Goodbye Duterte | Part 3: War on all Fronts | 101 East

“Goodbye Duterte | Part 3: War on all Fronts | 101 East”
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Beyond his drug war, President Duterte had to deal with geopolitical foreign policy challenges in the South China Sea as well as civil conflict in the southern Philippines.”

“I do not want war, I do not want to make you angry to invade
or make some reactionary movements there.”

“We do not have the might, we do not have arms, equipments, weaponry
and all that can match the firepower of China.”

“He put in place the so-called pivot to china policy,
dumping the Philippines long-standing alliance with the U.S.”

“Duterte: That is what America wants me to be, a dog barking for the crumbs of their favor.”

“#GoodbyeDuterte #philippineselection2022 #philippines
Goodbye Duterte | Part 4: Silencing the Critics | 101 East
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“For his brutal crackdown on drugs, Philippines President ..Duterte
was criticized by the U.N, the EU and human rights organizations
.. ill-conceived drug policies, foster a regime of impunity,
infecting the wall justice sector..”

“..officially it was against armed communists,
but in reality the targets were very different,
more than 80 farm workers, lawyers, human rights advocates and other citizens were
murdered in extrajudicial killings.
Yesha Ramo´s husband Ben was a lawyer who represented poor farmers,
he was shot dead and Yeshua blames president Duterte’s government.
It was the state forces, taking the life of a person who is very innocent,
who has been very supported by farmers, is not an answer.”

“We still investigate the cases of human rights violations,
because we believe that the persons in authority won’t do it.
A year after her interview with 101 east Sara was shot dead by unidentified
gunmen. She was the 13th member of her organization to be killed during
Duterte’s presidency, the media has also been a target.”

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