Google is like the Vatican – CENSORSHIP – Hiding the most important informations and the worst nwo crimes…

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.3.2024: I am just 5 Minutes on social media and I have to become spiritual political.
Google is like the Vatican – CENSORSHIP – Hiding the most important informations and the worst nwo crimes… The civilian volunteership of us with own websides is the only way to expose these criminal nanomafia networks… Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Google, Youtube, TikTok are all censored with CIA/CoIntelPro Palantir Software to cover up all their institutionalized “LEGAL” CRIMES and criminal and genocidal acts and subversion, trojanization, desecration and infiltration of Mother Earth´s Holy Planet.

VOL. 3
Meanwhile, the real truth about the matter has been revealed. Target individuals are human guinea pigs in various experiments, all non- consensual. Chief among them is the development and testing of AI, telemetry, tracking and control. Weapons testing in the non-lethal weapons space for all divisions of the military is also underway. In fact, this is being used in several projects. They are being driven to their deaths through extreme neurodamage effected through neural mapping, extreme radiation damage from the EMF technology with which they are being flooded, sleep deprivation trance dissociation and consequent family separation and tension. The ruthless and mercenary AI developers study and study them, issuing deadly secret communiqués in a repeat of the MK ULTRA mind control dissociation projects, becoming as ruthless and stupid as the CIA scientists involved in spinning trauma in their non-consensual affairs.”

Ingmar Veeck
GOOGLE is very trustworthy…they hide all CIA crimes associated with DEW torture of innocent civilians… The Lunatics control the Asylum, never forget that.
GOOGLE ist sehr vertrauenswürdig … sie verbergen alle CIA-Verbrechen im Zusammenhang mit DEW-Folter unschuldiger Zivilisten… Die Irren kontrollieren die Anstalt, vergesst das nie.

Toby- The United Nations 🇺🇳 is Spectre,
Most African leaders work for the Temporal Power of the Vatican ie the UN 🇺🇳 all making a sacrifice and oath in exchange for worldly power.
Typical African
The United Nations are strategically stealing and plundering the Gold from Congo. Meanwhile they label Congo as one of the poorest country in the world.

When we say the genocide and war ongoing in Eastern Congo is a multi billion dollar industry. Every top multi national industry and some countries is directly and indirectly looting Congo.

Meanwhile the leadership in Congo seems to be a puppet to those looting them because of what they gain.

Miljana Grasilovic:Just don´t stick out of masses, if you do, they will tend to drag you to the bottom. Just pretend the same and when time is good, show your extraordinarity, but just occasionally just like a strike of luck.
Be you among your people, otherwise pretend.

Ingmar Veeck: Except you have weapons of a deity.

@elonsupdates SpaceX military new defense contract #spacex #elonmusk #army ♬ original sound – Elon’s Updates

#Musk #DOD #CubeSat #Conspiracy #Revelation

“Spionage-Software der Geheimdienste: Das Geheimnis des Milliarden-Konzerns Palantir | Galileo
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166.363 Aufrufe 18.11.2020 #Palantir #Galileo #ProSieben
Proteste überwachen, Spionagenetzwerke aufspüren und international gesuchte Terroristen finden – das sind die Aufgaben der Firma Palantir. Nicht umsonst gilt das Unternehmen als umstritten. Doch wie gefährlich ist der Konzern und wie viel Macht hat Konzernchef Alex Karp?
#Palantir #Spionage #Galileo”

Decrypting their oppressive criminal injustice power structure:

“Manche Geheimdienste verfügen auch über paramilitärische Abteilungen zur Durchführung von Kommandounternehmungen, wie z. B. der zivile US-amerikanische Auslandsgeheimdienst Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Besteht die Aufgabe eines Geheimdienstes in der Unterdrückung der eigenen Bevölkerung und insbesondere politischer Gegner, so handelt es sich um eine Geheimpolizei.

Conspiracy Revelation: A.I. reduces your presence to zero… did you notice anything? New World America is a cancel culture and utmost anti-human. (15.3.2024)

The USA is a foreign corporation owned by a hereditary elite compromised of Illuminati Bankers. These same central banking families founded all of the major NGOs in America & around…
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…the world. The UN, WTO, the WEF, NATO, etc., etc. They control the entire world’s money supply via the IMF, World Bank, the BIS. These people funded & manipulated every war going back to the Napoleonic Wars & beyond. They tricked the world into fighting 2 world wars… …so that they could get richer, and use the chaos to create the nation of Israel, establish the UN & other NGOs to usher in 1 world government & put the US in position of world reserve currency holder. This was done in order to build an imperialist military state… …enforcer for their agenda(s)
Meanwhile they invented 401Ks, IRAs, etc so that they could use our money to concentrate their own control of the stock market & use every major corporation to further support their goal of absolute domination thru the military industrial complex…
…pharmaceuticals, energy, the food supply etc., etc., and use their control of the media and government to gaslight us all into believing that America is the “land of the free & home of the brave” despite the obvious fact that it is not. It’s a kleptocratic oligopoly…
…masquerading as a democracy. They control the vote counting because they control all of the corporations that own the voting machines. Their lobbyists fund all campaigns of all the politicians in both parties. Those same lobbyists write all of the bills whose primary…
…objective is further benefiting all of their points of control, while the allegedly elected politicians that never even read the bills gaslight us into believing that their legislation is intended to be in our best interests, while in fact it NEVER is. The vitriolic theater… is used as cover and then they use incompetence as their alibi. Despite popular opinion the politicians could care less if they get re-elected as their salary & benefits are for life.
This cannot be stopped until the masses begin to understand this.”

“W2K: You are mentioned in the Book of Enoch.”

“Destroying is something any idiot can do. Creating needs intelligence. I will be leaving words of immense potentiality for you. If you can simply go on whispering them, you will be surprised that they can change the whole human heart. (Osho)”

Update: 20.3.2024: Tiktok is Feedback King. That is why they want to shut it up.
Did you notice that on Twitter, Telegram and Facebook there is Zombie Wasteland, because all is canceled by NWO from the Censor Isolation Cancel Culture, only Tiktok is truly alive, still censored by A.I., they always have the tendency to suffocate natural dynamism in the New World America (NWO). They want to isolate and divide, even unifying normal uncensored texting in public is too much for your Silicon Valley Corporate Censor Psychopaths.

Update: 20. März 2024: Tiktok ist der Feedback König. Deshalb wollen sie es zum Schweigen bringen.
Ist euch aufgefallen, dass es auf Twitter, Telegram und Facebook Zombie Ödland gibt, weil alles von der NWO durch die Zensur-Isolations Cancel-Kultur gestrichen wird, nur Tiktok ist wirklich lebendig, immer noch von der K.I. zensiert, sie haben immer die Tendenz, die natürliche Dynamik zu ersticken im Neue-Welt-Amerika (NWO). Sie wollen isolieren und spalten, selbst die Vereinigung von normalen, unzensierten Texten in der Öffentlichkeit ist zu viel für eure Silicon Valley Unternehmenszensur-Psychopathen.

Ingmar Veeck
20. März
If I would get paid for the words I spread I would be already a Billionaire, my Wisdom tops any of these fools who think they have control over this Planet through subversive Technofascism.
Wenn ich für die Worte, die ich verbreite, bezahlt werden würde, wäre ich bereits ein Milliardär. Meine Weisheit übertrifft jeden dieser Dummköpfe, die glauben, sie hätten die Kontrolle über diesen Planeten durch subversiven Technofaschismus.

Ingmar Veeck
Mit Öffentlich geteilt
They use automatized A.I. Advertizing and Mindreading Quantum Cube Satellites, digital isolationism and multi-level censorship to brainwash you about their Idea how you should function in their dysfunctional and destructive NWO U.N. Bankermafia Cartel.
Sie verwenden automatisierte K.I. Werbung und Gedankenlesen durch Quantenwürfel-Satelliten, digitalen Isolationismus und mehrstufige Zensur, um euch einer Gehirnwäsche über ihre Idee zu unterziehen, wie du in ihrem dysfunktionalen und zerstörerischen U.N. NWO-Bankermafia-Kartell funktionieren solltest.


Ingmar Veeck
20. März
Archontic A.I. will never understand that you can´t override personal WILL. So all your brainwashing will be ineffective against us, simply absurd advertizing-manipulation nonsense. In the contrary, you will embolden us to break your Totalitarism totally (completely).
Archontische K.I. wird nie verstehen, dass man den persönlichen WILLEN nicht außer Kraft setzen kann. Also wird all Ihre Gehirnwäsche gegen uns wirkungslos sein, einfach absurder Werbemanipulations-Unsinn. Im Gegenteil, du wirst uns ermutigen, deinen Totalitarismus total (vollständig) zu brechen.

Good…. (Update2) That means they can´t ignore my Power…

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