Week-End Stream of the Days – 1/2.6.2024 – We can´t stop, too much info, FB, X, W2k, Tok & more…

Conspiracy Revelation: Week-End Stream of the Days – 1/2.6.2024 – We can´t stop, too much info, FB, X, W2k, Tok & more…

They have a hard time to acknowledge you – w2k-
They do not question authority -…
Mai 31,
Polizei involviert – w2k
Mai 31,
They owe you an apology – w2k
Mai 30,
Darpa fears you – w2k
Mai 30
The deity is in you – w2k
Mai 30,
Jealous – w2k

@GANGSTALKING REPERCUSSIONS: The United states government does not just steal our data and sell it…they run illegal programs called “GANGSTALKING” Where they follow and Harass innocent civilians.
@Iggy9xB: What if your local police department working with this people.
@freedomgott2024: They do 100%.
@summer_dudley: It’s family members and close friends.
@freedomgott2024: Rather not…they are city dogs… they use young people or middle aged couples among many others..
@Kimberly: And if the gang stalkers hire their own P.I.? Have law enforcement to advise them?
@freedomgott2024: They are nwo cultists… they surely coordinate their actions with police, universities and or alphabet agencies and or corporations and governments.
@Michele Lucero: The cops know though.
@freedomgott2024: Sure..They are all involved in criminal activities..to be a real cop for divine justice you must be totally independent and not submitted to evil rulers.

@lance.the.pi Is Gang Stalking a Crime? #gangstalkers #gangstalker #gangstalkinisreal #PrivateEye #PrivateInvestigator #PrivateDetective #PIStories #PI #Cheating #CatchingCheaters #PrivateInvestigatorTips #Privateinvestigation #PrivateInvestigatorStories #PrivateInvestigatorStorytime @LanceThePI ♬ original sound – LanceThePI


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Sebastien Meunier
31. Mai
Antwort an
Weird how they never uncover the exact same operations from the USA, Israel, Germany, etc.

0xSaiyangod | Doom Bot
31. Mai
Antwort an
they forgot @X and the 🤖 army.

The Hacker News
🤖 OpenAI, Meta, and TikTok uncover multiple AI-powered influence operations from China, Iran, Israel, and Russia, aimed at manipulating public opinion through generated content and fake accounts.
Learn more: https://thehackernews.com/2024/05/openai-meta-tiktok-disrupt-multiple-ai.html
#technology #technews #artificalintelligence

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Ingmar Veeck
@IngmarVeeck – 23 Min.
Antwort an @Guyt_Justice
It happened already… they don’t need the chronovisor, they have 8 modes of time manipulation and time travel described by Andrew Basiago and I experienced also some Astral Time Travel phenomena in the past. DARPA had Time Travelers in 1972..
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Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTI @Guyt_Justic – 17 Std. Antwort an @IngmarVeeck
Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TO @Guyt_Just – 20 Std. The END of ALL Privacy IS Nearly OVER!
Enjoy Your Privacy While it LASTS!
The Chronovisor Vatican, Time Travel, Time Viewer!!!
IMHO Helps Prove Time Travel/Viewer
Akashic Records/ SCALAR WAVES & Many With held Good/ EVIL Secrets!!!… Mehr anzeigen
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Skeptical Inquirer
No trace of the Chronovisor exists, and Father Ernetti was very careful to explain that, after its experimental runs, it had been disassembled and “hidden in a safe place.” But why hide such a discovery, Father Brune asked. Father Ernetti’s replied, “This machine can tune in on every one’s past completely, leaving nothing out. With it, there can be no more secrets; no more state secrets, no more industrial secrets-no more private lives. The door would be wide open for the most fearsome dictatorship the world has ever seen. We ended up agreeing to dismantle our machine.”

Dragon Fan: I need 1000 hi from Dragon lovers. ❤️

Mick Meklar
Ruin the attention span of a generation with TV, then www, finally Artificial Intelligence…three generations, while draining the truthful content
of the internet and replacing it with bs…THAT’s how ideas are killed, one byte at a time: Once the brainwashing is three generations deep, it can’t be reversed.
Geoff Rintoul
We must only look at modern Greece to see that the fall of a once mighty and erudite society has been permanent and irredeemable. Their ideas reduced to simple word bites that people use for little “pick me ups”. I would posit with solemnity that their ideas are well and truly dead.”

“Destiny swap attempts FAILED: Hold here for 2x speed.
Link in bio for personal readings
115 Kommentare”
Soul of Freedomgott2024: 1.6.2024: Who owns the ieee nano chemtrail mafia dod smart dust neuro interfacing mban wban cult…they are those nwo ai zionazis.
Soul of Freedomgott2024: 1.6.2024: Monitoring spirits…bci stalkers 24 7 365…

“Heilpilze bei Borreliose
35 Kommentare
Soul of Freedomgott2024: Und vergessen hast du zu sagen, dass das U.S. Militär die Zecken mit dieser Biowaffe in den 60igern infiziert hat…und genau wie Morgellons eine Darpa Biowaffe ihrer Abteilung Insect Allies ist.
Meine Borreliose ging ohne Antibiotika weg.

37 Kommentare
Soul of Freedomgott2024: I think the creator of the Universe can choose how he wants to incarnate..no curse
Soul of Freedomgott2024: Raghu also fought Indra and he is grandfather of Ramakrishna.
Soul of Freedomgott2024: Indra is more like an Asura than a high deity…he angered also Devi.

Ingmar Veeck
No excuse… they all knew it from the beginning, we theosophists know this for 300+ years..
1:27 nachm. · 1. Juni 2024
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The END of ALL Privacy IS Nearly OVER!
Enjoy Your Privacy While it LASTS!
The Chronovisor Vatican, Time Travel,Time Viewer!!!
IMHO Helps Prove Time Travel/Viewer
Akashic Records/ SCALAR WAVES & Many With held Good/ EVIL Secrets!!!
7:11 nachm. · 1. Juni 2024
Access to this Technology –
Time Travel/Viewer
Akashic Records/ SCALAR WAVES & Many With held Good/ EVIL Secrets!!!
Independent Science is required ASAP.
You will not regret researching Scalar Waves. Many links in easy site map link above.
Please find PEOPLE: Real Humans that do or can find Out.
Your Brain could interface with information beyond your belief!
=? Akashic Records =
The Unlimited Knowledge of the Universe!!! ?
What are Scalar Waves: Simply Put: Scalar Waves Are Inter dimensional!
#News #newworld #newsfeed #newsspecial #V2K #RNM #Scalarwaves #scientist #sciencejobs #TechSolutions #techblog #TechTrends #TechRevolution #RevolutionIsBrewing ! #awareness_campaign #WakeUpPeople #WakeThemUp
#HumanRightsMatter #HumansBeingHumans #Akashic #timetravel #historical

“The Hacker News
⚡ Over 600,000 SOHO routers were bricked and taken offline in a massive, destructive #cyberattack targeting a single U.S. internet service provider.
Learn: https://thehackernews.com/2024/05/mysterious-cyber-attack-takes-down.html
This unprecedented event required hardware replacement for all affected devices.

https://conspiracyrevelation.com/…/targeted-individual… <<<<
Targeted individual and Morgellons @ Quora |
1 Gefällt mir
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Maria Torres: I fought my…PTSD..Fibromyalgia, PANIC.
Skin health ATTACK…after suffering from it for 15 years.
Ingmar Veeck: Morgellons is a SKIN condition due to
synthetic biology used in a malicious way, nothing psychic.


@shareff1111 #shareff1111youtube ♬ Creepy simple horror ambient(1270589) – howlingindicator

59 Kommentare
24th chromosome-repair isn´t yet revealed.
I have no doubt that scientists have found it yet.
it had to be hidden in order to evolve the way we did
10 Min. Antworten
Ryan Donovan Coyne
Our lifespan sucks.. really wish they didn’t do that
Soul of Freedomgott2024: add to this darpa criminals logging into your bci interface and hybridizing your genome with malicious torture synbio that has morgellons as pathogenic switch.
Soul of Freedomgott2024: Zeus Enlil Indra… cut chromosome2… we must re-fuse it for prolonging our longevity.
Mozy: If you don’t know how are you supposed to expand?
2018 CrowdKiller: I want to be turned into the Hulk. But that’s not going to happen.
adinkra_ikenga: They just did it in 2020, 2021, & 2022. VAX.
Soul of Freedomgott2024: 2005…already… Morgellons Chemtrail bci darpa gene trojan chromosome 43. Ecdyson insert.
Soul of Freedomgott2024: Gates, Cia, DoD, Darpa…they will be punished no doubt..

@ancienthistoryknowledge We Might Have Been Genetically Modified 200,000 Years Ago. #billycarson #ancienthistory #knowledge #flagrant #podcasts ♬ original sound – Ancient History Knowledge

AsWithin SoWithout·
/ Antisthenes /
“It is a royal privilege to do good and be ill spoken of.”

Ingmar Veeck
No matter if deity, demi-good, asura, devil, human militarized psychopath, political cult maniac, hybrid alien or archontic predator a.i. chimera… these assaults are against the basic karmic laws of this cosmos. All who were involved in this attack can and must be held to account.

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Elektra Angel
The projected world population as of January 2024 is 8,019,876,189. So 8 billion people are at the mercy of a few post humans? Seriously there is something wrong with that.

Ingmar Veeck
They are robber Barons, thieves, opportunists, putting themselves in unearned Power Positions, ruling under False Pretense, False Rulers, Archons.

Ingmar Veeck
All these pseudo Politicians, Military Corporate Billionaire Alphabet Psychopaths wield unauthorized power over weapon systems that they would neither be capable of commanding, nor using, nor inventing, nor ever be able to create themselves,…
Who to follow
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Ingmar Veeck
I mean this attack came from Zionist U.N. NWO Luci Trust Freemasons…
Ingmar Veeck
Imagine this level of cowardice and loserdom, against peaceful, unarmed, civilian non-combatants.

They had the audacity to torture us with interdimensional weapon systems…

Ingmar Veeck
Scalar Interferometry Attacks are copied from Lord Vishnu… they copy, they are replicants, not Creators, like us.

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