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Shahid King Bolsen · vor 2 T.

Well, there’s basically been
like a worldwide billionaire’s revolution going on
for the past several years or decades really.
They’ve taken a very methodical,
gradual approach,
but overall
a constant advancement
that has broken down nearly all resistance
and step by step
they have overthrown the former systems of authority
that we have always known in the world
governance as we’ve always known it.
And they’ve installed themselves
as the supreme rulers over the US,
over Europe and over the developing world.
Their revolution,
the billionaires revolution has progressed
as I said through stages
and it’s possible to identify
many of the key victories that help them achieve
what they’ve achieved and enable them to reach
the point at which they are today.
You know, things like the
creation of the Breton Woods economic system,
the creation of the IMF in the World Bank and the WTO,
things like NAFTA
and other free trade agreements,
the deregulation of banking,
the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court,
the enactment of laws
for unrestricted corporate political donations,
even the creation of the European Union
and the creation of the euro zone.
All of these things are significant triumphs in the
global coup by the 1%.
And within specific countries
you can also identify
uh important victories that they’ve achieved as well.
I mean anytime a country takes a loan from the IMF
or the World Bank
or any other international so called development bank
and then they begin to implement the Macroeconomic
reforms that are always recommended or demanded,
stipulated in the loan agreements,
those are victories for the 1%.
That’s victories for this billionaire’s revolution.
You know, like in Egypt,
for example,
the loan that they took
and then the law that they imposed
banning third party opposition to investor activity,
the cutting of food subsidies,
food and fuel subsidies in Egypt
and in other countries that have succumbed to the IMF.
All these represent successes
for the revolution of the 1%.
I think it’s vital for us to understand
that what is happening is a revolution against state
sovereignty and political authority.
And at this project of the 1%,
if you want to call it that,
the owners and controls of global financialized capital,
this project moves forward
by means of key events.
It’s not something that’s inevitable.
It’s not some sort of natural disaster that cannot be
uh, resisted or thwarted.
Certain things have happened
which have allowed it to triumph
and certain things are still being pursued
and we can do something about those things.
We can anticipate those things.
We can respond to those things preemptively.
We have to recognize this
so that we can identify any upcoming events or plans,
uh, steps that they’re going to wanna take.
They will consolidate their power
and compound our subjugation.
Once we identify these things
that we can organize ourselves and adopt a strategy
that will turn those events in our favor
because they are turning points
They will either be victories for them
or victories for us,
depending on what we do about it.”

ConspiracyRevelation2023, [08.10.2023 18:33]

ConspiracyRevelation2023, [08.10.2023 18:33]
@Mole:We are powerless against them as majority of people don’t see it.

“Shahid: 8.10.2023: Worldwide Billionaire Revolution of the 1% abolishing state sovereignty.”

@freedomgott2023: 8.10.2023: Idealist…they are in your brain with biotech..

@reeslengdenreaper: This guy speaks and explains everything so clearly. Very intelligent.

@Danielle Nall827: Love this man’s intelligence🙏💗…

@user8600871218205john wade: So who’s organising the people’s revolution……??!

@richardmagny: The awakening is happening.

@James black: You speak truth.

@KD:💯 …and our selected governments are part of it unfortunately.

@user2781124186185: Well put, having joined all the dots, I can not unsee this. Would you put CBDC and Digital ID as pivotal points in their plan?

@Pumaralli2: Billionaire’s revolution.

@freedomgott2023: 8.10.2023: They creeped in your dna and blood and flesh…and remote torture half of the world via skynet, sigint and predatory militarized quantum a.i. entities.

@baneknight: Empires have fallen in the past, they will fall too, nothing lasts forever.

@Braxton: I hope I’m wrong but if and when they fall we all fall! This will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen!

@baneknight: Something new and hopefully better will replace it, something better exists already, they just don’t want it in place as it benefits general public.

@james fay543: We will not let it happen I am on your side.

@Anne Castle: Mashallah he speaks the truth. 🤲

@olivergc86: Do yo have any geopolitic-economic opinión about México I would like to hear It..

@Michael O Driscoll: Excellent. The world though will never fundamentally change. It is broken and fallen.

@🧑‍💻TechnoTarzan🌊: EYES WIDE OPEN.

@Pattie Barnhardt: I enjoy your commentary very much…. please keep me in your loop….. Logical, informative and extremely calming. Although I’m scared to death too!

@Lee Rose: Wake up to this truth…..☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽

@GroundedFE: The creation of the education system.

@EyeAboveTheDollar: You gotta get the Malcolm X glasses.👍

@Joaccha: FEW want to identify what is happening.

@freedomgott2023: because many got destroyed..few survived..

@freedomgott2023: Those that survived fight daily against dod nsa cia intrabody invasion entities…

@freedomgott2023: aka A.I. Nanomafia.

@Mapuche74: Alll is compromised!

@Robert L Webster: He broke down this truth!

@davidblush: Smart cities. 😏

@ID.omoba:🔥🔥🔥 Burning Truth.

@AT:The problem is that you can’t even talk about this. You would be labeled conspiracy theorist. Even the space for any narratives about this is removed.

@freedomgott2023:cia brainwash strategy..I won against cia multiple times.


@michaelgentile07:The problem is not billionaires it is government power that they use. Remove that power and it becomes a fair fight again.

@Mandela: You are very observant…preach and speak…THEIR GREED WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY THEM.

@mattruss: Your objective observations bring behaviours of the 1% to the people. I feel that actions are necessary to follow what your saying. How do we do that?

@Chris: Who are “THEY” ??? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@freedomgott2023: Zionazi Bolshevic Freemasonic Jesuit Mafia Petronazijews… that control all secret societies and military intel sec contractors…and the nanotech
sector of silicon valley.

@Nemesis: The (((billionaires)))!…
I like how you express yourself, it’s well developed. You know your subjects and you seem to have a lot of knowledge. Subs.

@Bob:Eloquently said but we all know billionaires won’t self change. How can a civilian court trump their corrupted court is the question and solution.

@Si:I just wonder why the Islamic countries not united politically financially economically plus education, system media system got to be changed.

@Montu:They can’t beat time or the universe.

@freedomgott2023:or lava..

@Cathcade:A wise man.

ConspiracyRevelation2023, [08.10.2023 18:33]
@deborah jones642: Billionaires fighting billionaires to be the most powerful without morals everyone suffers.😏

@glenismark:Agree 💯 bt the plans hve been thousands of years in planning n current billionres r just puppets, for the enslavement of humanity wich the majority are.

@richie21457: Evil cabal plan to reduce the population but we are many they are few.

@sjharriche: Shahid Bolsen for president of the United States of America. 🇺🇸

@PaisleyRain:They are old men with nothing but money. They are powerless in an overreach of affirming their narcissism.

@freedomgott2023: old bitter men with nothing to lose… who love to ruin or sabotage the lives of holy men..

@Race War Started 50 Years Ago!:They are using lasers from Boeing military Airliners to create fires all over the Earth.

@user7003662647303: All Jewish stuff.

@12344667: no..

@freedomgott2023: not all but a lot… nazijews and freemasonic bolshevics ..

@FemmeFatale: The EU and the WHO ARE the worst things as well as the IMF.

@Pat Allen: The financial capitalists mafia own our government 😳..

@Paul B: Modern feudalism. Serfs unite!

@Karen McAllister:There’s one power behind all of them.. satan.

@freedomgott2023: If you believe in western hinduism there is no satan.

@naledi: USA is the mafia state.

@ninjakiller456: ROTHCHILD!

@Wolf: You’re referring to materialism & it started in the 60 & 70’s.

@stuartcunningham870: Reagan and Thatchers Neoliberalism reform in the 80’s.

@jorge_nitales: I just hope I’m not the only argentinian in the audience.

@rafaelalvarez1267:Robert F Kennedy Jr is a prime candidate to take down that elite.

@freedomgott2023: No..he is part of the 13 “Satanic” bloodlines..he is bound to the illuminazi.

@12344667:he is owned buøy the isreali lobby. they will call him anti Semitic and he will cave in.

@rafaelalvarez1267:he has nothing to loose now, he is already a target. He will give it all he can. He can win !!!

@freedomgott2023:no..Dr. Shiva made it clear..he can do nothing..

@35274791749655:he understands the rich families . need to join together .win these changes.

@Darwinism:so we can agree that billionaires are in fact an invasive species?

@freedomgott2023: basically…Wallstreet psychopaths.

@user4821887569521:Anyone heard of the Strangelove Syndrome. We’re all Doomed! possibly unless we unite and rise up. We will not be ignored. Treated as slaves! 😳🤔😅

@Jim Falduto:Such bullshit.

@Amy:they keep us fighting and separating from each other instead of all standing together against them.

@freedomgott2023: No humans are unable to unify..they just exploit the psychosociological weaknesses.

@Scott:the primary issue isn’t the money, it is psychopaths in world power, the money is merely a means of that power.

@epqanna: Time to take the 1% down.

@Jules:They have their own changing laws within our governments . But they have crimes on humanity . Pray they pay out of their pockets and have retribution.

@eyvamakeup:WEF, Blackrock, Vanguard, State street, Ultra rich 1 %.

@Esprit Maximus:History repeats … no one is invincible … over 80 Roman emperors were assassinated … pitchforks will come out ones critical mass breaks push over edge.

@Petre Relu1:wake up poor people.

@Pablo the cap🧢:The 4th industrial revolution 🤷‍♂️🇮🇪.

@一:Billionaires are all puppets of those who can print money. When technologies control need “online”, then freedom is “offline”.

@Redbeard750:I love your content, very much, but you still look and sound like the Jewish gangster in the movie Lucky number Slevin😂😂🤙🏻🤙🏻.

@ejcpmeadela c:are you talking about the Saudi millionaires?

@freedomgott2023:they are profiteers of retarded petrofascism.

@Didye Aye:Totalitarian tiptoe.

@galboro1: Corporate communism is what we are living under. You can’t comply yourself out of tyranny.


@freedomgott2023:state communism…

@Greg:That is a great explanation of the #WEF.

@J O D I 🌺:Stage 1: RECOGNITION … most people are ignorant to ALL and ANY of this!!

ConspiracyRevelation2023, [08.10.2023 18:33]
@mariacairam:And people working for WEF, UN and WHO are the bigest idiots go believing they are in that club. 😂

@freedomgott2023:U.N. is Lucis Trust and Rockefeller basically nwo nazi central.

@sapphireEyes777:…beware the blue pill. It’s getting deadlier every generation. has more info on the tech they are using.

@sapphireEyes777:…they are using V2K gangstalking to target doctors and I can speak for at least 1 herbalist. They will win through the WHO at this point…

@sapphireEyes777:You want to know what their next steps are? They are now using 6th generational warfare on citizens in multiple countries…

@Majestic sprinkles:He also could have thrown in the media conglomerates and monopoly over all boardcasting networks, entertainment and publishing companies.

@user6120416864007:Very dangerous. Just look at what happened to French royalty and Aristocracy.

@freedomgott2023:the pain and horror you have to endure is beyond most peoples imagination..

@Andy Sheerin:1% tecnocratic feudal fascists enslaving humanity under the cosh of a scientific dictatorship a digital prison is being built around before our eyes.

@Andy Sheerin:corporate controlled empire technocratic feudal fascists the old ruling classes hiding in plain sight humanity is going to culled by these people.

@Wedad Abbas 413:Absolutely 💯 they are planning to destroy the world 🌍.

@TheSynchroniser:Collectively, we need to stop being so naive and face our obvious enemies.

@Friction13579sue:With depopulation-massive scale,poisonous vaxs..sick ideology,narcissistic control,human massacre yet they want us to comply!
What are they on?🥺😳🥺

@flh204139:I followed this guy bc at first he made sense, but now he doesn’t.

@Latio Cosmos:Where’d he lose you?

@flh204139:In one post he just bad mouths the west. While it’s not perfect, but where is his critical thinking towards other systems?

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