Morgellons Disease: What It Is, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Morgellons Disease: What It Is, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Lyme Mexico Clinic
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Lyme Mexico’s Treating Physician, Dr. Omar Morales, explains why Morgellons disease is more common than you think . . .

Morgellons, a perplexing and contentious medical condition, manifests with a bewildering array of symptoms. Individuals affected by this enigmatic ailment often describe disturbing sensations of crawling or itching beneath their skin, alongside the emergence of peculiar colored fibers or particles from skin lesions.

Diagnosing Morgellons primarily relies on a thorough clinical evaluation and the exclusion of other known conditions that could mimic its symptoms. What is unmistakable, however, is the significant distress and negative impact on the quality of life reported by those afflicted.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 15.11.2023: If you remove the chemtrail parasites completely you might create a genomic off-switch that is how it could become reversed, despite being embedded into the dna via horizontal gene transfection…

Chemtrail Transfection.
The Genesis is the U.S. Military like with Lyme.
It can´t be reversed because of horizontal gene transfer of genetic weaponry.
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Chromosomal Sabotage is it…

“Hi, my name is Anthony uh and I am a sufferer from Morgellons disease.
I have seen fibers growing, just coming out of my skin. I have had the strangest uh,
some of the strangest symptoms so I’m not even really sure I want to get into
all of them. I’ve seen hairs pop up and disappear under my skin like along my veins as something seemed like it was moving…very little sleep, I was lucky if I got an hour and a half at best Straight, maybe two of those a day total,.
up all night, couldn’t concentrate at all. I’ve even stopped mid senates trying to remember what I was talking about, that’s how bad it got the brain fog. I know what it’s like to be hopeless to feel that complete nut or hopelessness,
but there’s a there’s people out there that are educated and what I’ve been going through and what I’m beginning to believe so many others are going through that don’t seem to find anyone other than group chats online to where they share their stories and their pictures and know that they’re going through the same thing and that means so much because I know there are people out there that went a lot longer than I did never getting diagnosed or worst case or taking years decades even
to find out what’s really going.”

“Pathology reports of morgellons and biopsies taken oftentimes will show three things borrelia colonies
macrophages and hyperkeratosis so what is hyperkeratosis, hyperkeratosis is the result of
hyperkeratinization or hyperactivity of inflammation or autoinflammation in the
skin that leaves an excess of keratin at the at the end of that process and one theory is that perhaps
individuals harboring genetic mutations, such as il-36rn car D14 and nlrp1 genes which
are associated to hyperkeratosis might be inclined to develop autoimmune inflammatory inflammation and Hyper
keratinization following prolonged exposure to specific strains of Lyme disease, so this is key Maybe by
searching those specific strains and understanding these genetic markers, we may come to a good solution or some kind
of important breakthrough in the treatment area. I’ve been treating diseases like Morgellons for over 10 years and we have
been able to develop some very successful treatments, especially these three: Immunotherapy or immune modulation,
number one, second an IV cocktail of silver, antimicrobials and anti-parasitics and third given by hyperthermia.
What is hyperthermia and why are we combining it with the ivy cocktail, well, because hyperthermia is a whole body
treatment that increases the patient’s temperature and when those levels of temperature are achieved some Morgellons
tends to die and additional to that the delivery of the cocktail is improved up to 16 fold, so we have a really good
combination with those three treatments and hence why we have successful cases, we are teaming up with UNAM, one of the
country’s most important and prestigious Universities to develop studies on understanding the physical pathology and
molecular manifestations of morgellons in the Phase one and then the phase two we’re gonna chart out some good treatment options, we’re also teaming up with the center for nanoscience and nanotechnology for this endeavor.”

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It’s almost like “surgery from a distance”.

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My optometrist was able to identify them in minutes.

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Is it contagious? Because I work as a CNA for 25yrs. Now.

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No. It is a tailored bioweapon from DoD and the U.S. Army. Also part of the CIA MK Naomi Gang Stalking Op against T.I.s.

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