Yanis Varoufakis talking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy…Are TikTokers cloud Serfs?

@positivemoneyuk Yanis Varoufakis talking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about rent extracting tech companies generating new capital from the unpaid work of their users, which central bankers can only match by printing new money. #anticapitalism #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Positive Money UK

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Yanis Varoufakis talking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about rent extracting tech companies generating new capital from the unpaid work of their users, which central bankers can.”
#anticapitalism #learnontiktok

“…Are TikTokers cloud Serfs?”

ConspiracyRevelation 2023, [02.10.2023 21:31]

@freedomgott2023: 2.10.2023: Pure Communism but under Corporate Dictatorship.

@Boris the Labrador:This man is a profound thinker of our time.

@Corb Jones: This is one of the most important things to hear as users, creators, etc. our labor is unpaid.

@freedomgott2023:100%..I try to spread this message too.

@Tommy:Can we unionize? Withhold our production, or consumption?

@Sprtn:Is he not somehow wrong, as content creators do get highly paid once they have a significant number of followers, views, comments etc. No?

@freedomgott2023:discrimination…corporate fascists shadow ban and censor us real liberators.

@Bill Selznick:Most important video on the platform.

@Abelard:Don’t TikTokers make money with their videos?

@freedomgott2023:90% not..it is like with chess players….only the 0.1% get the real cake…the rest get nothing.

@ReluctantTurtle:this is the only reason Roblox makes so much damn money. #2 highest paying software company for employees.

@Max Frisch882:love that someone uploaded this to tiktok.

@Time for another 1812.:I hesitate to call this unpaid labour. TikTok, Google are providing the service, the code, the servers, their capital only grows from advertisers.

@freedomgott2023::billionaires are behind it…stop protecting nwo corporate collective state fascistic communism..

@Barry Lyndon:He omits the fact you get to used google maps practically for free. Very foolish and shortsighted argument he is making.

@Micro Cyber Technology:former Greece prime Minister.

@Jay:A small number of TikTok users make money from their videos.

@Eugene S. Gluck:very good points that rn’t discussed at all.

@freedomgott2023: For a reason…they want to siphon your creativity unpaid until you are sick, old and crippled…and they help with morbidity through chemtrail dews.

@BridgeBurnah:“Cloud serf,” man that cuts deep.

@ye:I hope we get a good harvest this year.

@A A:The printed money isn’t going to the people to drive the economy, it’s all going to institutions putting it in assets and inequality grows 😑..

@Marcus:I’ve never heard it explained so effectively.

@ikem.ngadi:Capitalism is not innovation, it’s a race to 0 labour costs.

@ANTONY:Reading the comments that no one has been paid for. Making a comment. Now a serf.

@Paul P875:Your data is more valuable than gold.

@tsellis1:What a load if nonsense. He forgets that he is using google maps to navigate London for FREE!

@Jordan:This man does not understand modes of production, not Feudalism, nor Capitalism.

@Vitas:Who would have thought of it that way, but it is what it is child labour, pensioners, students labour, all unpaid… is it socialism??? slavery😟😟😟.

@ultralurker007:all the people in the comments creating capital.


@Jedi Judah: Cloud serfs toiling away for digital overlords.

@freedomgott2023: 100%.

@ppoooo:free testing, free data, free feedback.

@Driver123:Still better than an office job 💀…


@freedomgott2023:It will create a lot of angry frustrated people full of anger and loss of motivation..look at Twitter.

@Paulo Sora:this is proof we have the tech to transition to a great socialist society. The problem is the burgeoisie, the elite.

@freedomgott2023:It will destroy artistry completely…started with zio youtube in 2005.

@Tom Brela – Music Producer:getting opinion from Greece foreign minister which is a failed state is laughable.

@freedomgott2023:Says a music producer who has to slave for nsa kgb cia dod communists and pay for ads to ever become seen in nwo digital.k.z.

@teycir bensoltane:you get attention in return, that you can monetize.

@itsnatethegreat_:This is what web3 tried to fix or is trying to fix. A decentralised platform that rewards you for participating.

@Callingoutallbs:No one will ever pay or sponsor me for my content lol.

@Sidane777:So it’s TikTok that’s causing inflation and the cost of living crises, not blatant profiteering and price gauging by nearly every corporation? 🤔

ConspiracyRevelation 2023, [02.10.2023 21:31]
@neo:do we prefer to pay for these services? that’s the exchange basically, however that seems to be much more profitable than if a fee was charged.

@user742251463668:This man was so single-handedly responsible for almost bankrupting Greece. Stay away from.

@MattSolnick:Yanis Varoufakis!! Highly recommend listening to his talks on YouTube.

@Matt Ryan8322:central bankers were inflating away out wealth long before the computer revolution.

@Joshua Turek:They should be paying me for this comment.

@freedomgott2023:You got it. 100%.

@彬:it’s all same old capitalism dilemma.

@Mohammed Senhadji:Because most of these services cost 0 dollars to use; if you don’t want to pay for it in some way, don’t use the service or product.

@freedomgott2023:You don’t understand collectivism…people are basically forced into digital k.z. for communication.

@Swan:This is literally why people are fighting for the right for us to own our own data. Like it’s not profound it’s scary.

@Imperatorp2k: Varoufakis is the classic overeducated socialist. Talks smart but is so out of touch of reality from his massively privileged upbringing.

@Mutual Rage:Regressing back to Feudalism.

@Just420day:Don’t worry folks. There’s enough money out there 😂😂😂.

@Caj:He’s forgetting that the user, who collectively creates value with other users, also gets to consume the value generated in the end product, for free.

@freedomgott2023: but it is volume warfare…people do not live long enough to sort and process all this information overflow.

@facetious weaboo:PAY ME TO BE ON HERE THEN.

@Universallytranslateable:UBI … believe me we will spend it all back.

@TorDraws:People are assigning value to valueless info and actions lmao.

@Adamant:But we use it for free in exchange.

@freedomgott2023:that is what you think…but in reality you were forced into nwo digital censor collectivism.

@Hanna:But the influencer industry is worth 21+ billion dollars.

@Juan:If you’re not paying for it you are the product.

@thomasstanford80191:they should just pay us for data
oh, that’s rt; that’s what we WANT so… dream on.

@Peter don’t:Everyone read techno feudalism by Cedric Durand i beg you.

@albiontick:not true what about the money lenders in Roman times ? did they produce anything ?

@lordylaud:I don’t agree politically with Yanis but he’s an eloquent orator, and essentially is correct with his analysis, but he’s basically a communist.

@sneff_weejus:this is why I exclusively comment the absolute dumbest and most incendiary things I don’t even believe . lowering the capital value 😎😎.

@freedomgott2023:the quantum a.i. reads your brain..does not help.

@kierkegaard1996:Well I mean people usually do get paid to post after a certain level of productivity. Come on.

@freedomgott2023: After you wasted 20 years maybe?…idealist..

@Alex:Yanis is very good in sounding like he knows what he is talking about. But he doesn’t…

@Diplovadocious:And you’re also using it for free.

@the_wise_owl_4:I actually thought of this. Glad other people start to see it. We are all being used. Our dopamine is hijacked.

@Mackdaddy68:Yes, but you also don’t pay to use these services. You get a product for the cost of contributing. Where’s the demand difference?

@freedomgott2023:You are brainwashed to believe you had a choice..

@Mackdaddy68:Okay let’s not use conspiracy language for 1 second bucko. I’m just asking what the gap is if the app is ‘free’ and the labour is ‘free’.

@Joe:tiktokers are paid in narcissistic supply.


@freedomgott2023:but 60% from secret service a.i. sockpuppet bots.

@Scott:He definitely right I would love to be paid for my data contributions.

@Abe Froman – KC Food:global Feudalism is our future.

@user2493674052924:slave labour would blow this guys mind.

@Kirjool Droster van den Kaap:He should know. was the economist for Eve online. Online games exploit the cognitive labour of their players populating the service.

@Omer Goldenberg:we are livestock.

@Guerrilla Gorilla:The “peasants” are definitely tied to the “land” 😫.


ConspiracyRevelation 2023, [02.10.2023 21:31]
@JamesZeeeee:Google provides an amazing suite of apps for free. amazing!! 🌸🌸😁😁

@freedomgott2023:goo is cia..

@Cuddly Panda:Are wikipedia contributors and editors cloud serfs?

@freedomgott2023:They are disinforming stasi personal for the fake slave matrix called nwo, most of the time, gatekeepers for suppressive fascists..

@Hilib.and.Bariis:bro is confused about socialmedia terms & conditions. We agree our data to be used when we sign up, so what is he taking about? that its exploitative?

@kireth:bro why upload this to tiktok you CLOUD SURF.


@𝔻𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕕:Slaves were not paid as wage labourers 😂.

@ladi11841:exactly, and the original serfs were not paid either.

@ML Cool600:Mas in Bolivia is real Socialism.

@Hanzy:Ask yourself “how many hours a day do you volunteer for big tech companies?”

@Cuddly Panda:And yet user content creation is also the ideal of communism – people working for free to create a better free experience for everyone.

@Cuddly Panda:Na that’s socialism. Communism is no ownership at all and everything for free.

@sneff_weejus:not quite. who supplies the platform gets the final say on what goes on it: IE Wiki is overrun with western MIC interests and heavily censored by them.

@freedomgott2023:100%. Wiki Cia.

@Anogrxm:Capitalism…YOU are the capital.

@Jamie:Yes but in exchange for that labour we receive GMail, Google Photos, YouTube (and myriad other services). That’s the market dynamic.

@ClarityEndsChaos:This also includes robotic and AI. When was the last time a robot went out and brought a new outfit to go on a date?

@Linda Lou Nelson:same same with the human genome.

@🧌:Is he being paid to say this? 😅

@Chris Coles:Where can I watch the full thing?

@🦍:YouTube – channel 4 news.

@alexandra:omg… OMG.”

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