Ancient Evil – Hansen – I can´t waste my Life fighting Youtube

Ancient Evil – Hansen – I can´t waste my Life fighting Youtube”

“corruption yeah widespread among politicians in Norway, even the Prime Minister for eight years here.. I never liked her…”

“they’re corrupted and they are also closely tied to these ancient evil power
structures of course they are they go to these organizations and they sit there
and they meet with them and they talk about how they’re going to make things
different and rule the world…”

“I can´t waste my life fighting YouTube. I can´t do that.”

“Rumble doesn’t pay me much money you know it’s it’s like I’ve never I haven’t even made $10 there, so please understand that matters…we need to move away from these social media platforms because they’re making us
addicted to them, we need to move away from the social media platforms and go back to websites, this is so important and I know it’s difficult for people to go to a website, it is very difficult, but that’s what we need to do. Rumble will be controlled, it will change as well, in time, it will and then people will move to some place else. We can’t keep doing that, we need to use these platforms for what are supposed to be used, as tools, they are just mere tools for us and they should not be anything else, we need to go back to websites, it is much more difficult to close down a website and if they do close down a website you can re-establish it with the same website address from a different provider in a different area.” (I DID THAT in 2021 after they tried to cancel me out in 2020/12!!!)

“This is a hobby for me and I can´t really keep wasting time fighting stupid people, sitting in a different continent who know nothing about anything. I really can´t.”

“These companies, these big companies, they are also copying our books. Meta… as we know, they are the worst doing that many many companies are doing that and Meta Even stole the copies from the internet, the digital copies, they actually stole them and fed them to their Ai and they do that so that they can um produce glorified
copies of the author’s works and then sell those copies and give nothing to the author, that’s AI books for you, don’t be fooled that’s what it is.”

“Governments and corporations, are all criminals posing as legit fronts. (Dillinger)”

“It´s evil, it is greed on a whole different level.”

“I hope that these big corporations crumble and go bankrupt.”

“…and here´s how they they do it: They produce a book in two seconds and then the author, not the author, not the source books, but the so-called author, will then go through it uh
spending…a couple of weeks and take out and change the most obvious silly things there and there you have a book…they are shadow banning, they do that to implement A.I. Channel.”

“or let’s say two of three channels that are very similar to each other and where they do the same every time you will copy the faces you will copy the or make a face similar to them them and the voices make a voice similar to them and basically make a video and
they can upload videos like every second or whenever they want to you, so that is coming.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 5.12.2023: Destroying all creative individual efforts and demonetize the true creative geniuses, while mimicking and copycloning from them and they replace them while getting all the revenues…and flooding everything with A.I. nonsense to create complete devaluation. A.I. Archontic NWO Viral Replication System Deciphered.

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