Surprise move from North Korea: Kim jong has taken action against Putin!

“Surprise move from North Korea: Kim jong has taken action against Putin!”
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“It seems that North Korea has withdrawn its support from Russia. China, which Putin
trusts, has not provided any support to Russia anyway and now North Korea claims
that it’s not involved in Russia’s war in Ukraine as is supposed at the same
time According to some intelligence reports its claim that North Korea has
reacted seriously against Russia due to the situation that Russia has brought
down meanwhile it stated that North Korea has learned great lessons from
Putins War. I wonder if Putin lost one of his last two allies after China. Far
East and Caucasian countries Putin was able to get military ammunition and
weapon support only from Iran but recently Iran has also been in trouble
and has been subjected to a series of internal rebellions clashes and most
recently a series of airstrikes.”

“Every country in the world is affected by the Ukrainian war and is learning a lesson. North Korea is no exception.”

Geopolitics of China & North Korea vs US Allies:

“And ever since Iraq in 2003 there have also been two other countries who either once pursued or possessed nuclear weapons and gave them up voluntarily only to then be subsequently attacked or invaded by hostile foreign powers without any fear of an nuclear retaliation. Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya which got attacked by nato in 2011 after agreeing to end their nuclear weapons program in 2003 and Ukraine which got attacked by Russia in 2014 and again in 2022 after surrendering around 1700 nuclear warheads back in 1994 in exchange for security guarantees that were obviously broken. These three examples have sent a very clear message to the Kim regime at every other country around the world that surrendering their nuclear weapons exposes their vulnerability to hostile outside powers and the example of what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine right now sends an even further message. The conventionally superior United States and NATO have all refused to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine or to directly engage with a Russian military out of fear of Russia’s nuclear weapons Arsenal
in stark contrast to Quick American interventions against opponents who did not possess nuclear deterrence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and many more. The Kim regime knows that their nuclear weapons are their Shield against any interventions coming from the west and convincing them otherwise through diplomacy economic sanctions or military intervention is almost certain to be a Fool’s errand, especially while the United States maintains an aggressive posture in South Korea so then what option if any does that even leave for dealing with North Korea, the simple truth is that by this point there aren’t really any good options remaining and that’s why no U.S nor South Korean president has ever been able to find a long-term solution to this problem now for more than 70 years, the problem is only bound to grow even worse over the next few decades because South Korea is almost certain to grow weaker relative to North Korea with time you see South Korea’s population is currently undergoing a crisis at the
present time South Korea has the number one lowest fertility rate of any country
in the world with South Korean women only having an average of 1.1 children each.”

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