate of chemical evolution in early geologic history.”

8. Mai
What is Electromagnetic Warfare? Lockheed Martin knows. NATO knows. So should you. Examples of the electromagnetic spectrum being exploited and blocked in electromagnetic warfare, which touches all operational domains (photo credit: NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre).”

“Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTURE”
NATO Genetic Electromagnetic warfare
Not declared But is Illness & Death.
Cellular Disruption = Electro-Genetics!
#DNA Genetic Control & with #WBAN
Wireless Body Area Network!
Why would anyone ignore Targeted Individuals? #TI’s
You do NOT want V2K!
Antwort an @MaryAnn_Warrior
No Mention of These Genetic Weapon systems Echelon Five EYES & Skynet Photoelectric effect! Is wireless Switch via light Like Optogenetics Sound Via V2k Sonogenetics & Electro-Genetics! #DNA”

“”Anirudh Kumar Mishra (Astrologer)
8. Mai
After September 2024 the current trend of heart attacks in youth will almost vanish and it will then occur as it naturally does in the elderly.
Many astrologers, tantric & mantric experts have taken the C19 clotshots, including their families 😬
Can they predict the health issues & deaths of themselves & their loved ones!? 🤔
Do they realize that predictions may not come true in this Kali Yugam ruled by Asuras? 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️””

“Sabrina Wallace: Nurses are pretending they don’t know what a Medical Body Area Network is.”
The #MBAN was finalised in 2014.
IEEE 802.15.6
IEEE 802.15.4

They summon up Shesh-Nag, Vishnu and Vasuki and Devi… too many misdeeds, clandestine sabotage and subversion of Mother Earth and too many genocidal plots to bear for the Balance of the Cosmos… You can imagine how fierce Mahakundalini reacts on this scenario…she sees everything with me and she is keen to get you criminals and demons of subversion of holy dna…all of you….

These Idiots really thought they could make a Targeted Individual out of God….you will see what will happen with you soon…

She is my ultimate protector and avenger… This is the Law of Karma.



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