D-Wave Quantum Computer Opening Portals to your Digital Mind in a Simulated Mirror World.

“D-Wave Quantum Computer Opening Portals to your Digital Mind in a Simulated Mirror World.”

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“In 2003 they launched what’s called the AI system which is a intelligent supercomputer with the intelligence of a human, no words and a smart human being but able to think ten trillion times faster
with the access to all known knowledge and history and a complete access to the to the internet and all of the communication…(Dr. Bill Deagle) “..so you’re dealing with a system of remote neural networks that was targeting me, okay, remote neural network ..with they will, intellect an emotion of their own..”

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My reality doesn’t make sense anymore to me. This is not the reality I used to live in. I believe this world has become a simulated universe starting many decades ago. Now this has come to a peek where people are beginning to literally lose their minds if they are not deeply rooted in faith.

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2003 they breached our normal reality….they created a horrific rift. They even changed my alias here on youtube, I never chose the numbers 223..

vor 1 Jahr
My name is Shalanna Fayne and I am a targeted individual. I have been a Target since I was a child.

vor 2 Jahren
I do not consent to be part of your experiments.

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.1.2023: Neither do I.

vor 2 Jahren
I do not consent to being CONTROLLED!

vor 2 Jahren
It’s not enough to control the target…they also get stalked and harassed by gangstalkers. Then all of my reactions to the harassment are being watched and recorded. Then when any kind of pain is sent to my body that response is watched and recorded. Complete surveillance from birth until death.

Complete surveillance while they implant thoughts, cause me pain, give memories, erase my memories, and so on….smh.

Any part of my life has me wondering if I’m really remembering my life or some made up life they gave me.

vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet)
So they send your conciousness through the portal into the chip? Is this what they’re saying, or am I a complete Quantum tard..I’m ok with it either way, JS.

vor 3 Monaten
I think the easiest way to get your head around it Kristi is to understand that a digital copy of you can be created, stored in a computer and utilised forever in many ways.
vor 2 Jahren
I have been tortured for years with mind control technology.

vor 2 Jahren
Dr Nishimori , you are the father of the D wave(quantum computing). We all are proud of your work.

vor 1 Jahr
How can we the targeted individuals get rid of this constant torture, monitoring and manipulation.

vor 1 Jahr
D-wave meants delta wave, Deep sleep. Wake up, folks!

vor 1 Jahr
They believe they know all about us, that they can copy us…how arrogant…they can never do that!

vor 2 Jahren
I did not consent, I do not consent, with God’s help I will never consent.

vor 1 Sekunde
God has no business with that, a deity can´t magically remove your Biotech API from 20 years of Chemtrailing. Let Dogma out of this Game.

vor 2 Jahren
As it was in the days of Noah.

vor 2 Jahren
Your SOUL can not be enslaved if you have been shown what’s going on and do not consent. I will NEVER BELIEVE and I WILL NEVER CONSENT.

vor 2 Jahren
The only way to fight these fallen angels is thru the Holy spirit and Jesus Christ. Don’t be fooled by the technology, it’s still them.

vor 1 Jahr
Collective A.I. consciousness is Tikun Olam / Olam Haba in Kabbalah.

vor 1 Jahr
Project soul catcher its Satan.

vor 2 Jahren

vor 3 Monaten
I do not consent.

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