Psychiatry – Techno Crime Fighters Forum 8 (Stop 007)

“Hi, welcome to the eighth edition of the techno crimes fighters forum, today we´re going to talk about psychiatry and psychologists and how that interfaces with the gang stalking electro energy weapon technology torture that´s going on, also we will probably splash over into other types of torture that is I can´t tell you´re constrained by but
definitely supervised by psychologists and psychiatrists.
We found that when you look at this program and you look at actually what´s happened to Western civilization in the 20th century now in the 21st century it has been pretty much shaken up change and sit back on your course my psychology and psychiatry the father of which I would say is Sigmund Freud who was also a godfather of Tavistock
Institute. The Tavistock Institute… it´s an organization was set up in England in the 1930 tech elite and it´s all about how you used trauma-based mind control to control people to control societies and to control individual people and one of the first things they did as a Institute.. its The Dresden bombing but it goes under another name where
they came in and the UK and the US forces bombed Dresden and although they think they call it freedom and this was in a part of Germany where they had taken a lot of artwork, valuable things to keep them from being in danger and the reason they did this bombing is to see how the people there would react to it, in other words it didn´t have any
strategic purpose, it was just a beta test to see how people would react, how they would deal under trauma and I think that relates directly to what´s going on right now because local what we´re living through and what we hear every week on the techno crime fighter forum is how the people in the forum and the people that come in on the chat
and the people who correspond with us later are being part of a beta test where they want to find out how they can control the masses it´s energy weapons but they´re also use gang stalking.
The mind control trauma based fear based process through because of medical doctor and go through an internship and the internship is all about: don´t think just act, lack of sleep, high pressure, high demand, so they become mind controlled slaves for the pharmaceutical industries, I think, so I just wanted to give all of you the whole greater
plan here that our techno crime fighters are kind of a subcomponent though because all society wants to know I guess or the whole elite society wants to know uh what can human mind take, how much torture can they take, what do we have to do to make them compliant…So anyway that´s my intro to psychiatrists involvement in the mind control programs. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)(19.5.)”

“It seems to be a network that´s everywhere and is recruiting local people…so that´s the national surveillance network..very quickly you realize that has to be the intelligence agencies, because only they are interconnected… You are put on a surveillance list…Now I know it´s a black list and the intelligence agencies are famous for running black lists, also illegal black the UK..the construction industry were blacklisted by the intelligence agencies and their entire career was destroyed, because they were blacklisted behind the scene, they couldn´t get the sort of.. jobs and contracts that the non-blacklisted people could become…so their entire income was obliterated. They split society into insiders and outsiders and sadly the insiders by definition tend to be the most corrupt people, because they would do stuff like this…you end up inverting your nation. (Katherine Horton)(2017)(30.4.)”

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