‘Petrified Putin’ could ‘lose his position…and probably his life’ | Bill Browder

“‘Petrified Putin’ could ‘lose his position…and probably his life’ | Bill Browder”
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Putin “will probably regret” killing Alexei Navalny Bill Browder tells Kait Borsay adding seizing $300 million in frozen Russian assets could lead to Putin losing power.”

“You should understand that he’s ready to throw another million men to their death and he wouldn’t blink an eye but to lose $300 billion that that would make a huge difference particularly if that money is being given to his enemy to arm themselves to fight back.”

“Q:..would that would that dent his superiority in Russia to an extent that
the Russian people would no longer have to suffer his regime?”

“A: There’s no question that if you Ukrainians win the war, if they drive Russian troops out of their territory, the Russians are going to say to themselves: Wait a second, why why did we sacrifice so much to be losers and who’s who is the loser here and..Putin would be the weak loser and there the Russian people won’t tolerate that, I would say.”

“A: She’s putting her life at risk and they are not
allowing herself any time to process the loss I mean
her husband was just killed..”

“A: ..horrible and corrupt and disrespectful of the Dead..in a certain way that that energized me and others around me..”

“Q:What opposition to Putin looks like?”

“A: Well, I think it’s non-existent now inside Russia, because anybody who expresses any type of opposition is either dead, in jail um or in Exile. Putin
doesn’t allow anything anymore and so you’ve got to be an incredibly um Brave
and self-sacrificing person to put yourself in that situation and most
people um don’t want to do that no matter how angry they are about the

“Julia Nawalny said that her husband um was killed by the latest of Putin´s

“Basically he was killed because he was a threat to Putin, he was killed because he he was um continuing to disrespect Putin, he was killed as a message to everybody else out there that uh that there’s um you
know that there that the the consequence of of opposition politics is
death. Tthat’s pretty much what what what happened ..because Putin he’s now running acountry not not trying to win their hearts and minds but by
terrorizing the country into submission.”

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