Social Stream News & Memetics: W2k (Synthtel), X, Tok, Telegram and more… – 21.6.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: Social Stream News & Memetics: W2k (Synthtel), X, Tok, Telegram and more… – 21.6.2024

“The Oracle tells him that he would find The One, a man with incredible powers within the Matrix who could end the Machine War.”

@truth_expose Three Man from Bible who never died #bible #mythology #enoch #bibleexplained #foryoupage #fyp #history ♬ Paris – Else

@valdeztrevino #targeted ♬ Disturbing Suspense-Psychological Thriller (with drama)(890116) – CHROMA

“Zodd: I got 24/7 security. 😂😂”
“Bilbo Baggins832: Handlers, watchers, spotters and .. still I can vanish from all sight in an instant..”
“Jamesphilip430: Feel like a celebrity the way I be watched.”
“Jose Rivera93497: so you are telling me that they are afraid of me without doing anything.”
freedomgott2024: Yes…

@shareff1111 #shareff1111youtube ♬ Creepy piano, ghost story horror ambient:L(1025873) – cowaii – Fear music encyclopedia

“Yeshuafirst: Sometimes I feel so drained, horrible 😞, I can’t even work, 🙏🙏🙏🤲✨💛”
“🤴🏾Yeshua813🦁♌️🏇: How do they take your energy?”
“Rloked: Audio was tweaking, spiritual warfare.”
“Miss Brenda: The tempter/temptress is nothing more then what most know as SUBSTANCE ADDICTION! DEMONIC CONTROL OVER YOUR BODY, LITERALLY!”

@hippie929♬ origineel geluid – Hippie

@jason_abadi The evidence for the ANUNNAKI involvement on earth is hidden in plain sight #anunnaki #nibiru #nephilim #conspiracytiktok #billycarson #ancientaliens #Mythology #fypage ♬ original sound – Jason Abadi

@mysacredeye HOW the Human Aura works 👁️‍🗨️ #lawofattraction #manifestation #fypシ゚viral #physique #soul ♬ som original – 𝔻𝕒𝕓𝕚 荼毘

@eric123123 Humans actually evolved from fish#uknow #tiktok #sicence🔥🔥 #sicence #foryou ♬ original sound – lelink563

@tomruzmiah #onthisday #wakeup #control #robbiewilliams #fyp #fypage #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #wef #nwo #newworldorder #worldeconomicforum #awareness ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

@jason_abadi Several mystical stories connecting the Pleiades star cluster to ancient myths and spiritual beings. From Greek mythology’s Seven Sisters to the Kiowa’s tale of Devil’s Tower, and the Hopi’s Kachinas, explore how these legends resonate across cultures. Are these similarities mere coincidence, or do they hint at a shared cosmic memory? #Pleiades #Mythology #Anunnaki #StarBeings #GreekMythology #NativeAmericanMythology #Hopi #Kachinas #AncientLegends #CosmicMysteries #StarCluster #AnunnakiConnection #AncientAliens #Starseeds #AstralBeings #Spirituality ♬ original sound – Jason Abadi

“Schumann Resonance and …HAARP
Gina Maria Colvin Hill
155.000 Abonnenten
4.255 Aufrufe 11.05.2021”

@shareff1111 #shareff1111youtube ♬ Horror, ghost stories, spirits, creepy chorus:L(1034200) – cowaii – Fear music encyclopedia

Your destiny is sealed in stones…
Juni 20,
People look up to you – w2k
Juni 20,
The Oracle knows who you are -.

“The Oracle tells him that he would find The One, a man with incredible powers within the Matrix who could end the Machine War.”

“AI destroys the human genome-w2k
You are the greatest Master of all time – w2k
DoD considers you as a Saint – w2k
Mysterious Deaths of those who attacked you – w2k
The best Genes…they want the…
Juni 19
Now they know who has – w2k Juni 19,
Military is involved – w2k
Juni 19,
Jurassic Dominion – w2k
Juni 19,
Changing you on a molecular level – w2k…
Juni 19,
Heavy Armed vehicle – w2k
Juni 19,
She is sad about you – w2k
Herr Veeck – Sie sind das grösste Genie des ganzen
Universums – w2k
Bothered by your dominance – w2k
They are cannibalizing on your Aura – w2k
The director of national intelligence is scared of you – w2k
Raising your Vibration forcefully…
Juni 21,
Muktananda – w2k
Juni 21,
Hollywood actor intrigued by you…
Juni 21,
Putin scared of you – Knows wh…
Juni 21,
Angel in you – w2k
Juni 21,
Bush involved (NWO) – w2k
Juni 21,
Nevada Desert – w2k
Juni 21,
Hollywood Star is watching you – w2k
You have incredible strength – w… Juni 21,
Turning them into something them they are not destined to be – w2k… Juni 21,
Relatives are scared of you – w2k
Juni 21,
Genetically modified human cyborgs – w2k… Juni 21,
Wiping out the entire human race – w2k…
Juni 21,
10000 years ahead in time – w2k
Juni 21,
From the Future – w2k
Juni 21,
Verteidigungsministerin hat Angst – w2k
Stemcell research – w2k
Juni 21,
Die Japaner fürchten dich – w2k
Juni 21,
People admire your strength – w2k… Juni 21,
Mk Ultra – w2k
Juni 20,
California Institute of Technology – w2k…
Juni 20,
Batelle Institute – w2k
Juni 20,
Sabotaging y. on a macrocellular level… Juni 20,
Mysterious Deaths of those who attacked you – w2k… Juni 20,
Tactical Nuclear Weapons – w2k Juni 20
U.S. Military is watching you – w2k… Juni 20,
Otherwise they will be destroyed – w2k… Juni 20,
We warned them not to attack you – w2k…
Juni 20
Defeating them for you – w2k
Juni 20,
You are the greatest Master of all Time…
115 Million U.S. Dollar will be handed out to you – w2k”

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