Social Stream News, X, FB, YT, Synthtel (W2k), Tok and more… – 30.6.2024

Social Stream News, X, Synthtel (W2k), Tok and more… – 30.6.2024

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“*The Baptism with Water and the Baptism with Fire and Spirit*
Now what is the difference between the baptism by John with water and the baptism by Christ with fire and spirit?
To understand the difference, we must first grasp the primary causes underlying it.
For with regard to the understanding of Christ we are today still restricted to the first beginnings.
This understanding will grow greater and greater, but only the rudiments can be grasped by humanity at the present time.
Have the patience to begin with me at the A B C.
In the first place it must be pointed out that BEHIND ALL PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE ( and all human physical conditions) there ARE IN TRUTH SPIRITUAL PROCESSES.
For modern humanity this is very hard to believe. The world will learn to do so in time, and only then reach a full understanding of Christ.
Today even those who are prone to speak of spirit, do not themselves seriously believe that all physical processes in the human being are in the first instance DIRECTED FROM THE SPIRITUAL WORLD.
They disbelieve it unconsciously, so to speak, even if they imagine themselves to be idealists.
….In our day when, we may say, everything spiritual is shrouded by the veil of materiality and must be rediscovered by a spiritual conception of the world; even now there are processes in us which are the heritage of the remote past, when the spiritual workings were more powerful — processes which show us in a significant manner how the spiritual forces operate…
For Anthroposophy, the central figure in the whole tableau of reincarnation, of the nature of man, of the survey of the cosmos, is the Being whom we call the Christ.
…Spiritual science will become more perfect in the future, and our present understanding of the Christ will give way to a far higher kind of understanding.
The power of Anthroposophy will thereby become greater and greater; the development of those who open themselves to this power will be furthered, and the mastery of man’s spiritual over his material nature will be heightened.
Since man today is restricted to his inherited body, he can only evoke such manifestations as blushing, pallor, and phenomena like laughing and crying.
In the future, however, he will gain increasing mastery over such phenomena; he will spiritualize, from his soul, the functions of his body, and take his place in the world as a powerful psychic-spiritual ruler.
That will be the Christ-power.
That is the Christ-impulse working through mankind — the same impulse which, even today, when sufficiently intensified, can lead to the same results as the old initiation….
….Thus we see that the Christ-impulse brings something into the world which enables the human being to work upon the inner force which makes the blood pulsate in his veins.
No abnormal event takes place and there is no immersion in water; the one and only influence at work here is the mighty power of the Christ-Individuality.
The baptism is not in any material substance but in the influence of the spirit, and ordinary everyday consciousness undergoes no change.
Through the spirit poured forth as the Christ-impulse, something flows into the body which otherwise can result only from physical and physiological evolution — through fire, an inner fire which expresses itself in the circulation of the blood.
John immersed his disciples in water; the etheric body left the physical body and the disciple could behold the spiritual world.
But when man opens himself to the power of the Christ-impulse, the experiences of his astral body are poured into the etheric body and clairvoyance ensues.
Here we have an explanation of the expression ‘to baptize with the spirit and with fire’.
30 June 1909, Kassel This translation has been made from the original of Rudolf Steiner, by permission of H. Collison, M.A. (Oxon) by whom all Rights are reserved.…/Eng…/PLH1933/19090630p01.html”

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“Liz Churchill: Arrest EVERY CDC, NIH, Pfizer and Moderna Criminal for Planetary Genocide.”

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