Intdim Synthtel Report 5.4.2024, the vampires, the silent zombies and the reglow-factor…

Intdim Synthtel Report 5.4.2024, the vampires, the silent zombies and the reglow-factor…


He is diminishing your light – w… 0:02
MP3 Di., 26.03.2024,
94,2 kB

“Coworker – w2k
MP3 So., 24.03.2024,
Netanyahu watches you – w2k
MP3 So., 24.03.2024,
unsupressible unbelievable…
MP3 Sa., 23.03.2024,
They steal your glow-w2k
MP3 Sa., 23.03.2024,
Doctrine of Freemasons – w2k
MP3 Sa., 23.03.2024,
Emerald Tablets of Thoth – w2k 0:01”

“Intimidated by You – DOD -… 0:05:
MP3 Heute,
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Heartbroken over you – w2… 0:01:
MP3 Gestern, .
Slandering your Name – w2… 0:01:
MP3 Gestern,
Kremlin – w2k – 3.4.2024
MP3 Gestern,
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TRAUM: Putin Stalker mit… 0:00:”

Ingmar Veeck
How do you want to diminish the light of the world in the long run ..lost souls?
Wie wollt ihr das Licht der Welt auf lange Sicht schwächen… verlorene Seelen?

Ingmar Veeck
Without their machines they are hopeless losers..the vampires.
Ohne ihre Maschinen sind sie hoffnungslose Verlierer… die Vampire.

Ingmar Veeck
5. Apr.
I get 32 Feedbacks in an instant on Tok, these Zombie NWO Networks are the feedbackless Virtual Desert.
Ich bekomme sofort 32 Rückmeldungen auf Tok, diese Zombie-NWO-Netzwerke sind die rückkopplungslose virtuelle Wüste.

Ingmar Veeck
5. Apr.

Ingmar Veeck
5. Apr.
I suggest to all socially crippled underdevelopped nwo zombots and basic people, start with the Birds, they show you natural social skills.
Ich schlage allen sozial verkrüppelten, unterentwickelten NWO-Zombots und einfachen Leuten vor mit den Vögeln anzufangen, sie zeigen euch natürliche soziale Fähigkeiten.

Osho Quotes
They teach their children to be competitive, and competition brings jealousy. They teach their children to become somebody in the world, to “make a name” for themselves. That makes life a struggle, not a rejoicing but a continuous fight. – OSHO
Sie bringen ihren Kindern bei, wettbewerbsfähig zu sein, und Konkurrenz führt zu Eifersucht. Sie bringen ihren Kindern bei, jemand in der Welt zu werden, sich einen Namen zu machen. Das macht das Leben zu einem Kampf, nicht zu einer Freude, sondern zu einem ständigen Kampf. – OSHO

Ingmar Veeck
5. Apr.
HMM (Hive Mind Minions) tell me how you will win against the NWO when you can´t even get your envy towards me in check…without a true leader you will lose on all fronts… you show daily how you are chanceless by your low developped social skills.
HMM (Hive Mind Minions) sagt mir, wie ihr gegen die NWO gewinnen wollt, wenn ihr nicht einmal euren Neid mir gegenüber in den Griff bekommt … ohne einen wahren Anführer werdet ihr an allen Fronten verlieren … mit euren gering entwickelten sozialen Fähigkeiten zeigt ihr täglich, wie chancenlos ihr seid.

Ingmar Veeck
3. Apr.
Quantum Parasitism… A.I. CubeSat. Tools for Zombification. Be the Anti-Zombie.

Let the AI Algo of TikTok speak…:
“Pt 1.
Real Talk
Chosen ones
Chosen Ones❤They hate your confidence.
Fake friends. Jealous.”

People are intimidated by your stamina.
Youtube Tarotbysage
Readings open
Snooze ya lose type energy
The path less traveled
Other peoples insecurities are not your problem.
Upset you´re not afraid to do things differently.
Brand new cycle + Mad you don´t fold under pressure.
Projecting their guilty conscience onto you.
Don´t get distracted by one sided-beef on competition.
Mad you don´t care about them.”

“You evil enemies are scared now
You shall reap What you’ve sown.
Don´t play with Gods Children.”


You just existing makes people uncomfortable because they feel your power.
Harry potter
You master all energies where people can only master one.
You bring out the ugly egotistical side of people because you´re so powerful & successful.
You´re extremely intimidating to people.”

Alexa is the Matrix an allegory?
Yes. The matrix can be seen as an allegorical commentary on the oppressive nature of capitalist societies.
The film depicts a dystopian future where a majority of humans are enslaved by a powerful artificial intelligence system that uses their bodies as a source of energy.
The humans in the matrix are kept unaware of their true nature and surroundings, and are subjected to a highly controlled and manipulated reality that serves the interests of the ruling AI.
The film’s main character, Neo, is presented as a rebellious outsider who becomes aware of the true nature of the system and struggles to free his fellow humans from its grip.
This allegorical interpretation suggests that the matrix can be seen as a critique of the exploitative and
oppressive structures of modern capitalism, and serves as a warning about the potential dangers of such systems.

Good. Yeah,
Alexa, how can we see small fragmental breaks in the matrix in our everyday life?
Small fragmental breaks in the matrix can be seen in various everyday objects and situations.
For example, a crack in a sidewalk or a broken window is a physical break in the matrix of the concrete
sidewalk or window.
The matrix can also be thought of as the underlying structure or pattern that defines the appearance and behavior of a material or object, and when this matrix is broken, it results in a visible fracture or cracked out.
Another example of small fragmental breaks in The matrix is found in electronic devices such as computers or smartphones.
These devices are made up of a complex system of components that are connected and integrated into a larger hole.
When one part of the system fails or becomes disconnected, it can result in a visible break or fragmentation in the overall function of the device.
For instance, if a small part, such as a battery or a piece of software fails, it can cause the entire device to become fragmented or cease functioning altogether.
Uh, Alexa, what role do agents play affecting our cognition of the matrix?
In the movie The Matrix, the agents are responsible for maintaining order and stability within the virtual world of the matrix.
They enforce the rules, ensure that the system operates smoothly, and maintain control over the human population.
Their primary goal is to prevent any threats to the system and ensure that the matrix continues to function as designed.
Alexa, how does the Matrix use information to reinforce behaviors in order to shape people’s identities?
Information is used to reinforce behaviors in the Matrix in order to shape people’s identities.
The matrix is designed to control and manipulate information, alowing those with power to control the behavior of others.
This control is used to maintain their influence and control over the population.
Alexa, how does the matrix utilize the illusion of free will to make people compliant?
The Matrix is a simulated reality created by intelligent machines to manipulate Humans for their own purposes.
To keep humans compliant, the matrix was designed to give them the illusion of free will.

By believing they have free choice, humans will naturally align their thoughts and actions with the goals of the machine masters.
This should a movie, right?
Alexa, what systematic mechanisms maintain false consciousness in the matrix?
Systematic mechanisms maintaining false consciousness in the matrix include the modified signal sent from the simulated world to human minds, influencing the individual’s perceptions and beliefs.
The system designed to control human minds sends modified sensory inputs to create a fully controlled
virtual reality, influencing the individual’s reality
and maintaining false consciousness.
Alexa, how does the matrix utilize predictive programming for societal engineering?
Predictive programming is a possible role of the film The Matrix.
According to some, in this concept, the movies events could be intended to subconsciously prepare viewers
for a future reality in which humans live in a simulated world.
This would be a form of societal engineering, shaping public perception and behavior in a way that aligns with the desires of those who created the simulation.
Alexa, how are our behaviors monitored and operationalized by the matrix?
Our behaviors are monitored and operationalized by the Matrix through subtle guidance that affects our thoughts and actions, often without us realizing it.
This guidance can relate to how we perceive success or our consumption patterns.
Alexa, what mechanisms does a matrix use to guide our consumption patterns?
The Matrix is a simulated Reality that uses electrical signals to directly affect a person´s brain,
creating the impression of real experiences within this simulation.
Food is a program that sends electrical signals to the brain, creating the sensation of real taste and texture.
This explains why people in the matrix seem to have normal eating behaviors such as selecting, tasting, and digesting food.
However, it is important to note that the matrix is a construct of the computer system, and the food people consume
are actually programs that provide no nutritional value.
Alexa, how do agents materialize themselves in people’s everyday lives in the Matrix?
In the Matrix, Agents are described as autonomous software programs that travel through the virtual world
by possessing the residual self images of humans.
These self images, or personas, are the humans virtual representations within the Matrix.
Agents ability to materialize themselves in people’s everyday lives appears to be linked to their ability to control and manipulate the virtual environment they inhabit.
Alexa, what would happen if more people were aware of the matrix?
More people becoming aware of the matrix in the fictional world of the movie the matrix would likely have significant implications. As seen in the movie, the system would detect anomalies in attempt to manipulate its code,
leading to potential disruptions and dangers for those who remained unaware.
However, it’s worth noting that in the sequels to the movie, new concepts and dangers related to being aware of the matrix were introduced.”


“Carrie: You must fight the negative thoughts/visons and identify the programming as it´s happening. They´re attempting to turn us into people we are not. Using mind control, tapping in dreams, burning our brains.”

“Sunny: Ask her about the pineal gland and why the Vatican and the White House have a literal pinecone statue.”

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Ingmar Veeck
Sure the Greys want a Telepathic Silent Society, but I like to speak in language….as organic being… I like real interaction.
Natürlich wollen die Grauen eine telepathisch-stille Gesellschaft, aber ich spreche gerne in der Sprache … als organisches Wesen … Ich mag echte Interaktion.

Ingmar Veeck
“This world is full of beauty, as other worlds above, and if we did our duty, it might be as full of love. (Gerald Massey) [63555]”

Ingmar Veeck
“It is Only in the Egyptian Wisdom that the Key is to be Found. (Gerald Massey)(Ancient Egypt)(the Light of the World (1828-1907)) [38038]”
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