Korona Virus by Harald Kautz-Vella

“Korona virus by Harald Kautz-Vella
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“The conversation was conducted in English, more specifically Croatian-English and German-English, with Harald’s being much better than mine.”
“So basically the entire Western culture is self
destroying on the basis of a big lie but what it shows is that people are actually willing to self-destroy their
way of living, for a reason, now let this reason be truth, let this reason be the fact that the powers to be a rolling
out 5gs as assassination technology against humanity and I really would love to see humans jumping into this topic with the same passion as they jump into this fake Corona Pandemic.”
“if you have 60 gigahertz in your system and cells are dying from the effect of the radiation the symptoms of the
radiation sickness is fever, coughing, bleeding nose, problems with the respiratory system and at the end of the
day if you really have high energetic 60 gigahertz fields they make the valence electrons of oxygen spin so the oxygen
is not able to bind to hemoglobin anymore, so basically people choke… people lying on their beds all shaking as if something somebody is applying high voltage on the bodies this is dying from a lack of oxygen..”
“We have a number of hints that is hinting into the direction
that there is something introduced into this specific Covid- 19, we do have sequencing that say a certain fraction
of the area is 100% identical with a fraction in Aids,
some people did sequencing and then they went into the pre-
publishing process and then they pulled back and said we had death threats and if we publish this we’re going to be killed or the families are going to be killed so we pull this back so this is like a glimpse it pops up and then the information disappears..”
“There’s the Gemini Chip from Raytheon on it that is working
with 60 gigahertz and this has nothing to do with the supply for mobile phones or smart cities or whatever this is just military technology to target her spy on and possibly assassinate humans, this is a military technology it’s known from the US everything is known about the system in the u.s. in Europe…”
“it could be valid or could be just fear-mongering introduced. I mean we used to have states controlled media that were supporting us with fake news and then we had all these activists that were dealing with first-hand information in the internet, it started to be a pain in the ass for the system, for the powers to be and now the powers to be utilize the free internet to spread fake news of themselves to take over that part of communication of global communication to use it for their purposes.”
“there’s definitely synthetic rna sprayed with Chemtrails, it’s called Project Rabeneu developed in Austria
by Statham.. they said it’s internationalists intelligence agencies that gave the order to to a lab to develop that, it’s synthetic RNA that is programmable by radio, like a dial in code in different frequent ..no no this is not related to
five three this is different technology it’s a military band that they use from six to eleven gigahertz…many many people who are not wanted by the system, they just fall asleep during a car drive, this is one function, this RNA, you can just put on the black screen and you’re gone and if you don’t have protective forces above you that wake you up in time and you trust died in a car crash.”
“So it’s out since 2003,but 5g has much more
sophisticated and more effective weapon systems on board you can you can see this by by the ways of the birds die
in Belgium they all die by HAARP Attack and then you get news from Scotland that also some birds fall from the sky in Scotland and they had all exploded lungs in both is within
five G testing territory so this is not a side effect of normal 5 V this is a weapon test different weapons tested on
different places to get statistics how effective the thing is.”
“Let´s reconquer life, life has been stolen from us.”
“and the doctors the the ones with with the degrees they’re not they’re not stupid because they are stupid they’re stupid because they follow the demands of the pharmaceutical
industry that says we need sick people to make more money on them this is why the medicine is so bad, it´s not because doctors are stupid, this is why the suicide rate among doctors is so high, because in the depth of their heart
or they know they are killing their patients and they can’t
stand themselves after 14 years of doing it, so they kill themselves, how sad is this and you go there if you want to go there it’s none of my business yeah but I like self responsibility and I’m not the authority to tell you my
medication is better. I found my own for myself and everybody should look into things deep enough to be able to say
this is what I want because it can be very individually what your body needs.”

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