Rashid Buttar who worked so hard to expose the ‘Covid’ hoax has died at 57.

“Rashid Buttar who worked so hard to expose the ‘Covid’ hoax has died at 57. What a tragedy – he was a good guy…”

“The tragic demise of American conspiracy theorist Rashid Buttar has sparked interest from the public. He was regarded as a genuine and powerful voice in the medical field who is no longer among his close friends and family.

He took his final breath on May 18, 2023. When news of Buttar’s passing spread on social media, it quickly gained appeal, leaving many people shocked and mourning.”

he inspired us when the fight for independence first began.

He was a very fit military man who had just given a lengthy interview while standing up on May 16 with no signs that his health was in danger of failing.”

“Because he was reaching millions of people, he was among the first doctors to be de-platformed. He called out the purported health and medical regulating agencies that ought to have been guarding us but were instead cozying up to Big Pharma straightforwardly and bluntly.

We are devastated to learn and announce the demise news of Rashid A. Buttar, D.O. on our page who passed away unexpectedly. Just received this news from Buttar’s family. Read the following statement released by Rashid’s Family about his sudden death.”

“People are now interested in learning more about Rashid Buttar and the circumstances surrounding his passing…”

Source: https://davidicke.com/2023/05/20/rashid-buttar-who-worked-so-hard-to-expose-the-covid-hoax-has-died-at-57-what-a-tragedy-he-was-a-good-guy/

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